Vaccines DO NOT STOP Disease!

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These graphs visually illustrate major declines in life-threatening infectious diseases in North America, Europe, and New Zealand before public immunization programs were introduced.

It is irrefutable evidence that vaccines are not necessary for the effective elimination of a wide range of infectious diseases.

Water, sanitation and food are responsible for disease decline - not vaccines!

Arrows on the graphs indicate when vaccines were introduced - long after we can see major declines in Measles, Tuberculosis, Scurvy, Pertussis, Scarlet Fever and Influenza.

Source: Public Health Agency of Canada

Sources: McKeown, T., The Role of Medicine: Dream, Mirage or Nemesis?; Basil Blackwell; Oxford, UK; 1979; p. 105; & Waltzkin, H., in The Relevance of Social Science for Medicine; Springer; 1st edition, Dec. 31, 1980

Sources: Data for years 1919-1967 Mortality Statistics: Deaths Registered in England & Wales; UK Office for National Statistics, 1997

Sources: Timeline of TB in Canada 1 & Timeline of TB in Canada 2 & Public Health Agency of Canada & PHAC on BCG usage in Canada

Source: John H. Dingle; Life and Death in Medicine; Scientific American; 1973; p. 56

Source: Director General Annual Mortality Reports Covering 1872-1960, New Zealand Parliamentary Journals for the Years Specified

Sources: Vital Statistics of the United States 1937-1960; & Historical Statistics of the United States: Colonial Times to 1970 Part 1 Ch. B Vital Statistics and Health and Medical Care, pp. 44-86H

Source: Thomas McKeown, The Role of Medicine: Dream, Mirage or Nemesis?; Basil Blackwell; Oxford, UK; 1979; p. 103

Source: Data for years 1919-1967 Mortality Statistics: Deaths Registered in England & Wales; UK Office for National Statistics, 1997

Sources: Vital Statistics of the United States 1937-1960; & Historical Statistics of the United States: Colonial Times to 1970 Part 1 Ch. B Vital Statistics and Health and Medical Care, pp. 44-86H

Source: Doshi, P., Trends in Recorded Influenza Mortality: United States 1900-2004, American Journal of Public Health, May 2008, vol. 98, no. 5, p. 941

Thank you to Dr Raymond Obomsawin Ph.D. for preparing this study.


Vaccines are not necessary for the effective elimination of a wide range of infectious diseases! That is a myth and it is our duty to share the truth about vaccines with as many people as we can.

Tomorrow I will post a set of graphs showing that vaccines are not a proven and foolproof measure for protection from various infectious disease conditions. I hope that you will join me!

Till then…

Yours in Health & Truth

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Fantastic to see you back @steemtruth we've missed you.
Great post my freind, you can't argue with the numbers. Most people only believe that vaccines have saved them because of the constant propaganda telling them that's the case but we know different.
It's about time the majority learned that they are being poisoned and scammed by bid Pharma and their government puppets.
Great comeback post dude, welcome back.

Thank you so much for your support and kind words @tremendospercy - it's great to be back!


That says it all right there. Plain as day.

If individuals choose not to see common sense, that's their problem.

It becomes my problem pretty fast though, when they want to force vaccines on me and my family. Thanks for speaking out @steemtruth, it helps!

I couldn't agree more about forced vaccines @lyndsaybowes. It's disgraceful and another example of governments believing they own us. Our bodies, our choice. Thanks for commenting.


Here HERE!

Crazy that people think health comes from laboratories!

We have nutritional deficiencies from nature not drug deficiencies from science.

Oh but todd I'm a Doctor I went to school to get a license to practice medicine. Oh yeah
People went to school to get a license to practice driving! Does that mean they are all good drivers ?

Rockefeller funded drug thug puppets !

Excellent work @steemtruth, indeed this type of knowledge is like garlic to the vaccine vampires that are seeking control over our bodies! Equally it's the type of knowledge that for some strange reason the majority still don't want to hear! With each passing week there seems to be a new vaccine and it's blatantly obvious that said vaccines have become a cash cow of the highest order!! Really good to have you back and firing all cylinders my friend!!

'Garlic to the vaccine vampires' - love it and so true. It's good to be back. Thank you my friend!

The Introduction Of Vaccine Pathogens Grown In Human Tissue Coincides With Explosion In Autism Rates

There are a wide range of people who have their suspicions when it comes to vaccines and their possible side-effects. With this most people tend to focus on some of the various additives and preservatives which are added to the various injections to extend their shelf life, such as Thimerosal. While most focus on that aspect, I wanted to bring up another element that relates to vaccines and their possible side effects, that aren’t talked about as much, specifically in regards to the explosion in developmental disorders such as Autism.

Understand, for every vaccine created they need a medium to grow the pathogens in. These pathogens are neutralized after being grown, but will still trigger an immune response none the less. In the past, the pathogens were grown in animal tissue, such as monkey tissue, dog tissue, cat tissue, and so on. If a person had an adverse reaction to the vaccines grown in animal tissue, in most cases the worst that would happen is the person would get an allergy for that animal, and this is actually the most common reason for a person developing pet allergies in the past.

With this in mind, the powers that be understood that if there was ever a way to grow these vaccine pathogens in human tissue instead of animal tissue, that it would be possible to cause a fairly large number of people to develop an immune reaction against their own bodies, causing a wide range of negative effects against the individual. In the early 1980s growing vaccine pathogens in human tissue became possible, and started being used in some vaccine manufacturing, which stated that using human tissue to grow the vaccine pathogens avoided all chances of having animal DNA cause problems, but with this didn't mention the possible problems that human tissue grown pathogens could cause. Coincidentally the explosion in autism numbers coincide perfectly with the introduction of vaccines grown in human tissue and their steady increase in use over the years, and now-a-days the majority of vaccines are grown in human tissue (which are mainly derived from aborted fetuses).

The problem is, as an unavoidable consequence of this method, small amounts of human tissue can become attached to whatever pathogen they grow in it, and when injected, the immune system identifies the pathogen and everything that is with it as the enemy. This can then cause the persons immune system to attack not only the pathogen, but also various parts of the person’s body where the foreign human tissue settles most. With this in mind, Autism appears to possibly be primarily caused by human tissue grown vaccines such as the MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps, Rubella), which appears to settle in various parts of the human brain, and in cases where foreign human tissue is found can have a high intensity auto-immune response to the foreign tissue, doing irreversible damage to the targeted area. The amount of damage done to the person appears to be mostly dependent on the intensity of the auto-immune response and the specific location of the response inside the person’s body, which in extreme cases appears to be able to cause developmental disorders such as Autism.

I will some it up for you.

Drug Thugs Big pHARMa Rockefeller Funded < Ignorant Doctors trusting LIARS > 26 doses of vaccines the first year of life >
Aluminum + Polysorbate 80> Over stimulated microglia and astrocytes
constantly pouring out pro inflammatory cytokines during the immunological programming of the brain >
Cytokine storm > Brain inflammation > Encephalopathy > Demyelination > Damage to the protective covering (myelin sheath) that surrounds
nerve fibers in your brain, optic nerves and spinal cord > Nerve impulses slow or even stop > Neurological problems > Oh it is just a
fever that is normal when neurotoxins cross the blood brain barrier > Just take tylenol >
Great deplete your glutathione which is necessary for the removal of heavy metals > Next well baby visit more doses > More Aluminum >
More activation > More inflammation More destruction > Autism.

Try building a house in a storm.

#1 cause of Autism? Ignorant
Doctors trusting liars.
Any medical professional who believes that it is justified to inject neurotoxins, antibiotics, antigens, preservatives,
adjuvants, stabilizers, buffers, emulsifiers, polysorbate 80, aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, live viruses, egg protein,
human DNA, human cell lines from aborted infants, and protein from human blood into any person to prevent any disease is
completely misguided, misinformed, deluded and ignorant of any logic regarding human health.

What do you think autistic kids have going on?
Neuroglial activation!

Don't forget about MTHFR gene mutation and Mycoplasma.

Vaccinating with human body parts can cause the recipient to produce antibodies to human tissue. Children produce antibodies to every component of the vaccine, and not simply the viruses. This can cause demylination of the nerves and auto-immune disorders. Children who have been vaccinated with MMR and later suffered autism have been found to have antibodies to their own brain tissue, and this may be a consequence of using foetal tissue in MMR. ‘Susana C. Silva, Catarina Correia and Astrid M. Vicente at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Oeiras, Portugal and colleagues studied the blood of a large sample of individuals - 171 patients, 191 parents and 54 healthy controls - and report that autistic patients are in fact characterised by presenting in their blood high levels of non-inherited antibodies against the body’s brain tissue.’ (Dr Catarina Amorim; Journal of Neuroimmunology; Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Observatório da Ciência e do Ensino Superior, Portugal; July 23, 2004).

Vaccines spread disease. They are no longer needed in western civilization given cleaner food and water plus sanitation is what cured most diseases. Vaccines are now being used to sicken us which is very evil..

First post for me :) Excellent stuff @steemtruth

This guy said it all for me:

I'm honored to be your first post @madevi - welcome to steemit!

Feel free to join our discord channel Truth - Politics - Conspiracies under PAL (Peace, Abundance, Liberty). You will find lots of friendly and awake people where we support each other and our content.

This take a particularly unique type of stupid. Deaths are the most coarse measurement of what epidemic diseases do to human populations. The decreasing death trends were due to medicine getting better at keeping victims if disease alive but did nothing to relieve the life long damage done by these infections By ignoring measures of Morbididty the author tries to make the case that the slaughterhouse that is the "natural world" was getting better all by itself and was soon to enter a nirvana where infectious disease was a thing of the past. Hardly the case. However with China reported another outbreak of plague, bringing to 7 the total numbers of countries reporting cases this year we are soon to get a front and center view of what epidemic disease looks like once again.

The readiness of the general public to mistake correlation with causation fascinates me. A similar graph can be found for polio incidents, which is possibly the #1 argument for vaccines. The dogmatic nature of pro-vaxxers shaming anti-vaxxers while claiming the intellectual and moral high ground is amusing; charlatans. We also tend to believe public universities provide an education, when they truly only provide an indoctrination. "I never let school get in the way of my education" -Mark Twain.

I checked out your sources regarding Tuberculosis and the BCG vaccine in Canada (first link doesn't work, you might want to fix it).

You are showing the mortality rate which tends to go to zero after WW2. However, the incidence rate (people contracting the disease) peaks around 1948, the time of the introduction of the vaccine (although according to this source: it was introduced as early as 1933 in some regions). After that the incidence dramatically declines. That speaks another message than you are trying to convey.

Nice one on leaving this information out.

Also, the BCG vaccine is the weakest vaccine there is and is not recommended anymore in Canada and other industrialized countries. No reason to focus so much on it here.

Vaccines probably cause more disease than they cure.

Okay guys listen to me.. I am talking for only flu. Every single year flue virus mutated and change which means vaccines mean something far away from protection besides there may be some side effects for some people. So this vaccine technology should be changed. It is obvious that the purpose is making drug companies rich and they collabarate with doctors. I am sorry but we all have to know thsoe informations otherwise even doctors may trick us..
Thanks for this post bytheway good job.

Highly rEsteemed!
This is the best Logic to use to deal with the VAXXERS out there...
You know, the stupid people killing kids in the guise of not killing kids.

A disease isn't an automatic Epidemic, but VAXXERS would have you believe that going without your Toxic Shot you somehow endanger the entire planet.

VAXXERS are seriously more dangerous to the general sanity and welfare of this planet... IMHO.

Well said. Most vaxxers mean well but they have been brainwashed into believing that vaccines are necessary when they are not. Thanks @frankbacon

Good to see you back @steemtruth. Great post. I sort of wish I'd remained ignorant about vaccines because now, one of my biggest regrets is that I followed the full UK vaccination schedule for both of my children and now wonder whether they have been compromised because of my decision. My daughter is eight and I really want to start trying to teach her about some important (well I think they are important anyway) things but she simply cannot pay attention for more than a minute, finds it difficult to look into my eyes when I'm talking to her and only seems to be able to concentrate when doing monotonous structured tasks. She won't read books and I don't seem to be able to have a proper conversation with her. Maybe she is just too young and I am worrying too much but the thought that vaccines might have played a part in dumbing down or preventing my children from reaching their full potential is something that really worries me.

Wow @jimbobbill - I hear your concerns and I feel for you. If it is any consolation you did what you thought was best at the time so please go easy on yourself. It may just be a coincidence. I do know that some parents have used natural remedies and detoxification which led to improvements, even for autistic children. I can't recall the details as I read it some time ago.

One of the main reasons that I write about vaccines (and health) from time to time is because I have a friend with 3 kids. Two of them were vaccinated and developed autism soon after the vaccine. They did not vaccinate the 3rd child and he does not have autism. It sickens me that some big pharma execs, scientists and government officials know that vaccines can damage children yet keep pushing more drugs and their agendas. If I can do anything to help please let me know.

So true indeed. It is so important to get the information's and be able to critically analyse the data. I know for some of the people is shocking but yet We were effectively brain washed in the last centuries.

this is quite a nice statistical trick, to show the number of mortal cases instead of the number of infections. Because of course, medical treatment quality- and also the availability of medical treatment for the masses - increased a lot after WW2. Thus, a lot less people died of those infective deseases.

But that doesn't mean that vaccinations don't help to stop the desease! As you can see here, the rate of new infections goes down significantly after 1963 in the US:

I totally agree with @sco, who, by the way, is a toxicologist. It is fair to say that vaccinations are not perfect. But nothing really is. There are thousands of peer-reviewed research articles out there that demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of vaccinations. Here is one recent study:
This demonstrates that a rotavirus vaccination is 94% effective in the prevention of rotavirus infection.
Yes, you use legit sources, thank you very much for this! But reading scientific sources is another skill that people have to learn and throwing graphs out there without fully understanding them is just as bad as not using right sources. Here is another article that shows what happens if you do not vaccinate:
Yes, some people are allergic to vaccinations. But again, the statistics show that most people have no problems with vaccinations. And in our modern society, where everybody is spending most their time in clean buildings, it is important to vaccinate. Because we do not have the same exposure to germs in our youth as we used to. Thus our immune systems are getting worse (thus we have increased rates of asthma and allergies).
I have no intention to insult anybody. There is enough evidence out there. Use google scholar and search for yourself. Do not just listen to one guy trying to sell you something but educate yourself. Cheers!


Great article. There are so many better ways to stay healthy. The fact that there are even payouts should scream red flags. I'm a lawyer as well as comic creator, and I do not buy the settlements are to protect them from bad publicity. If you're product is safe, you go to trial and you defend the damn product. Settlements are because the product is defective. Look at all the payouts here.

This is fraudulent information that is hawking sensationalized fear for money, while simultaneously accusing big bad pharma of the same. You have embodied the very characteristics you condemn.

Nice clickbait and selective omission of data to support a flawed narrative. Pro tip: Don't use the tag "Science" for this type of information again. Surprised this hasn't been hit by @Steemcleaners yet, as this is flagrant misuse of the tag "Science".

I realize manipulating others for profit has good returns, but try to not be intellectually dishonest for your own wallet while accusing others of the same.

A scientist (who is clearly just a moron and indoctrinated by "the system", as if the conspiratorial community is not duped by their own ideological circlejerk.)


It is a huge problem for anyone getting vaccines, and especially people with certain types of genes that can't detox heavy metals & toxins, that's when the real diseases start. I yelled at my older brother recently for the first time since we were kids, for telling me I need to immunize my healthy daughter. I was furious lol, people actually believe what they see and hear in media.

And when pro vaxers with sick kids tell you to immunize... yeah, no thanks!

MTHFR gene mutation

Yup! And they vaccinate everyone willy nilly without checking first. Not everyone can be vaccinated, It's absolute bullshit. The same way they put mercury in peoples mouths.

Ever see smoking teeth??

Yes i have seen it. Unbelievable. I have mercury poisoning at this very moment from my "silver amalgam" (Mercury) fillings!

we have a pending issue here in our country regarding vaccines for dengue. it is called dengvaxia. there are allegations that instead of curing dengue, those patients who received vaccination from dengvaxia may suffer more and can result to mortality. there are number of deaths and are undergoing investigations and autopsy if theses death are really caused by dengue.

You are absolutely right! Vaccination is a scam so Big Pharma can take your money and makes you more sick. Upvoted and resteemed.


I have tons of information ever need any hit me up .

Well I'm quite sure non of you will think in another way after looking to those graphs, but I'm sure Darwin will handle this for me.

That’s not a correct argument. Your graphs show that vaccines were not as effective at stopping diseases compared to the increase in sanitation and cleanliness. It would require scientific evidence to claim that vaccines do not stop diseases.

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Enjoy the vote and reward!

"You can't spread a disease you don't have"

what about the dangerous side effects?

Which are very rare.

RARE ? Explain rare?
You people act like we have drug deficiencies from science.

Health does not come from laboratories #justsaying

vaccine free and WOW how did I make it past all those dangerous benign microbes lol.

Ever hear of MTHFR gene mutation?
Ischemic stroke?
Cytokine Storm?
Vaccine induced scurvy?
Need I say more?

do people research?

I agree, health is really depending on your lifestyle, and I think a lot of our modern lifestyle is unhealthy (eg sitting too much, eating too much, eating wrng stuff). I know you will probably hate on this source but here are some stats about side effects from varicella vaccinations:
Also, have you ever worked in a laboratory? There is nobody from the government sitting there telling you: oh do this so we can help big pharma. People do research because they want to help people.
Also, you probably know what a correlation is, because that is what you are showing in your data. Science is not about if A then B. That is actually very bad. The rise of alzheimer´s or autism may not be due vaccination, but merely because of other lifestyle problems. Like eating too much meat or protein. There is virtually so much out there that can cause problems, so pinning it down to one issue is not just wrong, but deceiving.
Another problem, you cannot just ignore all the scientific, peer-reviewed studies that shows that vaccinations are safe. I agree, vaccinations can be contaminated and there are side effects. However, research is intense in this area and the great majority has no harmful effects from vaccinations. Long term health effects is a difficult topic anyways. Standards in studies change and nobody can control 5000 people for 50 years and make sure they allow for controlled variables.
Also, I would be more critical of studies that are older than 10 years. Ideally you would want use research that is maximum five years old. Science is rapidly evolving, as are vaccinations.
I must add, I appreciate you not being personal and allowing other opinions.


Porcine circovirus DNA found in RotaTeq?

Pig Virus DNA Found in Rotarix ?

Do You Know the Extent of Microbial Contamination?

Other Contaminates?

Merck’s Gardisil contaminated with genetically engineered viral HPV

The ‘Infanrix Hexa’ vaccine which is given to babies under 6 months old for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), hepatitis B, poliomyelitis (polio) and Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib) has been recalled due to a potential contamination by Bacillus cereus a bacterium which is known to be toxic to humans.

Flu vaccine contaminated

Nanobacteria are novel microorganisms that are not detectable with present sterility testing methods, but they are detectable with new culture and immunomethods. They are commonly present in bovine and blood products and thus in cell cultures and antigens, including vaccines derived therefrom, and may be present in antibody and gammaglobulin products. Nanobacteria are a potential risk because of their cytotoxic properties and ability to infect fetuses, and thus their pathogenicity should be scrutinized. [1997] A New Potential Threat in Antigen and Antibody Products: Nanobacteria

"In the Rimavex measles vaccine, we found various chicken viruses. In polio vaccine, we found acanthamoeba, which is a so-called "brain-eating" amoeba. Simian cytomegalovirus in polio vaccine. Simian foamy virus in the rotavirus vaccine. Bird-cancer viruses in the MMR vaccine. Various micro-organisms in the anthrax vaccine. I've found potentially dangerous enzyme inhibitors in several vaccines. Duck, dog, and rabbit viruses in the rubella vaccine. Avian leucosis virus in the flu vaccine. Pestivirus in the MMR vaccine......And if you try to calculate what damage these contaminants can cause, well, we don't really know, because no testing has been done, or very little testing. It's a game of roulette. You take your chances........And I'm just mentioning some of the biological contaminants. Who knows how many others there are? Others we don't find because we don't think to look for them. If tissue from, say, a bird is used to make a vaccine, how many possible germs can be in that tissue? We have no idea.We have no idea what they might be, or what effects they could have on humans."----Jon Rappoport interview of ex vaccine researcher (2001)

The MMR is contaminated with
Avian Leukosis Virus
Which is linked to leukemia

Realize how they are made , with what and where.

Its nasty, toxic, filthy and contaminated!

ALL of them.

inject diseases get diseases.

ever wonder how the hep B vaccine is produced?

it's nasty!!

Yes, and you used some legit sources so thank you for that! But than again, did these result in infections? If these biological contaminations were a huge issue, we would likely have epidemics of these all around the world all the time and I have not been aware of any.
Absolutely correct, viruses evolve and production methods can be messy. That is why science is constantly evolving. For example, I am working on new water filters to filter out estrogenic compounds from surface water (potentially this can cause cancer, although it is unlikely it did). That was not an issue a few years ago. So labs do make us healthy by preventing harm.
And then there is scaling. A vaccination is a very small volume of liquid. The contaminations are in small concentrations. Thus the amounts are so tiny, it is unlikely that they have effects unless you are very sensitive to them.
Since you like examples, I have been vaccinated against everything (except flu because that is virtually a lottery), never gotten any problems from it (like I never had the swine flu). If you are worried about micro contaminations, you cannot drink beer. If you are afraid of heavy metal traces you cannot drink drinking water (some use aluminum compounds in filtration).
Did you ever even read about studies that were researching vaccine safety (I am not talking about studies whose purpose was to verify that they are safe)? I really think you should at least try to leave your paradigm for a little bit and do some research.,1
This is a link to a search on google scholar. The search term was "vaccine safety" - very much not biased. Just go and read some of these articles (peer-reviewed, no need to sell anything or produce traffic). These are the most legitimate sources you can bring to a scientific argument.


Vaccines help so many ppl and before we had vaccines so many ppl died. The virus can evolve and can change and that why sometimes one vaccine doesn't work on specific virus.
Each vaccine work on different strain of virus (or combination of strains) and if there is a new strain out there it won't be affected by the vaccine.
It also can helps our immune system.
It is not black and white- you can give your body a chance against Flo virus, but not against papiloma (might get cancer from it)

If parents should vaccinate their children in part to protect other people from contracting a disease, why shouldn't smokers stop killing 50,000 people a year from secondhand smoke?

Bu faydalı yazılar için teşekkürler 🙋‍♀️👏


At the end of last year, the Uganda National Expanded Program on Immunization came out to announce the mass immunisation of Hepatitis B which apparently attacks the liver. Most casualties don't survive the first 3 days of attack,the problem has been rampant and so is ebola.....because it keeps on re- occurring

When you say Immunization doesn't stop disease,there is arguably some truth to it,eliminating the disease should take more aggressive solutions from governments and different stake holders

Yup. My first child was vaccinated, before I knew any better. Then I started shifting to a more natural lifestyle and discovered the Weston A Price Foundation and the book Nourishing Traditions. There are graphs similar to this in the book and A LOT of eye opening information that challenges the mainstream of thinking, with legitimate sources.
Thanks for the post!

Great content!
I do agree with what you are saying, the aspects you pointed out are overwhelming obvious and it’s no secret pharmaceutical companies are making a killing off of this market however, I do believe vaccines can help others. I don’t believe everyone in the world needs vaccines, I think the medical community should re-evaluate who and when to administer these vaccines. Steps should be made to improve but, not to completely shutdown the benefits of some vaccines.

I think people should make their own decisions, and I do not buy into forced vaccinations.
However, having a little girl, I have chosen to vaccinate and I still very much believe it is the right choice.
Being Scandinavian and married to a girl from England, but residing in the US, I often hear proponents and opponents of vaccines, clash on this subject.

When there is an outbreak of any disease, both vaccinated and un-vaccinated individuals will catch the disease. Vaccination is no guarantee and people often point to more people who are vaccinated, catch the disease, but they also fail to understand that most people are vaccinated, but percentage-wise it is not so.

Anyway. I read all the comments here, and I certainly dont want to play the devils advocate, but I think these observations are important:

In 3rd world countries, where vaccination is not readily available, you still see elevated deaths from common, or almost eliminated, diseases. When a vaccine is introduced to that community, you will see a drop.

When I take one of the above graphs - Pertussis (whooping cough) - deaths in England, it is easy to see that the mortality rate fell steadily up until the vaccine was introduced. It is the case for many, if not, most diseases. When a society gets developed and have access to clean water, basic housing and have a working sewage system, the mortality rate dips.
In England, they had indeed seen a steady decline, but there were still about 100K reported cases of Pertussis each year and about 2K died from it. less than 20 years after the introduction of the vaccine, about 80% of children had been vaccinated and only 2K cases were reported each year. Nowadays, it is less than 1000 cases each year and very few deaths. Almost all the deaths are infants who get the disease from their siblings or parents. And yes, they could be both vaccinated and un-vaccinated.

I understand this topic gets people's blood boiling, but know that there are arguments for both sides.

I live in San Francisco, and I consider myself extremely liberal.


Understanding the difference between cause and effect .

Everyday millions of children are lined up and injected with toxic putrid substances grown on animal organs, cancer cells, aborted fetuses and other toxic substances. Few people are questioning how those viruses were obtained and how they were grown in a laboratory. If one would ask these sensible questions, one would become very enlightened about vaccine production.

Any medical professional who believes that it is justified to inject known neurotoxins, antibiotics, antigens, preservatives, adjuvants, stabilizers, buffers, emulsifiers, polysorbate 80, aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, live viruses, egg protein, human DNA, human cell lines from aborted infants, and protein from human blood into any person to prevent any disease is completely misguided, misinformed, deluded and ignorant of any logic regarding human health.

"In 1993 a high court judge in the UK decided that it was impossible to know the exact contents of vaccines and that science had no idea what the cocktail of chemicals, contaminants and heavy metals contained in vaccines could do to the human body, or why they would work to prevent disease." -- British Medical Journal, 1993.

To take the result of a disease and claim it will prevent disease was and is absurd.

Toxoids prevent toxins?

Poison prevents poison ?

Cow pus prevents small pox ?

That's like saying pimple pus prevents pimples

Its very nice ivlike your post

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The colors of those graphs are trippy.

And not that great tbh. They don't work together

not my favorite colors either and I wouldn't have used them personally. The doctor that ran and wrote the study chose them.

Should have hired a designer :P

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