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Project details

     • Swarmops project is the way to facilate financial operations between organizations.
     • Thanks to the variety of tools that Swarmops is providing, any kind of governmental or non-governmental organization could manage their annual accounting, bookkeeping and their invoices by using Bitcoin cash hot and cold wallets.

Contribution Specifications

     • This is my fifth contribution to the Swarmops project.

     • I'm the first french translator in this project. So the Translation memory is totally empty. the thing that have pushed me to do some extra researches.

     •I tried as hard as i can to provide a clean presentation where all the information needed are present.

     • As i have mentionned in my last contribution, The discussion on Discord is very helpful, thank you Mr @leyt for providing a special sheet that contains all the notes of my previous mistakes, it really facilites the work in next contributions. I have made efforts as before to avoid translating strings that i'm not sure 100% of the traslation or when there is an ambiguity in context.

In this session

     • In this session, the translation was with a medium difficulty, short strings. there was some redundancy at the same file, i tried to count this repeated words in order to get an exact final word count.

     • The translation done in this part was on the following file :

             ¤ " Pages.Ledgers.resx"

     • The translation was turning around some financial vocabulary, some account creation details, security precautions, monetary transaction options
and tax operations. Almost all the strings translated until now had a clear context and does not need a context request in my opinion.

     • Also and as i have said in my previous contribution, i was refering to the file in the link below to have the exact translation of economic words such us "bookkeeping ledger" so that need some researches to fix the accurate translation:

[ Accounting vocabulary (English/French) ]

     • For the string "ledger" and as we have discussed on discord, i am 100% sure about the translation according to alot of official documents. The accurate translation is "Grand livre".

     • However, i have found some dificult words that pushed me to go deeply in order to find the accurate translation.

     • Thanks to this wonderful work, The best thing here is that i found myself learning new words all the time and fixing their accurate translations too. And also i'm feeling like if my fiancial knowledge is getting higher.


     • The translation is done from English to French.


Word count

• Total word count : 11 547 words.

• Tatal words translated in this contibution : 825 words.

• Number of untranslated words : 102 words.

• Final count : 723 words.

• Here is the proof link of my fifth contribution [Word count]

• General progress : 36% (8% in this contribution).

Proof of Authorship

Crowdin project link || My Crowdin profile link || My activity link

word of thanks

     • From the bottom of my heart, I wish all the best for the french Team.
     • I cannot thank you enough Mr @leyt for your help and your active interaction.


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Hi @yassinebad.

• This is your fifth contribution to the Swarmops open source project.
• This part contains some imperfections that I tried to correct (you can check the correction sheet). this time, you were less precise, and you had repeated some previous mistakes, I hope this will not happen again, especially after your last distingueshed translation (your progression means a lot to me).
• I'm gonna ask you to pay more attention to your contribution, and to re-visit every word submitted. I have witnessed that your concentration wasn't the same this time; some translations does not reflect your high potentiel on the language.
• Also, as we discussed, try to keep a single translation for the same repeated word, in order to keep the user as comfortable as possible.
• I appreciate your presentation style, keep up on that!
• And no need to thank me in every situation, I feel embarrassed 😅.
• Looking forward to see your next contribution.

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