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Utopian was developed on Steem blockchain in September 2017 to examine the necessities of exercises and contributors in the open source projects. The project quickly pulled in a game-plan of supporters from each advanced calling, and open source projects hoping to associate with them in a brief time of one year Utopian have 70,000+ Contribution, 5000+ people contributed and 9000+ Repositories. Everybody who has a PC with a web association has either specifically or in a roundabout way profited by open-source programming. Free and open-source programming is generally manufactured and kept up by volunteers who, as a general rule, don't get paid for their work.

Utopian focuses on all layers of the open-source biological system, not simply improvement. Through their confirmation of-idea stage on the Steem blockchain, they have remunerated different commitments to open source ventures. Prizes are given for a wide assortment of work on open-source ventures, including interpretations, bug chasing, graphical plan, venture advancement, and so on.

  • Utopian is an open source platform it is not all about sharing codes but you can share knowledge and valuable things here.
  • You can get and give support hare means you can monetize your content or other user content by tip.
  • there is a bounty exchange also for supporting variety of currency.
  • This platform have lots of feature you can checkout them by exploring here.
  • An amazing projects need our support by going here to support Campaign page click on BACK IT button contribute your part if you are able to if not simply you can share this message as more ass possible in your social media..


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