Hoping to go to Steemfest Bangkok this Year!

in #vacation5 years ago (edited)

I love Thailand and specifically Bangkok! I'm so happy steem fest will be there this year!
I have gone to Bangkok 2 times in the last 3 years, I love the food the vibe and the people, well except the no-meter taxi guys, I don't like them 😅


I'm going to try and post more to justify going to steemfest because right now I can't really justify the huge expense of a holiday there since I have not been really posting anything, honestly, what I would love is to pay for the trip in steem but I don't think that will be possible at the current rate, but one can hope, haha 😄


(dunno why this picture came out sideways... it was upright in the computer. 🙄

BTW, these pictures are from my last Bangkok trip in September, was a great trip, these pictures may seem a bit random I hope you enjoy them .


Dunno how the electric grid stays working in Bangkok with that mess 😂






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