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New Logo!

Those of you who follow me know that I held a contest for a new logo for the Steem Bot Tracker website. The winner was @creativista who created this great design which henceforth will be the new logo for the Steem Bot Tracker website and any related tools and services:


If you look carefully you'll see there's a new menu item added in the Tools drop down called "Front Run the Bots". If you choose that option it will open a popup that shows a list of posts with the highest amount of outstanding bids among all the bid-based voting bots tracked on the site.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 8.58.44 PM.png

It will also show the current payout value for each of those posts, the expected vote value from the bots on which the post was bid, and it will calculate the expected curation reward ROI from voting on the post before the bots do. It will sort all of the posts by expected curation reward returns so you can see the best ones to front-run at the top.

If you're logged in with SteemConnect then you'll have the option to upvote each post on the list (with a 100% weight vote) right from that popup.

Moved Bot Lists Out of JS Code

Previously the list of bots in the bid-based voting bots section and in the other bots section were hard-coded right in the main JS code file. This was bad for a number of reasons, but the main one being that I had to update the site code every time I wanted to add another bot to the site.

People bug me on a regular basis to add their bot to the site, and I try to accommodate them all as quickly as possible, but when I had to update the code, minify it, push it to GitHub, and then update the actual site it was a slow and involved process.

I've finally gotten around to moving those lists out of the code into separate JSON files on my web server that the code just grabs with a get request when the page is first loaded. Now I can much more easily add new bots to the site and get all of the eager new bot owners off my back :-P

Other Small Changes

User @simplymike pointed out that with so many bots it's really hard to find the bot you want in the list in the vote calculator! I apologize for not noticing this for so long - I don't use the vote calculator much myself - and when I first created it there were only about 8 bid-based voting bots. Anyway, for those of you who use it, the list is now sorted alphabetically so you can easily find your favorite bot!

Additionally the more astute users may have noticed that there have been some slight wording changes on the site. I've taken out the word "profitable" from most everywhere it was originally written on the site. You'll notice that what used to be the "Max Profitable Bid" column in the table is now called "Max Suggested Bid".

The reason for this change is that I don't want to encourage the idea that bot votes are supposed to be profitable on their own. Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't, but the purpose of using voting bots is to promote your post so that it shows higher in the categories for which it's tagged. That will lead to your posts getting more views and, if the content is good, you will get more followers and more organic upvotes which is where the real profit should come from when using voting bots.

Thanks for your support!

As always I want to thank everyone who has helped and supported me in creating this tool. I love that it has been able to help so many people learn about and use vote selling services to promote their content and grow their following and earnings on the Steem platform. Please stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks!

Links to relevant commits:

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Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

Great tool, I would really like to see more code snippets in the post that show the most important code changes

You can contact us on Discord.


Got it - will do in the future, thank you for reviewing and approving!

Thank you @yabapmatt for the mention! And thanks again for choosing my design. Best wishes!

frontrunner tool suggestions:

  • refresh button
    it seems closing the box and reopening it is the best way to use this. A refresh button with maybe some small rate-limiter would improve functionality and prevent a spam of refreshing from bot/macro.
  • post time/age
    I just noticed one that said something like 200% ROI so I jumped on it without thinking twice, but inspecting the post to find it had an age of 1-minute tells a different story, the actual reward is something like 3~5% because of the reverse auction mechanic, and with small changes coming to that mechanic in HF20 the best way for the tool to fit any change might be to simply show the post age and let the user decide.

anyway, it's an awesome addition, great job ^_^


Really good suggestions, thanks! I'll incorporate these into a future update.

Thanks for the updates!! Greatly appreciated and I love the steem delegation feature under tools!

Hello Matt, I was wondering if it was possible to create a software tool that you can input the following parameters: Upvote service, amount in SBD and the time that you want to submit it.
I've seen a few posts that have analyzed the voting bots and the payout % based on time within the U.S. There are certain times were it is more profitable to use them, but it is typically when I am sleeping, so waking up at 2-3am PST is not ideal for me.
I'm one of your witness supporters! =)


That's definitely possible, but it would have to be something where you send your SBD to another account and then that account sends it as a bid at the specified time. That is because a software tool cannot send a bid from your account unless it has your active key which is not something that you should provide to a bot.

It's an interesting idea but not something I'm planning to work on for the time being.


Thanks for the info, I think it is a bit too late for me to start learning C++, or whatever language that is needed. I've heard of API's, but I'd be learning from ground 0. Thanks for putting together the bottracker site, it's a very useful to for many!

Hi, @yabapmatt, thanks for the updates ;)
I want to list some of my bots on the website as well, how can I do that?


Hi @antonsteemit - please get in touch with me on Discord or Steemit.Chat and we can get your bots added.

I have tried out the Steem Bot Tracker today. Thank you for this tool. I'll be following its progress.

Steem bot tracker with a new logo that is very elegant and dynamic ...
Congratulations to @creativista as the winner of the contest,
And thanks to @yabapmatt who have shared


You are welcome @creativista

Thanks for creating such an awesome tool and upgrading it.

Thank you.
Please explain why it is beneficial to front run bots.


If you get your vote in before the bot comes in with the 'big' vote you will get a better curation reward because you came in earlier...


How much better?


@slavix you can use the new tool mentioned in this post to see an estimation of what the curation reward will be for the posts with the most outstanding bids. Sometimes it can be quite high.

thats pretty cool to know
thanks for sharing

I love logo contests! I hope I can participate in the next one!

I really like Steem bot tracker, it's really useful and the new logo looks really cool too.

Are you looking for Art by any chance? Will work for Steem!

Flying Elephant small.jpg

It is very importent for all.thanks for searing.

Front run the bots is a bit odd, when I checked all the roi were extremely negative,,, so I should avoid like the plague I guess


It's not odd - that's how the curation system works. You will only have a high return if you vote very early on a post that will get a large payout value in the future. So for front running the bots, you need to both have a post that has a lot of outstanding bids AND has a very low current pending payout, which is not very common.

It does happen every once in a while though, so it's worth checking here and there to see if you can find a diamond in the rough.

Also that I should note that unlike paying to promote your posts, you're just using a vote in this case, so even with a negative ROI you're not actually losing any money. Now that i'm thinking about it maybe I should change it from showing ROI since that's maybe not the right way to look at this in terms of vote value.


yes, not sure... thanks for the reply. i find your site very cool, but haven't used it the last few weeks b/c i've given up temporarily on trying to game the system / i've found i'm usually late to the party ! (-: peace / steem on !!

seriously great site. if i ever make it out of minnow status you won't be forgotten

I am interested in. Invite friends to come along

Have you thought about exposing an api to share the bot statuses? I have a script that I use to automatically place my bids, but I'd love to automate the process of informing the script of which bots I'm actually interested in bidding on. I know that a few of these bots are built on top of the same codebase that exposes via api how many bids are in the current round, but it's your analysis on the bot tracker that really makes that information useful.

An essential tool on steemit. I just can't see myself on this platform without it. :)

Thank you VERY much for it.

Hello! I just found your Blog. How can I find more info about your products and services?


My blog pretty much has everything I've done - feel free to contact me if there's anything specific you want to know that you can't find on here.


Hey I just saw your reply. Thank you very much for taking the time to do so! I’ll check out your blog now my friend!!🙏🏼😌 Blessings!!

Hey @yabapmatt I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!

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"but the purpose of using voting bots is to promote your post so that it shows higher in the categories for which it's tagged"

I do not use them for this purpose. I do not think anyone is searching by tags around here if anyone searches at all.

My purposes in using the bots are:

  • increase the reward for my real voters
  • increase my sp
  • increase my payouts

So I always hope they are profitable.

I cannot see you or steemnow today. It may by my fault because I am in Myanmar, but I am letting you know just in case there is a problem on your end.

Already to booming in Steemit good people

Steemit all the way.
Great post tnx for sharing I just upvoted.
Check out my new posts if you can plz
upvote resteem comment @gclipse

Hi @yabapmatt I'm trying to register a new bot on but get the message 'AssertionError: Expected version 128, instead got 149' when clicking on 'update profile'... I get the same message all over again even when not specifying the URL to the API so I get the feeling it might be a bug or me not using it properly, happy to send you a donation if you can help me fix this, thanks in advance


My bad I found the issue... just in case someone else get it, you should use the active private key not the WIF password nor the public key ;-) Sorry about the noob question :p


Actually I might still need your help... how do we register a new bot to @yabapmatt? I've used the Bot Owner Config tool => and I went all the way through up to the green message (that makes me think it went well ;)) but I cannot see the bot on your site so have I missed something? Thanks in advance for the tip ;-)


Hi @fabricus, I list bots on the sites manually and review new bots first before listing. Let me know the name of your bot and I will review it as soon as I can. You can also contact me on Discord or Steemit.Chat if you want to discuss further.

Steem Bot Tracker is a great tool, thanks @yabapmatt
The only thing I would say is that their needs to be a way to check or hold the Bidbots accountable for actually voting. A couple of times I never got a vote after paying, sent the bot a message and no reply or refund. Too bad you can't screen these auto-vote bots or remove them if others are complaining too.


Hi @vinmaru - what bots did you not receive a vote from? If I receive a number of complaints about a particular bot I typically will remove it from the site if I can't get in touch with the owner to rectify the situation.


I sent 2 payments of SBD to, both posts didn't get an upvote. I sent them 3 messages and no reply... you can see their wallet for payment and my messages. The total sent for 2 posts was not a lot, but that is not the point.

On a side note, is there anything in place on your site that can check to see if a votebot is not getting bids at the last minute by associate accounts or second accounts by the bot owner. I have been following and watching steem bot tracker for a couple of weeks. It seems like at the last minute someone bids a large amount of SBD to put everyone into a negative return. Normally no one would do that so their own returns would be negative. Just wondering if there is anything to check for bots to see if they have an abnormally high ratio of negative returns and correlate that to large last-minute bids... I think it could be easy for a bot owner to place last minute bids in from another Steemit account, so everyone has a negative return, and the bot owner actually makes money bidding on this own bot.

It would be nice to see if you can mine some data for a bots behavior and bidding patterns, in order to keep the bot owners honest. If you could show data like which bots have highest payouts, ratios for negative and positive return, some statistics on bot behavior... that would be nice to see. Just thought I would ask. Cheers.

Hi, I have a feature request/recommendation.
Would it be possible to add a new parameter to the vote calculator: post age (in minutes). As I know when somebody is voting after 15 minutes of post creation, the half of the curation rewards will go to the post author. I would take this information into account when selecting a bot.
Or simplified: is it possible to show the table when post age is supposed to be 15 minutes?


Hi @kingfishers, i'm not sure I understand your question - do you want to see the calculations for the scenario where the curation rewards are 12.5% (half of the usual 25%)? If so I don't plan to add a parameter for that specifically, but you can choose to show with curation rewards off completely, so you could calculate that half curation rewards is halfway between when curation rewards are turned off vs turned on.

Let me know if I'm misunderstanding your question.


Thanks for your reply. You understood well what I meant.

I noticed this just recently and have been playing around with it, and it is exactly what I thought about doing manually ;). But this finds what I want immediately and gives one that is actually profitable. Awesome.

A small thing: the menu option is there when on the front page but not on other pages (e.g. curation estimator page,)

By the way, do you happen to know if some bid bots will reject bids after the bid pool reaches a certain amount?

Thanks for these tools, very handy!

I recently started using the Bot Tracker and find it useful and easy to use, but how do I turn off notifications?

Dear @yabapmatt, we have finished our (small) bot project and have uploaded the data on your webpage. It does not show up yet. Is there anything else we are missing to provide or do you require a certain minimum-voting power? Thank you for a quick info.


Hi @nicestbot, I review all bots manually before including them on the site. For bid-based voting bots I am now requiring a minimum of 10,000 SP in the account since there are just so many of them popping up right now.

In the mean time I can offer to add your bot to the other bots section of the site. Please let me know if you would like me to do that.


Understood, thank you very much for the info. 10,000 SP is too big of an investment for me at the moment, I am afraid. Please include me in the other section and I will review than in a few weeks time what to do. Until then I will continue to improve my capabilities.

Thanks for the resources! I appreciate it. You got my vote

Hi buddy,

I know that this is not very "fresh" post but I still hope you can advise/help me.

I was trying to use to boost my posts and I experimented a little bit with this tool.

My impression is:

  1. if Im planning to upvote my own post as soon as possible after post has been published, then I will benefit the most as an author and curators will benefit very little (as they will most likely upvote after bots did their job).

Is that correct?

  1. So if I would like to benefit my curators (as Im really here for right reasons) then the best think is:
  • NOT self-voting right after I publish post
  • allow curators to upvote on your post (hopefully they autovote)
  • after 30minutes self-vote and then start using bots.

This way my own reward as an author will be smaller, but all my curators would get bigger portion of reward. Am I right?

I hope you can share your experience. And of course check out my profile if you are passionate about cryptomarket or AI.

Cheers, Piotr

Hi @yabapmatt !

I don't know how to code a bid bot. @toofasteddie told me some weeks ago that you could help me code one or adapt the code you have to have mine working on your server. Is this something I understood correct? If this is the case, could you tell me a bit of costs on this? He told me something about a percentage you take for hosting the bid bot?

I apologize for my reduced knowledge on bid bots and their coding and hosting.

Regards, @gold84


Hey @gold84, I can definitely help you out with this. Please get in touch with me on Steem.Chat or Discord and we can discuss.


Hi @yabapmatt ! Thanks for your fast reply! I will finish working on the entire project and the purpose of the bidbot this coming weeks and will get in touch with you afterwards.

Regards, @gold84