Named & Shamed - 730,000 Children Potentially Injured : Sanofi Pasteur Pharmaceuticals : Executive Vice President David Loew

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Rarely do we see the heads of these large corporations effectively prosecuted and punished for their crimes against children based purely for profit. We hear the tragic stories more consistently and sometimes there are sham investigations - but no real consequences or even loss of profit. In this Named & Shamed series I am doing my little bit to call these people out.

Today we will be Naming & Shaming Sanofi Pasteur pharmaceuticals and its vice president David Loew!

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What Happened & What Is Missing From The Discussion

In my post yesterday I described how the president of the Philippines has called for an investigation after a vaccine produced by Sanofi Pasteur had been administered to over 730,000 1 school children. It now turns out that children who had not previously suffered dengue fever would now potentially suffer worse symptoms.

In the public documentation 3 vital statistics seem to be missing:

  1. How much worse the symptoms suffered would be was not specified. It could be death!
  2. Another point that was rarely mentioned was that most of these children had not had dengue fever yet so would suffer the consequences.
  3. Glaringly missing from the press coverage was how much Sanofi Pasteur had made by selling these dangerous vaccines.

Again the people are injured while huge profits are made by Big Pharma. This is yet another case that proves it!

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This is the website of a company who is now calling for calm in the face of having potentially injured 730,000 children for profit! I'm speechless! 😮

Named & Shamed : Who Are Sanofi Pasteur?

According to their wikipedia page Sanofi Pasteur's revenue in 2015 was Euro 4.75 billion dollars! One has to assume some of this profit was generated by selling poisonous vaccinations to the children of the Philippines. A lucrative move indeed!

One has to always wonder if the pure drive for profits views poisoning children in poor countries a profit making exercise, no matter the cost of human life. It often seems to be the case which is why I have lost faith in an industry I know to be totally corrupt!

These people have the gaul to list on their webpage on safety and efficacy this:

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Not a word about injuring hundreds of thousands of children in one of the world's poorest countries!

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Named & Shamed : Who Is Sanofi Pasteur's Executive Vice President For Vaccines

I don't care about the argument that the CEO didn't know and individuals can't be prosecuted. If they want the responsibility, money, social standing and bonuses then these guys have to take responsibility for the companies they are being so handsomely paid to run.

In the case of Sanofi Pasteur the first guy who needs to be held accountable for damaging hundreds of thousands of the world's poorest children is this guy:

David Loew, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Sanofi Pasteur

I include here his description from their webpage so that we can all begin to see the patterns of corporate corruption you have to climb if you want to damage children:

David Loew has a degree in Finance and Marketing and an MBA from the University of St. Gallen. A Swiss national, he started his career in the United States at Coopers & Lybrand and Hewlett Packard in 1990, before joining Roche in 1992.

Over the next 21 years, David held a variety of positions with Roche including Global Oncology Head, General Manager Switzerland, Global Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Global Product Strategy, Region Head Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa for the Pharma Division of Roche.

David joined Sanofi in July 2013 as Senior Vice President Commercial Operations Europe and became Head Global Commercial Operations Sanofi Pasteur in January 2016. He was appointed to his present position in June 2016. 2

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What Will Happen & What To Do?

The sad events unfolding in the Philippines are only just beginning and will continue to negatively impact the three quarters of a million children who were poisoned by Sanofi Pasteur. What will happen? My guess is we will see a lot of bureaucracy and perhaps a fine paid to the Philippine government.

What I feel very confident of is that any payment as settlement for these injuries by Sanofi Pasteur will be less than the profits made - creating a net profit for them! I am equally positive that David Loew and his colleagues will never see a day in prison for their injuries.

Normally injuring a child carries grave consequences.!

We can use this Named & Shamed series to add the names of these despicable people and their companies to the blockchain. Should a real investigation ever start then these are the trails to follow! Let us all be open and honest in our search for the truth and our goals of harm reduction!

I would love to hear more about these guys. Name & Shame them or anyone all you want Steemians. In this series they seriously deserve it!

A good free source for information on vaccines here on Steemit is @canadian-coconut

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 13.43.39.png

This image was taken from Sanofi Pasteur's initial marketing. The image of the sick fly should now be replaced with the image of almost three quarter of a million sick Philippine children! 😢

Image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Reference sources: 1, 2.

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It is really shameful to inject poisonous vaccines to the children. Sanofi Pasteur must be punished. #namedandshamed


I also believe they need to bear significant consequences for the damage they have inflicted on some of the world's poorest children!

UPvoted and followed mate! Cheers!


I don't care about the argument that the CEO didn't know and individuals can't be prosecuted. It they want the responsibility, money, social standing and bonuses then these guys have to take responsibility for the companies they are being so handsomely paid to run.

Dude, I completely agree. These guys have no excuse, sitting at the top means the buck should stop with you, not protect you from the crimes of the company.
These bastards act like organised crime gangs and should be treated as such, the US has the RICO laws and these companies should be prosecuted in the same way.
As soon as one of these gits are dragged into court, prosecuted and convicted the message will be out there.
No more killing children for profit!
Resteemed buddy.


I couldn't agree more yet the same money powers own the courts. Essentially the legal and illegal are run by the same criminals. I have a post I am planning in my head on this... I have some great information! I also corrected my spelling mistake thanks to you! =) UPvoted with pleasure mate! Great to see us growing on Steemit together! 😃

@jockey banner 2.jpg


True, but that was once the case with the Mafia too and that changed over time.
The PTB are afraid of the public and if enough people get behind the movement to hold these scumbags to account that will change too.
Nothing is set in stone.


Agreed mate! UPvoted again and sending you warm regards from a hot and sweaty Cambodia! Please join in this series I want this Named & Shamed series to be a public affair! =)

Pedophiles seem to be trying to corner the market on child abuse, but I thinks it's time vaxxers got some coverage!

”In my view, the evidence against vaccination is so strong that anyone who vaccinates a child (or allows one to be vaccinated) should be arrested for child abuse. ” ~ Dr. Vernon Coleman GP


Too right mate! UPvoted and am looking into the link you sent! 😉

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Excellent post and reporting. These are major scumbags! For Del Bigtree's website, check out We have to stop these murderous eugenicist creeps! Upped and followed. @dakini5d


Excellent thanks mate! UPvoted and followed too! Please feel free to add to the series I want this to be a public activity if people want to join in! I am going to check out the link you sent me. Thanks also for the resteem! 😃


You're right when you say this guy won't see a day in prison, unfortunately, but I sure wish president Duterte would live up to his reputation and send a bunch of people to the firing squad...
It wouldn't help the poor children, but it would be a good lesson to some.

oh I am happy I have found one more wise person here! who understands the sence of vaccination and Big Pharma
I also makeposts when I see some important news about it. For me this problem is very urgent! In Russia almost all people protect vaccination and it's important to proove smth to them , they're blind at all.
Only here I have found some people who protect me. Thank you for your opinion!


Thank you very much for your lengthy and considered comment! I am also glad to see more rational approaches to this issue here on Steemit! 😃

I have followed you and UPvoted! You should also follow @canadian-coconut for lots of good information on this subject!

Sending you warm regards from a hot Cambodia! 😉



i followed her long time ago) thanks)
she's great!
and your horses too))
there's a group of us in Steemit and it's cool!

i send you my bunny, friend to your horse))


Hahahaha! You will have to bounce high to look me in the eye... or I have to bend down to say "hello!" 😉

UPvoted again! I think you will like the post I wrote yesterday about vaccine injury in the Philippines.


The fact that he was head of Oncology (Cancer treatment) and only has training in Finance & Marketing says it all.

This reminds me of the case from Africa of children being effectively injected at gun point using the wrong form of vaccine which resulted in many deaths.. As far as I know no-one was prosecuted for that and the main whistleblower has had his life almost destroyed:


Fantastic comment! I wish I could resteem this comment but I have the pleasure of UPvoting it! You are going on my autovoter my friend! 😃



Haha - thanks for bringing some levity to this nasty topic. I appreciate the support.


What a sorry world when the corrupt elite create division and hate, instill fear, manipulate and stage false flag attacks to fuel wars, kill and maim innocent people and strive to enslave the masses - all for profit. I am an artist/writer/lightworker and my truth comes from the spiritual realm. My guides tell me there is a real, hidden to most, war raging between light and dark. Big Pharma/Montsano et al must be exposed and toppled! It is through informative articles, such as yours, that awareness grows and on a positive note there is a mass awakening underway which is gathering momentum. Keep up the great work. Upvoted/followed and resteemed. I invite you to pass by 'chez moi'. Meanwhile, with love and hope xox

"The Five Stages of Vaccine Awareness", it's so true. I'm at the last stage.

And resteemed!

thanks for sharing health information..wel done👌✌👌👏👌


Cheers! 😃


thanks my dear..i appreciate to your opinion..

I am following you on Steemit and please you follow me on steemit

What a heinous crime and this makes me so angry that greedy people profit by harming innocent children. Informative article.

Of course what happened is awful but this article is cruelly missing details and development...