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At Swapsteem, we are building a peer to peer exchange for STEEM and SBD, with a long term vision to create a peer to peer marketplace for goods, services and fiat using the inbuilt escrow feature from steem blockchain. We are currently building a community at https://swapsteem.online and working on the development of the exchange application.

This task request is to ask for extended hand from open source graphics contributors to help us design the user interface (UI) of the proposed exchange. The UI is divided into pages so contributors can create designs for the page they prefer. The pages are listed below.

  1. Home Page - Logged Out
  2. Home Page - Logged In
  3. Post New Trade Page
  4. Wallet Page
  5. Profile Page
  6. Dashboard Page
  7. Trusted People page

We are inviting designs only for the first 2 pages. The pages are described in details in the below section.

Components / Pages

  1. Home Page - Logged Out
    The home page is the landing page of the web app. it should have the layout as the reference website but customized for Steem/SBD as shown in below mock up.
    Screenshot from 2018-07-16 18-49-37.png

  2. Home Page - Logged In
    Same as the above page, but added logged in menu options on top navbar as shown in below mock up.
    Screenshot from 2018-07-16 18-49-59.png

These above mock ups and images are for illustration purpose only. The contributors can use their creativity in order to create the most attractive design. Since our application has some features features similar to that offered at localbitcoins, a peer to peer exchange for BTC, designers can use http://localbitcoins.com for inspiration, however we dont want to copy their design.


Edit : New Deadline : 26 July 11:59 UTC


Interested contributors can join our community server at https://swapsteem.online ( Recommended ) or contact us in our discord channel. My username is - thanos.

Our Github

Screenshot from 2018-07-05 14-38-13.png

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This task request is now open.

  • Deadline: Post only to comments! The final time you can post the comment with your design is 26th July 2018 23:59 UTC. After this deadline, your contribution cannot be rewarded by Utopian.
  • The best design choosen by the project owner following all guidelines will be rewarded. Utopian graphics team may choose other design to be rewarded if they find them being high quality.
  • Ask the project owner for feedback before you finalize your design. Make multiple versions if possible.

Your contribution has been evaluated according to Utopian policies and guidelines, as well as a predefined set of questions pertaining to the category.

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Hi. This is my proposal for this project:

I have created two proposals (light and dark version):

Light version:

Light - Signed out.png

Light - Logged in.png

Dark version:

Dark - Signed out.png

Dark - Logged in.png

Hope you like it. Feel free to reach out to me if anything needs edited/modified.

Congratulations and Thank you @tobias-g and @outwork for your contributions. We really like both designs and it was a hard decision to select one of them.
We have selected the design by @outwork as the winner, but both contributions will be rewarded by Utopian.
Please post a detailed contribution report according to the utopian guidelines.