Joomla CMS - Translating 1,270 Words In Filipino | Part 12

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Project Details:

This is my 12th translation contribution on Joomla CMS that I contribute on @utopian and @davinci.polyglot.

So what is Joomla? I search a lot of information about Joomla and this is that I found. Joomla is a content management system otherwise known as a CMS. A content management system software that makes it possible for non-technical users to edit a website.

A CMS differs from the way website used to be created with Dreamweaver or similar programs in several ways. There are several ways of creating a website based on the tools that you use to create a website. You can divide the ways into three big categories you can build a website from an HTML template the static template, you can build if from CMS template and you can build it with a website builder software.

Contribution Specifications:

- Translation Overview:

This is the twelve part of my translation on this project with a total of 125,792 words with 11% left to overall Filipino Language. This is a very huge project and I'm not the only Filipino's was translated of the Joomla CMS. You can see the total words of this project down below.

1 Total.png

- Text Translated, Untranslated and Purpose

During my translation I found more not accurate words and typos coming from the previous translators and I correct all those errors.

  • Multilingual
  • Workflow
  • Menu
  • Plugin
  • Template
  • Blog
  • Home
  • Password
  • Username


Source Language - English is the source language of my translation project.
Translated Language - Filipino is translated language of my translation project.

Here are some strings or words that I translated on this season and approved by LM @ruah.

2 String.png

Word Count

The total words that I translate in Filipino is 1,305 words with 35 deduction words, because there are words that can not be translated such as a link, codes and all the words don't have a translation such as a computer words or and blockchain words. So the final words that I translate in Filipino is 1,270 words in this season I translate the een-GB.plg_sampledata_blog.ini and en-GB.plg_sampledata_multilang.ini files . Thanks to LM @ruah for proofreading my contribution.

1 Contri.png

- Previous Localization Reports

Proof of Authorship

Special thanks to @utopian-io and @davinci.witness for giving this an opportunity and thanks to my LM @ruah for proofreading and correcting our mistake. Thank you all have a nice day!

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Hi @toffer, Thank you for contributing to the Davinci-Utopian Translation project!
This is your 28th contribution to the translation category and your 12th contribution to the translation of @joomla.

  • add ang before the '%2$s' here
    tip: while translating this kind of string, make sure to read it as if you are reading a word to make the pronunciation and the grammar complete in Filipino.
  • inalis sa pagkalathala please check the string here
  • minor error on the space here kategorya ng blog
  • The rest of the translations are good, Good job!!

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Thanks LM @ruah I already made some changes for those minor error.


Thank you for your review, @ruah! Keep up the good work!

Hi @toffer!

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