Not sure how establishing partnerships make us dependent.

You have every right to express your opinion both positive or negative.

Stop self voting each one of your comments

You know as well as I do what the general attitude is toward self-voting on comments. Hint: no one really likes it. The only reason to upvote your own comment is to give it visibility in a busy thread. In this case, your upvote on your negative comment against the collaboration did not go unnoticed and does little but make you look childish.

Don't talk shit. The self-vote comment is a cover for not liking criticism. This guy mostly does not self-vote his comments. Expressing an opinion different from yours is not childish.

Don't talk shit.

Why? Are you the only one allowed or are you scared of competition in your shit talking niche? :)

Also, mind your own business, little fruit.

Nice comeback. Looks like you can handle my sour blueberries.

Especially in pancakes.

Damn now I am craving blueberry pancakes.

Oh stop it, now I am as well.

WTF. @wehmoen does not fully agree with your post so you flag him using @utopian-io delegated Steem Power.

The problem with this account is much more than just few self voted comments. Recently being banned by buildawhale as well.

Thanks for responding. He must be doing something naughty with at least one of his many accounts.

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