Yale Bails The Night Before The Science on Vaccine Forum in Connecticut

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Photo Courtesy of Children's Health Defense

Early Tuesday morning a steady stream of people began arriving for the Science of Vaccines Forum, at Connecticut’s Capitol in Hartford. The forum, featuring four prestigious experts from Yale, and esteemed environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., was organized by Connecticut State Representative Josh Elliott. As people arrived they were told the event was canceled. The Yale experts had backed out last minute. Confusion and disappointment was thick in the air as more people arrived and were told the news. Rep. Elliott sent Kennedy a message late Monday night saying that the doctors were not coming and there was nothing he could do about it. Elliott has been aggressively pushing vaccine mandates since he took office in 2017. Elliott publicly talks about how he was not vaccinated himself as a child, and got vaccinated as an adult. He is happy to deny the right his mother had to not vaccinate him in childhood, to parents in Connecticut today. Elliott has teamed up with House Majority Leader Matt Ritter, and Chair of The Children’s Committee, Liz Linehan. All three legislators are feverishly pushing to mandate more vaccines, and eliminate the religious exemption despite how hotly contested the issue is, and that people from all across the state have shown up at the Capitol to testify against vaccine mandates.

The three democratic leaders stated publicly in a press conference last week, that they will eliminate the religious exemption with a vote, and bypass a public hearing. Implying that other legislators best comply or look bad, because they have the science behind them and it’s settled. According to them, the opposition to removing the religious exemption in CT, and imposing more mandatory vaccines is a small poorly educated group of people, who they do not represent nor care about. All three leaders failed to show up for the Science on Vaccines Forum. Not all the legislators in Connecticut share the same desire to trample over parental rights. State Representatives Anne Dauphinais, and Deputy Majority Leader, Jack Hennessy, organized a bipartisan event later that day on vaccine mandates, that was full to capacity. Other state leaders joined them. State Representative Vincent Candelora, expressed his concern for passing legislation without a hearing and spoke of his support for the rights of parents to decide about vaccines.

Kennedy, who successfully sued chemical giant Monsanto, proving that RoundUp causes cancer, is the founder and chairman of The Children’s Health Defense, a nonprofit dedicated to ending the epidemic of chronic health conditions in children today. Kennedy traveled three thousand miles for the forum and was looking forward to a dialogue with the Yale experts and the democratic leadership. Kennedy, a lifelong democrat himself, is dismayed by democrats who refuse to look at the problem with vaccine safety and efficacy. No stranger to being stood up by experts and some democratic leadership, who brush him off with ad hominem attacks in a meager attempt to “debunk” what Kennedy has found out about vaccines. If the experts are so confident in vaccination safety and efficacy, shouldn’t they embrace an opportunity to publicly put the debate to rest? If legislators are so hot to make mandates happen, shouldn’t they show up to hear what their invited guest had to say? How can we function in a democratic society without free speech and open public debate? Since when do legislators have a right to bypass our rules and try and pass controversial legislation without a public hearing?

Science is never settled. Science is a field of exploration, questions, and experiments. You cannot ignore science that does not support a narrative you believe to be true. Science is not based on belief, it’s based on the scientific gold standard. Even though the four experts from Yale all backed out last minute, Kennedy went on to give full power point presentation and a press conference. It was standing room only in room 1E, an overflow room was needed to accommodate the crowd. Kennedy stood before for the audience and eloquently explained the the problem with vaccines. Though Kennedy suffers from a rare disease that effects his voice, he spoke with clear and articulate passion as he shared what he discovered. An experienced trial lawyer with a long successful career fighting giant polluters, and bringing down Monsanto, he knows how to use law to find the facts that vaccine manufactures try to hide. He explained the corruption that permeates the pharmaceutical industry. According to Kennedy, products like Vioxx now exposed as dangerous, and taken off the market. Happened because private attorneys sued on behalf of their clients, did discovery, got documents, and walked those documents in the the Attorney General’s office and they were charged criminally. Kennedy pointed out that you cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer.

In fact, vaccines were indemnified by the 1986 Vaccine Injury Act. Since then, the federal government has paid out four billion dollars to vaccine injured families. Kennedy explained when the government was considering vaccines, they thought in terms of a biological attack and wanted to make sure the military had vaccines, and had them right away. In order to get vaccines on the market quickly, they needed a means to bypass the regulatory process used with all other drugs. To do that they classified vaccines as a biologics. The gold standard of science, and the regulatory process for drugs, does not apply to vaccines because they are biologics, not drugs. Yet states across the country mandate vaccinations to infants and children. Even though in 2010, the Supreme Court ruled in the case of, Bruesewitz v. Wyeth LLC, FKA Wyeth, INC., that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.

Photo Courtesy of Children's Health Defense

Armed with scientific studies from Pub Med, The Institute of Medicine, the CDC, and FDA, as resources, Kennedy delivered a power point presentation loaded with graphs, studies, and vital information on vaccines. He started with a study done over a thirty year period by Peter Aaby, a world renowned researcher who has done hundreds of of peer reviewed studies and is known for his discovery of nonspecific effects of vaccines. Kennedy explained, “This is what these very pro vaccine scientists say. All currently available evidence, DTP may kill more children from other diseases than it saves from diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis. The question is, could this be happening in our country and nobody is noticing it?” He argued that this is exactly what’s happening today in our country, as he pointed to a chart listing all the diseases that the vaccine court recognizes as vaccine related injuries. He went down a long list, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, food allergies, anaphylaxis, GBS, seizure, and autoimmune diseases. Suddenly these disease became epidemics in this country after 1989, which is the year the vaccine schedule changed.

Kennedy went on to site the vaccine package inserts list of adverse events. He said that by law the vaccine manufactures must put these events on their product insert, “The federal law, code of regulations, says you cannot put an injury on here unless you believe there is a substantial evidence that it was caused by vaccines. If you notice, SIDS, which became an epidemic in 1989, it wasn’t even in the DMS before. It appeared as fact after the vaccine generation.” He continued to list diseases that now affect many children today, including autism. Autism is listed as an injury in certain vaccine package inserts. You can find autism is listed on the Tripedia vaccine know to the public as DTAP.

link to DTAP insert, Tripedia https://vaccines.procon.org/sourcefiles/DTaP_Tripedia.pdf

Using CDC data, Kennedy describes the state of our children’s health in the USA. 1 in 6 kids has a developmental disability, “That’s not normal,” he said as the room erupted into applause. He continued that 54% of American kids have chronic illnesses, “ The same illnesses that we know are caused by vaccines,” he continued using a graph of the vaccine schedule and comparing it the chronic disease slope, “Chronic disease in this country, prior to the Vaccine Act, was 12.8, today it’s 54%. These are epidemics. Genes do not cause epidemics. They may define a vulnerability, but you need an environmental toxin.”

Photo Courtesy of Children's Health Defense

When it comes to getting drug approval for vaccines from the FDA, vaccines do not have to go through the same scientific gold standard with double blind placebo studies that are done for a period of years depending on the drug. Why do drug manufactures have to do studies for years Kennedy asks? He answered, “because many injuries from drugs have long latency periods, and long incubation periods.” Kennedy goes on to show two hepatitis vaccines now approved in this country and given to every child the day they are born. The total period of safety testing for the the two Hep-B vaccines were four days for Engerix, and five days for Merck. He continued, “That means if that baby dies on day six, it never happened. If you got seizures on day six, it never happened. What If you got food allergies diagnosed at 18 months, that never happened. Autoimmune disease, autism isn’t diagnosed till four years or 48 months, so you would never see it in that study. And guess what? We haven’t even gotten to the bad part yet, no placebo.” Kennedy said that DTP was used as a placebo for the polio vaccine and was only studied for 48 hours before being approved. DTP was banned in this country because it was killing so many people.

Photo Courtesy of Children's Health Defense

I am going to end here for today. The next portion of Kennedy’s power point presentation covers Merck’s Gardasil vaccine. I will report on that tomorrow.


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