GDevelop - Translating 1,311 Words In Filipino | Part 14

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Github Repository:

Project Details:

This is my 14th contribution on GDevelop that I contributed in behalf of @utopian and @davinci.polyglot. The GDevelop is one of the difficult translation project that I worked with.

What is GDevelop? GDevelop is one of those game engines tha have a visual programming interface you don't really need to write the code per set, at least not in the traditional sense, instead you use a visual interface. Now the cool thing about GDevelop is it's completely free, it's an open source, MIT licensed for the base engine and framework and then the editor itself is available under the GPL 3 license..

That is one of the very nicest thing about GDevelop this is an open source project and all of the whole code is available on Github. It was created via C++ language so if you know C++ this is an engine for you.


Contribution Specifications:

- Translation Overview:

This is the fourteenth part of my translation on this project with a total of 24,326 words this is not a very huge project, but this is a really difficult project to translate and I am not the only one who's translating Gdevelop into Filipino. You can see the total words of this project down below.

Today I have suggested 195 translations and deleted 3 translations in GDevelop 5 and I didn't find any errors or typos on the source string.

Non-translatable Texts:

  • Layout
  • Origin
  • Layer
  • Effect
  • Parameter
  • Children
  • Timer
  • Variable
  • Behavior
  • Frame
  • Sprite


Source language: English
Translation task: From English to Filipino

Word Count

The total words that I translated into Filipino is about 1,390 words with 79 words deduction, because there are words that cannot be translated such as links, codes and all of the words which don't have a translation such as computer and programming language.

- Previous Localization Reports

Proof of Authorship

Thank you very much, @davinci.witness and @utopian, for this wonderful opportunity to the community.

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Hi @toffer, Thank you for contributing to the Davinci-Utopian Translation project!
This is your 50th contribution to the translation category and 14th contribution to the translation of @Gdevelop project.

  • Upon checking your translation I noticed that you have big improvements when in terms of choosing the right words to place in the sentence, you've translated the strings very well, I just found 1 error about the placement of 1 word take a look in this string the arrangement should be like this sukat ng oras ng layer.
  • You have amazing progress on your grammar, It seems the mistakes has been lessened and improves a lot.

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Thank you for your review, @ruah! Keep up the good work!

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