Utopian Status: HF20, Witness Servers & More

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With the Steem blockchain still catching up and normalizing after hardfork 20, we felt it’s important to update you on the state of Utopian during this time, and on our current plan of action. In addition, this post includes updates on the Utopian witness server, and a few upcoming events.


Pausing Operations

Due to the current technical situation, we are unable to review submissions made to Utopian or vote on the contributions scored. Unfortunately, this means we are forced to pause all operations until the Steem blockchain is once again accessible and usable for all community members and moderators.

According to estimates, the voting power of @utopian-io will reach 100% in roughly 100 hours. We will be sure to update you once submission scoring is resumed, and are sorry for this inconvenience.

To stay up-to-date and speak to the Utopian team, we invite you to join the conversation on our Discord server.

Witness Server Status

Coinciding with the hardfork is Utopian’s rise to the top 20 list of Steem witnesses.

We have been working closely with the other top 20 witnesses throughout the night to make sure the blockchain could resume normal operations. Both main Utopian witness server and backup witnesses have been upgraded to version 0.20.3 and are running properly.

We couldn’t be happier to make it into the list of top 20 witnesses, especially at this critical time, and we’ll make sure to publish a dedicated witness update post with all the exciting plans we have for it, as soon as the blockchain returns to normal operations.

Hackathon Winners & Meetup Summary - Coming Soon!

We are happy to have received so many awesome contributions for the first Utopian Hackathon. Despite the issues with the blockchain we were able to score and pick the winners! But we’re not quite ready to reveal them.

Due to the voting power recharge process, we won’t be able to release rewards for the winners just yet. We’ll make sure to publish the list of the winners shortly, and immediately release the liquid prizes. For the post upvotes on the winning submissions, we will ask the winners to publish a comment under their contributions in order for Utopian to give them the upvote value their submission is due.

Join Us Tonight on The Utopian Open Source Radio Show on MSP Waves

Tonight’s show comes at an interesting time! In addition to the regular dose of news and updates from Utopian, we’re scheduled to host @nothingismagic from the Quasar Framework, as well as a number of prominent Steem witnesses.

Be sure to tune in at 6 PM (UTC) to learn more about the Quasar development platform and hear what the Steem witnesses think and feel about the current state of the blockchain. Find out more in this post by our show host, @jedigeiss.


First Time Contributing in Utopian.io?

Learn how to contribute on our website

Utopian Witness Vote for our witness!


any idea how much time it will take for the rest of the users to reach 100% VP ?

Shameless self linking:

Maybe you can address some of my questions, as newly promoted Top20 witness


It's showing you back at 100% voting power. I just upvoted this post for 12% and lost 80% voting power. Do with that information as you will.

Hey @edicated you have to look at the voting manabar on steemd not the voting power

Thanks for the heads up.

upvoted this comment for 1% and lost nothing. Maybe 22% is the baseline right now.

I think once you make your first transaction it updates to the real VP, which was reset when HF 20 happened

Hopefully, it is going to be resolved soon and the blockchain will be stabilized for users.

Have fun tonight at the Utopian Open Source Radio Show on MSP Waves - Greeting at @jedigeiss

Hey, @utopian-io.

Glad to see you in the Top 20.

It would be nice if the witnesses would stand firm when it comes to any subsequent hard forks that they be done in smaller chunks. In my way of thinking, that doesn't mean a new hard fork every week or month, but once a quarter would be good, or semi-annually. Something that wouldn't require constant updating but at the same time, wouldn't become so huge that there's no way to go through it all.

Right now the way of doing things appears to be this: throw something up, see what breaks, fix it, wait for the fix to trickle out. Maybe that's the only way to do it, but I'm afraid the user experience ends up suffering, and who knows how many times that can happen before people actually act on their disappointment.

And in the process, it seems like the Top 20 gets blamed for it more than the devs at Steemit Inc, which puts you all between a rock and a hard place.

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