Now Use Utopian Tags in Any Position To Get Your Incentives

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At, we are constantly working to simplify the review process and allow more and more open source projects to access our incentives. In order for your contributions to be reviewed by our moderators, you only need to use two relevant tags using any frontend, such as or Until now, you had to use them as your very first two tags. Now you can use them in any position you want.

While this may seem like a small change, it brings great benefits. Major dapps, such as @esteemapp or @dtube and others can now keep using their main tag, while still allowing access to the Utopian incentives. Curation guilds and other projects may decide to integrate the Utopian tags to enable additional rewards for their users, as we recently did with

How to use Utopian tags

By using the correct Utopian tags, your post will be found and scored by our moderators as per our community guidelines.

Utopian has a set of categories where you can publish your work and each category has a specific tag.


Tags: utopian-io, blog (in any order)

Do you love blogging about Open Source projects and news? Do you own an Open Source project and are willing to get rewarded for your generic updates? The blog category is the one for you.

Tutorials - Video Tutorials

Tags: utopian-io, tutorials (or video-tutorials) (in any order)

Do you love to use your skills to teach and improve those of others? Start writing and recording awesome tutorials for your favourite Open Source projects.


Tags: utopian-io development (in any order)

Are you interested in getting rewarded for your development effort on an Open Source project? The development category allows you to publish your dev contributions and get rewarded for them.


Tags: utopian-io graphics (in any order)

Are you an exceptional graphic designer willing to contribute to Open Source projects? Utopian will reward your work in the graphics category.

And more…

To learn all about Utopian and how you can get rewarded for contributing to Open Source projects, visit

First Time Contributing in

Learn how to contribute on our website

Utopian Witness

Vote for our witness!


Excellent decision! This way people contributions can be much more visible in other communities and apps.

Where is our beloved website? Not finished yet?

Hello @naufal you can signup for the private beta here

Woah, finally. I've joined.

Thanks for this. I use Surfer for most interaction

Posted using Partiko Android

I'm sure this will cause a lot less support tickets ;)

Been a while our beloved utopian-io 😃

Cool improvement. It'll be interesting to see which tags (and in which order) receive more upvotes on average.

I was joined. Hope this make a better change and opportunity..
but I want asking you : I create a post used esteem app, can i used the utopian-io tags?
or as you mentioned above, can use any frontend that includes esteem app. Thanks

Informative update. Btw, I have something across my mind, if I contribute to open source project, let's say translating big project into my language, and post it as a report about my contribution in open source project, and use utopian's tag, will utopian incentivize it? Since my language is not listed on Davinci.

Lastly, Utopian always rock.!!!

Hey there. Translations are managed by DaVinci only and we reward only those languages at the moment

Thanks for the explanation and making this one thing clear, @elear.

Wow, really glad this change happened, as it just seems simpler in general. Should definitely help newer members get along as well. Thanks for the info!

Nice Update , How About UI/UX Design and Prototyping ? . will the new tag category appear?

Hey there. You can already use the graphics category for these kind of contributions, if that was your question

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