Utopian Weekly - [July 20th 2018] - Beta Testing Utopian v2, Optimizing Rewarding Process, Actifit Join VIPO and more

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This week’s update includes some exciting news about the upcoming beta of the future Utopian.io frontend, new member to the VIPO club, necessary changes and updates to the voting bot behavior and scoring scheme, a unique bounty assignment process for task requests, and some updates on our @fundition campaign with SteemSTEM and the upcoming meetup of the two groups in Italy this September.

In this update:

  • Utopian.io v2 Beta pre-registration
  • Actifit joins the Utopian.io VIPO club
  • Voting queue optimized
  • Questionnaire and scoring scheme updates
  • SteemSTEM and Utopian.io Meetup Fundition campaign
  • Unique task bounty assignment process with @utopian.tasks

Utopian.io v2 Beta Pre-Registration

After weeks of tireless work, the brand new Utopian.io frontend is almost ready for you! Want to be the first to see it and help us test the system before the beta is public? Fill out the pre-registration form for the beta, and you might just get the chance to be the first to test drive the new Utopian.io and help us make it perfect for public launch.

We will be collecting the candidate applications for the beta over this upcoming week, and by next Friday the beta-testers chosen will be notified.

Welcoming Actifit to the Utopian.io VIPO


Have you ever wanted to be rewarded for physical activity? With Actifit, you can!

We are delighted to welcome another innovative Steem application to the Utopian.io VIPO Club - Actifit. Developed by none other than our own Utopian.io team member @mcfarhat, the project aims to help users get in shape and make a few tokens while doing it. By creating their own token ACTIFIT (currently as ERC20 tokens which will be swapped with SMTs once they are implemented and released on the Steem blockchain), this brilliant app rewards users for reported activities.

Using Actifit is easy. All you need to do is install the Android app and you can start tracking your sport activity (and getting rewarded). Tokens can be obtained by submitting the reports with the Actifit app to the Steem blockchain. Furthermore, tokens are distributed to delegators as well, so everyone wins when you sweat.

Everything you need to know to join this new initiative can be found in their recent announcement. Time to get moving!


Utopian votes

With the integration of the Utopian.io Innovation Trail to support innovative curation initiatives on the blockchain, we found ourselves juggling voting power to ensure contributors are rewarded in a fair and timely fashion without pausing the trail voting activity. To better make use of our voting power and ensure it is fairly distributed, we’ve made some minor changes to the behavior of our voting bot.

Vote order

So far, @utopian-io voted on reviewed contributions in an order according to the score received in the moderator’s review. While we continue to strive to reward the very best, the community has to offer the open source ecosystem, we’ve decided to change the sorting criteria to include the date of creation of the post, rather than the date of review. We hope this will result in more contribution being rewarded sooner, giving them additional visibility and attracting more votes from the community.

Curation trail support

To ensure our voting power is kept first and foremost for you, the contributors, we’ve adjusted the Utopian.io Innovation Trail script to trigger only when the voting power of @utopian-io is equal or higher than 99%. If it is lower, the trail will be suspended for 2 hours to recover the VP, then resume voting. To keep most of the votes to follow, the bot keeps track of curation trail votes for 2 days.



The questionnaire used by moderation to evaluate the contributions on daily basis is one of the most important tools our team uses daily. As we constantly work to improve and optimize it to reflect the value of the work done by the contributor, we’ve updated the questionnaire and score values for some of our categories.

This week, we looked at the translations and graphics categories, in both cases focusing mostly on the point system. We hope to complete this round of updates with the other categories over the next few days.

As always, we appreciate your feedback, and would like to hear from you which aspects of our review system we should focus to make it better and clearer for everyone to make use of.

Fundition campaign


The planned meetup with Utopian.io and SteemSTEM in Italy still needs your support to cover expenses. The recent updates cover the number of confirmed attendees in the VIRGO labs, as well as the overview of the countries the members come from and the age distribution. An additional update including some information on the places we plan to visit was published as well, and more are to follow to tell you all about the observatory and gravitational waves.

You can catch up on all the news in this latest post published by @steemstem.


Task Request Bounties

To better cater to the needs of project owners and preferences of contributors, Utopian.io has come with a different concept of rewarding the completion of task requests.

Up until now, all the task requests held only little of the rewards for the task solvers and the majority of the rewards were distributed as the contributors submitted their work in Utopian. Utopian is experimenting with concentrating the rewards at the task assignment and when a solver comes up with the desired solution for the task, the rewards will be sent to them in the form of a liquid STEEM bounty.

One of the recent examples of this new approach is a task request on documenting and describing steps needed to run private Steem network. This task request by the Blockchain Competence Centre of the European commission is also unique for other reasons. It was published using the Utopian account for the project, and it is one of the first steps in building a new project through tasks rather than enhancing an existing one.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this unique project, and check the task request at @utopian.tasks where the assignment was published in full.


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I'm new to the steemit community. The variety of applications based on steem is overwhelming.
Rewarding open source developers for their volunteer work this way is a very good approach in IMHO.

Utopian is great! Hope to be tester at the v2 of utopian!!

Thanks for the support. We have seen many people interested in being a tester, which is really great.

very good information thanks

Its really a informative post for all of us….thanks for sharing

Sarebbe bello poter partecipare alle varie iniziative

The information is very informative and useful.
I am very pleased to be able to be your team @utopian-io

** Please permission to translate the language Indonesia **


This is so cool ... and shoot I had a super active day today, wish I would have known about it earlier. Delegated a bit.

I'm sorry. I made a post from the result of your post @utopian-io, the goal, so that the beginners steemit better understand in your post.
In our place there are probably many who do not understand, especially in postings in English, so from that I take the decision to interpret your post.
Thank you for your kindness.

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