Got Vitamin C? Could Vitamin C be a cure all? Does big pHARMa not want you to know about it? Lets hear what the good Doctor Thomas Levy has to say.

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I'm just going to come out and say it. As the title of the video says....Vitamin C is the antidote to "ALL" known toxins! Not some, but ALL! You read that right. High dose vitamin C will knock out all known toxins. Don't believe it? Think for yourself and research it for yourself. Imagine a world without disease. Now if you can imagine that....imagine a world where you don't need a doctor. Imagine if you will that you can take care of yourself. No doctor required. Sound crazy?You might just be surprised. The research is out there. Will you choose to look at it or ignore it. It's up to you. There are reasons this information is not widely known. But don't take my word for it. You're responsible for your own health. Be proactive in your health. Vitamin C is a little known gem and I would encourage you to watch the video above and do some research.

Here's a little vitamin C bonus. High dose Vitamin C will cure the common cold. You don't need that flu shot. I'll be doing more posts on the many benefits to high dose vitamin C so stay tuned. Please get informed and make an informed choice regarding your health!

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hi @coolbowser.
What is your suggestion of the best way to get vitamin C in our bodies and how often should we do this?
I want to get started before groceries are bought today!
~Connie 🖖

Hi crypto Connie! To start, unfortunately you can't just run to your grocery and get some. Most, and I'm talking over 90% of all vitamin C, is made from GMO corn. You want to stay away from that. A lot of it is also made in China. You want to stay away from that. Your best bet is to go to a health food store if you're wanting to start taking it today. But, again, even at a health food store you need to be careful what you buy. All vitamin C is NOT created equal.

You want a non GMO, pure ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate with little to no fillers. By fillers I mean preservatives or additives. Stay away from calcium ascorbate or other salt ascorbates.

I'll be doing more posts here soon on what I take and my personal protocol soon. One brand I like is Solgar, which you should be able to find in most health food stores. They make several sizes, but I buy a 1000mg capsule, which is 1 gram. I would take these through-out the day. I take personally 10 to 20 grams a day, especially during cold and flu season. Haven't had as much as the sniffles in years since I've been doing this.

Hope this helps. There is also a wealth of info at

Take care!

I started taking vitamin C several times during the day, rather than in one lump sum. The reason for this is because the liver can only process so much at a time, and good vitamin C is too expensive to simply eliminate.

Yes. It's better to space it out over the course of the day.

If you space it out over the course of the day, would that not mean that it is not high dose that you are taking?
If you space out the doses the liver will metabolize as much as it can and you will reach a steady state concentration that is not particularly high
Just a thought - I don’t know anything about this, was just passing by


High dose is grams of vitamin c. The RDA of vitamin c is less than 100 mg. So even 1 gram could be considered high dose. If I’m taking grams at a time that would be considered high dose. I personally take on average about 10 grams a day throughout the day. Thanks for the comment.

I love vitamin c and always take it
In the morning I take in warm water lemon and honey

Awesome. Sounds good.

Great post! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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i like vitamin c.
I like your post

good information my friend, thank you for sharing