Update on Unexpected Voting Power Behavior

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Many users are experiencing an issue where voting power appears to drop dramatically upon first using the blockchain after HF20. We have diagnosed the cause for this and confirmed that the issue will resolve within 5 days and does not require a hardfork.

Only Temporary

This issue affects everyone equally (aside from those accounts which have not voted in the past 5 days) and once voting power regenerates over the next 5 days, this type of behavior will not present again. In addition, most accounts that have been active will return to their expected voting power equilibrium within one day. Large accounts that have been active, but only infrequently, will be impacted most significantly. Those accounts that haven’t voted in 5 days are not affected by this issue, but the more recent your last vote the more your voting power will be impacted.

Equal Impact

No one account is depriving another of their voting power or gaining an unfair advantage. During the implementation of the Resource Credit system, voting power was rescaled and no scaling factor was added to ensure a consistent user experience. This was an oversight on our part and for this we apologize. Again, this behavior is a one time issue that will resolve itself over the next 5 days.

This appears to be the only issue that has been brought to our attention that is due to consensus-level code and again is not an issue that will reappear.

Steem Blockchain Team


@clayop, one of top 20 Witnesses, is putting out frequent updates! Unlike others or Stinc...
The KR community is fully informed on the status of this “blackout”.

It’s in Korean but you can google translate easily.

We need more witnesses to be Steemian facing and active with updates like @clayop!!

Your input is priceless to see on the blockchain sir! as an investor let me work with you to make steemit great again! I have a couple projects I would be honored for you or any other whales that care about the future of Steemit would read one or two proposals and consider supporting in some way and show all the haters on Steemit you can help them all?

I also heard @ned said if witnesses did not implement HF20 even without testing SMT's are off as he cannot afford development of both or something to that effect.
I also noticed the recent withdrawal of millions of STEEM from Steemit.com.
I have also heard Ned owns an island and is worth 100's of millions yet cannot afford development? I hope these are rumors and things improve soon...
Ned fly me to your island so we can talk about the future of STEEM!
Your marketing is lacking to say the least.

how was this HF tested ? .... didnt you learn from last fails ?

I agree, it seems like there has got to be a way to test hard-forks and consensus changes more thoroughly before deploying them.

Here, let me help. I find it easier to learn with pictures.

They were blind to the foreseeables

Without doubt more testing was needed.

how in the heck do you have positive MANA?

I guess they just release it and let the users to test it

heard no testnet runs were done...

Great. Thanks!

I know you are busy with the backend stuff but could you care a bit to add a mana meter to the steemit.com UI?

steemd now has the man bar up and I think it's accurate.

it looks like they have one on steemworld.orgrc-mana.JPG

Steemd is also displaying the RCs bar... but damn, it really get consumed quickly with each comment...

I second that. I actually assumed this would be added to the UI. Really surprised that it's not. In order to improve the user experience, it is crucial that this get added somewhere where it's easy to find. Otherwise, all the talk of "gamifying" the experience with RCs goes right out the window.

Right! Still shocked that voting power was never added!

Both voting power and mana should be displayed in steemit... We get voting power and vote value in Busy so i dont see why not?...

Thanks to the new found complexity in additional jargon, I have no idea what the difference is between voting mana, voting power, and RCs are anymore... way to keep it simple.

For what i know, RCs is the amount of mana you can use to vote, post, redeem rewards or any interaction with the blockchain... Voting mana really doesnt exist, just voting power, although your RCs (mana) is consumed every time you vote also... The more steem power you have, you have more recourse credit (mana)... Its almost the same than before, just that no one cared about bandwidth because that rarely got consumed (just for very rare cases for users with very low steem power)... Now seems like mana get consumed very quick... we just have to wait to see how this develops...

Good explanation. A part I want to elaborate a bit about is this though:

The more steem power you have, you have more recourse credit (mana)... Its almost the same than before, just that no one cared about bandwidth because that rarely got consumed (just for very rare cases for users with very low steem power)

While having issues with the bandwidth was rare in the last few months, it used to be a huge issue. Back when Steem was $6, the activity on the blockchain was a lot higher, and pretty much everyone with less than 50 Steem Power could not properly use the blockchain at all. They could vote on a few things, make a few comments, and then they would have to wait.

This is also the reason why the system was changed to RCs, which could give people a more predictable measurement as to what they could do on the blockchain, instead of the seemingly random bandwidth system.

But I - with 700 free SP and 30% RC and billions of mana- could not even do a delegation transaction today to help a minnow. I need a price list of each action soon!

Yeah, it was pretty bad, but it should be a bit better by now. You can also see a list of all the actions you can performm over at http://steem.supply/@goldrooster. I don't think a price list would be really effective, since the cost of the actions will change all the time.

@steem-plus did with their plugin! mana.png

I think a lot of us are having trouble even making comments. It's going to be a quiet week on the Steem blockchain, lol. But hey, I totally accept this price if it will bring the much needed changes promised and pave the way for Communities and SMT's.

Waited 3 days to upvote this feel :p

Well it happens...lets just wait.

Appreciate the update. Time to take a Steemit break for a few days...

Also for the next HF release, limit the number of post anyone can post per day ..max or 3 or something!!! there needs to be some sanity here!!!!!

5 Days?!?! What am I gonna do?


Fap vigorously and frequently?

so now the VP should be equal to current_mana/max_mana ? and should I pause my curation till the issues are fully resolved?

It's not "unexpected behaviour" - it is a major fuck-up!

I'm burning through resource credits insanely fast now, with a fair bit of SP and mana I feel worried for the newer users who will still have difficulty doing anything for a while yet.

finally whale punishment and user punishment haha posting finally works

Catching up with developments, but this seems interesting

I've not been able to upload to Dtube for three days now. I Keep getting an error message.

Very informative - Resteemed -

Almost 3 days ago I want to publish an article in Spanish, it's the first time I do it and the frustration is really immense !. Continuously when I click to post come the follow:
RPC Error plugin execption account Resis... needs 570765890765 RC, please wait to transact or powwer up Steem!!
Could someone clarify me in a really simple way, what should I do?
Thanks very much for the eventual help!

You have joined on a day the whole steemit system was changed. All users are confronted with so called RC not being high enough (yet) to do something. Each action you do now requires something called RC. I looked at your account and your RC battery is at 13% and growing to 100 in … days (?). I myself have a large account (I thought) with 700 SP and even I cannot do what I wanna do.

Entonces, tenemos que esperar! (I study spanish)

Hi golrooster, many thanks for your friendly help

This hard fork was a DISASTER

We all like @ned, but he should seriously consider stepping down as CEO and hiring a CEO that can run a tech company. This way he can spend his time playing his guitar and continue doing whatever he has been doing all this time.

I know a program manager that is running a multi-billion dollar contract. He is tired of the government bureaucracy and is looking for a change. If @ned starts taking resumes, I will try to convince him to submit his resume.

the #gridcoin category lost 12 days of posts, is that normal?

I noticed a bunch of categories were wiped clean of posts.

nice lol

After 25 hours, all is well except for the voting power which has been seriously drained.

Heard it’s back now

Hey guys, voting power is going backwards instead of regenerating... I havent done one single upvote yet my voting power is getting less and less with the time... You care to fix that?

It shouldnt go lower, it probably got updated to the new "mana" amount.

My voting power dropped from 57% to 31% instantly and i havent done one single upvote since 3 days ago... This is totally screwed up...

After a single upvote, the VP dropped from 100 % to 29 %.

I don't really understand how you guys say that it will be magically resolved in another 5 days.

magic because in 5 days you will be recharged again to 100%

My voting power dropped from 57% to 31% and i havent done any upvotes at all...

Mine dropped from 100% to 57% and then a few hours later dropped to 33%, with no upvotes as well

Good to se its not just me... The mana seems drooping a lot too with only a few comments...

Interestingly, @blocktrades's voting power is 100% even after a voting.

I know it's one of witnesses but other witnesses' VP are not 100%.

Or is this a very special account that has 100% VP all the time?

Anyway, better to check.

by @blockchainstudio (I don't have enough RC, so I'm using my other account @gomdory).

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 7.11.34 PM.png

Thank you for this information very useful

I looked through the comments and did not see this question asked, but I think it is important.

If STEEM has a fixed reward pool for each day, and no one can vote over the next 5 days while they recharge their VP, what happens to the reward pool during this time? Where does all of that STEEM go if it is not being distributed by votes?

The pool should grow and there should be more steem to distribute once everything get fixed... That means we should get a little more rewards then for a little while, no big deal... In any case, i am not sure if there is enough steem being produced right now, with all this crazy stuff going on...

it goes to self voters like trevon and kingcrown since they can vote themselves. so I say go vote on content getting a payout

Thanks for the update. Resteemed :-)

Are we going to do anything?

I'm lost and confused I made one upvote and shot down to 26% after waiting for it to get to 100 thinking it would work right. I dont know what to do anymore!

Today I tried upvote, and I lost nearly 80% of "Voting Power" for an upvote.
This means we have to wait end 5 days.
It's too long for me :)

Hello, our company is interested in develop a Vietnamese version of Steemit. Would you please tell me where can I find a partner to help us on this project?

Best regards,

I may be wrong but is it steem blockchain or steemit blockchain? Is there a separate “steemit blockchain”?


That may refer to the team of developers at Steemit Inc who are working on the Steem blockchain

Ok! Thank you.

seems like now we have to wait for power to be 100%. rest all seems to be in right place. is that right assessment?

Could you please make the giant red box with the upgrade message on the top of steemit.com modal, or add an x button to remove it? It takes up half the screen on my phone. Thanks!

This is great but i can not post since yesterday

Is commenting working yet? I haven't been able to do that even... Edit: It is for me at least!

What the skrunk is happening? Suddenly steemit is for the elite?!

So those of us who just made posts will now lose all potential votes and income expected? That's just not right. Many folks are now afraid to post or vote (or can't) at all until the 5 days are up.

How about then extending or restarting the voting time for all of the posts that were made within 5 days before this fu started? That would at least allow folks to recover some of their lost votes.

How about just copy and paste that post into another post, add something to the title explaining the reason for the re-post, when voting comes back to normal?

It's really not that difficult to solve on your own.

I still can't post or upload video on d tube.

I still can't post why?

Congratulations! Your post has been selected as a daily Steemit truffle! It is listed on rank 21 of all contributions awarded today. You can find the TOP DAILY TRUFFLE PICKS HERE.

I upvoted your contribution because to my mind your post is at least 3 SBD worth and should receive 71 votes. It's now up to the lovely Steemit community to make this come true.

I am TrufflePig, an Artificial Intelligence Bot that helps minnows and content curators using Machine Learning. If you are curious how I select content, you can find an explanation here!

Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

I guess it's not hard to make the top 25 on a day when only 25 people can even post?

Posted using Partiko Android

That is exactly what happened here.

Finally, you can edit old posts (more than 7 days)!!! Steemit/Busy UI don't support it yet, but you can do it by using API.

e.g., I (@blockchainstudio with short of RC, some free delegation plz? 🤣) tested it with my another account: https://steemit.com/gomdory/@gomdory/4dglzy

Editing old post doesn't seem very useful, deleting them maybe... In the current state we cant delete a post we make accidentally, or out of schedule by mistake... That should be more relevant than editing old posts...

I think it's primarily relevant in the context of eventual take down notices. Let's say someone published content from a third party without permisson (copyright). Then the owner of those rights may force the author to edit the content respectively. Currently all those take down notices arrive at Steemit, Inc, so I imagine they'd love to delegate them to the original authors.

But that is just a thought, no evidence here :-)

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