dPoll bug fixes: Content editing fixes and table representation on Markdown

in utopian-io •  7 months ago  (edited)


Source code: github repository

What was the issues?

1-The expire_at field is incorrectly set when editing.

This information was sent from the discord channel.

  • Poll options include 1 week and 1 month. This is the time allowed to vote in the poll. A poll page is updated. It is automatically set to 1 month regardless of user preference.

2-Markdown type table data is not shown.

This information was sent from the discord channel. But it was advanced through github.


  • When you create a table with Markdown, it occurs smoothly by the editor. However, there is no table support in html conversion in backend codes.

What was the solution?

1 - Fixed : https://github.com/emre/dpoll.xyz/pull/58

def expire_at_humanized(self):
    diff_in_days = (self.expire_at - self.created_at).days
    if diff_in_days == 7:
        return "1_week"
        return "1_month"

The result of this value(diff_in_days) is generally around 6.95. The value of 6 is accepted because it is questioned as the day. I needed a proper check here. I updated the query as 7 days or less.

if diff_in_days <= 7:

  • I also removed an unnecessary variable.

2 - Fixed : https://github.com/emre/dpoll.xyz/pull/69

  • I've added table support at the backend.

md.markdown(value, extensions=['markdown.extensions.fenced_code', 'markdown.extensions.tables'])

  • I added the class to the table element for bootstrap framework.

$('table').addClass('table'); ( I love jquery.)

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Hello @tolgahanuzun!

Thanks for your contribution.

  • The first bug was weird, good catch.
  • Table representation on markdown was needed for sure.

A small note for Utopian compability:

  • We expect more volume in the contributions. But, I am kinda guilty for that, I know
    you have 2 more pull requests waiting for review.

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I have to improve myself on language. Big deficiency for me. Thank you.

Thank you for your review, @emrebeyler! Keep up the good work!

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