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RE: Vaccines DO NOT STOP Disease!

in #vaccines5 years ago (edited)

It is a huge problem for anyone getting vaccines, and especially people with certain types of genes that can't detox heavy metals & toxins, that's when the real diseases start. I yelled at my older brother recently for the first time since we were kids, for telling me I need to immunize my healthy daughter. I was furious lol, people actually believe what they see and hear in media.

And when pro vaxers with sick kids tell you to immunize... yeah, no thanks!


MTHFR gene mutation

Yup! And they vaccinate everyone willy nilly without checking first. Not everyone can be vaccinated, It's absolute bullshit. The same way they put mercury in peoples mouths.

Ever see smoking teeth??

Yes i have seen it. Unbelievable. I have mercury poisoning at this very moment from my "silver amalgam" (Mercury) fillings!

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