Ulogs.org Development Report: The Journey OnTo "True Celebrity-hood For Everyone, Once And For All."

In this post, i will be giving a report on the "overall development" that has occurred on ulogs.org so far. 

First off, ulogs.org started out as a fork of @busy.org and has began to shape up since then into its own model. A reshaping will continue to occur over-time as ulogs.org will continue to add new features ever-constantly and organically as it tries to play-out "community feature".

Development started out very slow but then, we implemented a model of development involving "micro-programming-tasks which has drastically improved the pace of development i.e we broke down each issue on Github, into very small pieces and added some form of bounty per task. 

Micro-programming-tasks can be as simple as "change icon", "embed a video", "replicate an existing feature", "change text" etc By this means, we removed "all barriers to entry" for developers to participate.

The first thing we adjusted is the preface of the website. Being a social interface for ULOGGERS, we had to change the general look of the homepage as seen below:

Our main hashtag is #ulog and this is what you will meet upon visiting https://ulogs.org as seen below:

We also change the default display for #ulog to "new" in place of "trending". So basically, the homepage is vibrant and fresh as new ULOG posts are published. 

In due time, we will change the default settings for each prominent #ulog-subhashtag to display "new" as well instead of trending.

Another key thing we changed is the algorithm that determines or recommends "interesting ULOGGERS". 

We want to created value for "becoming verified and certified ULOGGERS"; thus, we added a rule the grows a list of these ones determined by "steem accounts" followed by the @uloggers account, while keeping the "account age and reputation intact rule" intact.

Over time, ulogs.org will look for every avenue to celebrate and place the names of certified and verified @uloggers in additional light.

For the comment section, we changed the default display of comments to "sort by reputation" i.e display comments in order of reputation score. 

Among the reasons we did this, is to curb on the damage to user, that especially comments with phishing links can do, by keep these comments towards the bottom still, in cases these comments are voted up. 
In general, even if some of these comments can be graded out etc, in some cases, graded out comments spark curiosity more than its does apprehension. So, we decided to add one more step and have comments display by order of reputation score by default. 
Ofcourse, users can go ahead and change this display settings as desired. 

We changed the mainframe/structure of the main editor by adding a style guide, a drop-down menu leading to other areas of ulogs.org, a collapse function and a video embed area. The main editor now looks like this:

Overall, we will have a growing number of specialized editors and each of these editors will have its own style guide.

We have started the development of that as well. For now, you can write a normal steemit post on a separate editor:

You will have noticed from the drop-down in the screenshot above that you can also select editors for use, to write under #teardrops and #untalented but these editors aren't ready just yet as we are currently working on a bug on the main editor that disrupts the auto-save/draft function. 

There is also a "more ulogging?" tab as you can see in the drop-down above. Clicking on that will lead you to a core segment of ulogs.org as seen below:

Basically, ulogs.org has an entire space that incentivizes learning through the art of #ulogging (the conscious fun art of mining the human).

Expanding each of the segments as seen in the 4 screenshots below gives insight about what this segment is about:

From top to bottom

Alot will fill this space over the course of development.

In general, over the course of time, ulogs.org will begin to take shape; shaped around the world of #ulogging and #uloggers. It will be among the steem-based interfaces that will distribute the Teardrops SMT when the SMT protocol executes.

Kindly visit ulogs.org to test it or use it. Note; that ulogs.org allows you enjoy the steem ecosystem, so do well to enjoy time on it as you use it not only to create posts but also to comments, curate as "true fans" etc. With the implementation of micro-programming-tasks and bounties, development will move fast, once we are settled with core features as most of the tasks after that will simply involve replication of existing features.

This report is done under #utopian-io to intimate the world of developers out there that they can all participate. Even in the presence of time constraints or level of skill, you are sure to find a micro-programming task on our Github that you can take on. See our Github for a list of open issues:


You can indicate interest in taking up an issue either in a comment on Github, on our telegram on https://t.me/teardrops_smt (look for @surpassinggoogle) or on discord: https://discord.gg/wWrnSXK (look for @surpassinggoogle)
You can also leave a comment below!

One more thing that was added on ulogs.org is an area to support the "steemgigs" witness. It is a "small box" area (on the right side) of the homepage of https://ulogs.org, which only shows up if you haven't already voted for the "steemgigs" witness. See screenshot below:

You can support what we do and the entire #ulog movement by voting for the "steemgigs" witness here: https://steemit.com/~witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

 Join the community here: https://discord.gg/gvGc6fj  

Join us on Telegram: https://t.me/teardrops_smt

Your Boy Terry



Hi... Thanks for the contribution.

Really nice project and very good strategy to streamline the development process.

Although the format of your post in general is good, I can not find a reason to use so many text formats. You're using citing and quotes format to include general text. For the blog posts category is really important to have good looking submissions with excellent format. Take a look at this post to find some recommendations :).

Very good work with Ulogs. I hope successes on the road for the project.

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To view those questions and the relevant answers related to your post, click here.

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Hey @surpassinggoogle
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next contribution!

Want to chat? Join us on Discord https://discord.gg/h52nFrV.

Vote for Utopian Witness!

Hope you're always good Terry!
About ulogs.org, yesterday, my wife @thidaratapple was about to write her ulog post and when she typed in one sentence, it keeps on refreshing. She used write a ulog and when it was still refreshing, she decided to use steemit to post her Ulog.
Is there a problem about it, Terry?
Thanks for the good response.
More power!😎🤙

Yes, it will soon be fixed. That is the current bug. Basically, cos of other editors, the draft keeps wanting to save to the original editor. Once that is fixed, we will move faster with creating as many editors as needed. Thank you for using it. It can be used for comments and all. for ulogs, it can still be used but you will need to manually fill in the details like ulog intitle and first tag #ulog etc She can have posted from ulogs.org like a normal post here:

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Thank you very much, Terry!
I'll let her know about this. 😊

Works now

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Am suggesting if there can be a room for messages to saved on draft for later posting on #ulogs.org, to make it even far better than others...
Just a suggestion

Messages or posts? Posts now save

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

What i meant is, just like esteemapp does, you can save on draft or bookmarks your post on your blog page for later submission

you can too but for now you will need to go back to ykur draft to manually publiah it. but ulogs.org does autosave and keeps the draft, plus can bookmark posts. if you refer to scheduling posts, so that they autopost later, may be that will happen in the future

Thats will be a plus to the platform and will be it uniqueness, classy among others,making it stand out...

I have always tried busy, due to the bugs but I like the part where we are fixing the ulog.org to get I am hoping to try very very soon again.

I do like the interface of Ulogs.org since I primarily use Busy.org as my condenser of choice before.

It is also good that you have created a witness vote box for steemgigs we need to have more people vote you up and get you in the top 50.

Thank you. It will get really really interesting. You will really like it

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Hello Terry, the #ulog project is growing and will keep tgrowing - Amen. I solicit that ulogs.org be introduced into @ginabot services. Only busy.org and a few others are listed as platforms for the opening of posts. I know you can..,.

Soon it should be. I don't know how ginabot works etc but in due time.

@surpassinggoogle baba nla, this is absolutely incredible, i knew some thing great will come out of #ulog's project movement baba you nail down all other platforms, i bet you every #ulogger will spot a trace on platform which soonest guiness book of record wil rank it number 1 in the world.....

Baba ooooo Ole nu bi ponponponpon

In Jesus name. If you are reddit kindly subscribe and share ulogs.org links here: https://reddit.com/r/uloggers

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Just subscribed r/uloggers now on reddit,am gonna be sharing every #ulog links there, the world must here of #ulog platform down to the political vibes and parties

Hello sir, I want to know one thing from you, does ulog take part of the payout just like dtube and utopian-io. Also tell me when the teardrops SMT will be released. Thank you.

Nope it doesn't currently. Overall, all my interface i would like to keep free but more recently with the state of the community, it has become essential to use these interfaces to remind everyone of steem's beauty with every use, so there will be a neglible amt given back to steem or steemit inc as beneficiary. this hasnt been implemented yet but will be even on steemgigs.org but it will be very negligible. Like 0.something percent of author rewards. this will have massive impact in strengthening our community and this is key to steem growth. As for my small endeavors, i always want to keep all the tools free. Teardrops smt can only take effect when smt is ready but the endeavors to guide distribution has been ongoing for two years on steemit. We will remove "proof of tears" and proof of tears has to be unadulterated to an extent.

@surpassinggoogle great to see this project improving even more. Personally, I did not yet use it but am definitely looking forward to that moment. Keep up the good work Terry!

Cheers Bossman!

Thank you for supporting @tegoshei and @mashiliyanage’s #ulog. If it spreads to Japanese, is it better?

for sure. it is global

I like the ulogs.org interface as it is very similar to busy but the issue with the editor refreshing once fixed, it should be just awesome!

Terry God bless you. You are really doing a great job. The latest development on ulog is great. The ulog interface is more beautiful and more attractive to use. With the latest additions, ulog will communicate with its users better.
Further more please work on the search optimization. When you search for names or things it sometimes doesn't work well.

Great work @surpassinggoogle

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

So do I mean everything is fixed as of now in ulogs as last time I could not able to post it in ulogs and I had to post that in steemit. However I like the interface of ulogs and I think it is similar to busy.org.

Thank you....steem on and stay blissful....

Almost, currently it is not that you can't post. it is just that you will have to use the general editor. the bug will be fixed in a day or two. in the meantime, you can use this editor.

Okay I got it. I have to use "write a post" link. The journey from untalented to ulogging is making it more beautiful now.

Thank you...steem on and stay blissful...

Fixed now

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Hello @surpassinggoogle in my opinion

Ulog is unfathomable
Ulog is unchangeable
Ulog is unalterable
Ulog is undeniable
Ulog is unbelievable
Ulog is understandable
Ulog is unimaginable
Ulog is unspeakable
Ulog is unthinkable
Ulog is unpredictable
Ulog is unexplainable
Ulog is unconceivable
Ulog is uncontrollable
Ulog is unforgettable
Ulog is unstoppable

Ulog will never end
Thank you

test out ulogs.org and real thanks

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Good to know, Terry. I am still getting used to the platform. We have so many options, it's overwhelming. Between busy, dtube, steem, ulog.org, with limited connectivity it can be limiting in terms of how much one can accomplished or how much one can interact. I admire what you are doing here projecting ulogs and all its branches. I am still trying to put together the videos for future ulogs. Hopefully it will work out fine.
Health and prosperity to you and your loved ones.

Thanks for the information and clarify a little my doubts, I visited to continue learning more about ulog

Ulog has already evolved.it is exciting to see its final interface. Congratulations to surpassinggoogle for this.

Posted using Partiko Android

I just love ulogs expereince. Last time I posted my articles on ulog-quotes and I found that using ulogs interface for posting in steem blockchain is faster than steem, some beautiful features are also there and that is why i just love it.

real thanks

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

actually sir terry to tell you the truth, ulog is very handy in terms if writing, very easy to type but why is that sometimes it said, "not enough space, delete some draft?" Do i need to delete some of my post in ulog.org? I'm afraid that my work will be gone since every content i did, i want to see it in the future. Thank you sir for response, more power.

You need to delete some of your drafts i.e unpublished posts

Waw! This is nice. Truth be told. I've never heard of tue website before. Thank you @surpassinggoogle, thank you @ulog. I'll check it out. More grace sir

This is very exciting. I am starting to use ulogs.org. it still have some bugs but i am confident they will soon be okay.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Your journey is a great inspiration for us sir,love the support you provide to us.

Una explicación muy detallada @surpassinggoogle de como utlizar todas las herramientas que tenemos en Steemit gracias a tu iniciativa de los Ulogs. org y además apoyamos a steemgigs como testigo. Saludos y feliz noche

Ulogs are great sir i want to start small printing store with ulogs logo on it,lets create this brand flying all over the world.

Hello sir how are you i am so glad to see Ulogs.org Development Report.This is great growth considering where we are in the begining.

this is definitely a must try for every steemians. Thank you sir @surpassinggoogle for keeping the ulog better.

@surpassinggoogle, you are really doing a great job, although I have been hearing ulog for a long time but I never really knew what it was for but now I do. Your new development on ulog will enable steemians to enjoy the the steem ecosystem even more.

Note; that ulogs.org allows you enjoy the steem ecosystem, so do well to enjoy time on it as you use it not only to create posts but also to comments, curate as "true fans" etc

I shall start using ulog and am going right away to vote for the steemgig witness.


Love to see you again @surpassinggoogle you are doing a great job,i hope you achieve heights in your career,have a great day.

hello @surpassinggoogle, this creation is very good the probe and it was excellent, I do not stop using it, always active from ulogs.org, greetings and many thanks mister terry ..

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

You build a great platform in short time . Terry you great person

Thanks for this improvement Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle.

I and all uloggers here will help promote #ulog as well as "steemgigs" for witness.

I hope you are in good condition right now.

May Jah Bless and give you more strength always Sir.. 😀

We miss you a lot...😟

I heard that ulog.org had some problem yesterday. Can someone tell me is it fixed now so that I can suggest my steemit friends to try this one as recommended by Terry sir.

It is fixed. ulogs.org is still in test phase, so try it out

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Seems like a fork from busy org with just some images change... Why launch it when it's still unfinished? :(

It isn't launched. It is being tested. Well, it seems but check more intently. It will never stop adding features, so it is up for use even now.

So we're the bug tester? :) I'm pretty sure it'll be great if you took it slow and steady. And what feature is going to make us a celebrity?
And quoted from this post :

So this is basically a superb idea by @syrpassinggoogle that allows us to post more on Steemit without thinking about the content and if you want to know more about it then visit :- ulogs.org
That sounds like an invitation for more spam post. I might be wrong. But I'm just interested to hear from you. Don't take me in a negative way. It's always good to be skeptical.

I can't be skeptical about your feedback. About slow and steady, it is. Its been two years. What will make us celebrities, the conscious art of mining the human into its awesomest version through the art of #ulogging
As for spam and all; ""you" and everything that constitutes you per day, without resourcing from the web"; try that and leave me the link and let's see what it forms. You may see spam; i see many more things.

You can read this for more insight: https://steemit.com/@surpassinggoogle/ulog-see-how-many-various-paradigms-can-be-coded-in-simple-looking-steemit-post-to-understand-how-much-goes-into-a-steem-based

And see this video:

Plus, be "slow and steady" and see how things unfold. If you have ideas, i would be glad to hear them.

And your quote isn't from my post

definitely ulogs grows with firm steps, we started giving a little bit of ourselves and with the total support of @surpassinggoogle we have managed to be a real star, walking through ulogs.org is a different experience, where you see the heart of each one closer, is the best way to be socially active and that we all know each other, the site is quite friendly and with interesting data, I appreciate your reports, because it helps us to update with the platform.

Good Morning Terry sir, you are not boy, you are my respected sir and who has done so many things in this community. I keep on telling people that if steemit is a platform then ulog is a gateway to steemit for minnows at least and your support and contribution gives a hope to all minnows.

Can I post any related topic in ulog, just like i do in busy, you said it is a fork out of busy, so I want to knwo whether I will be able to post any topic or not.

yes any topic. you just chose the editor that says "write post"

Love the new features getting more and more easier to use and looks great!. Can't wait for more updates! Thanks @surpassinggoogle!

You guys did a great job for uloggers. I am sure it would make a lot easier than before. I am gonna check it.

Big fan of you sir.
Just love your work.
It is very motivating and helpful for all of us.
Thank you.
Keep rocking.

So many exciting developments here at Ulogs.org - I can't wait to see where it goes next!
Something I have been asked is "how do you become a certified and verified ulogger" - so I put this out there to you Sir Terry... is this something the ulogger has to do, or is it something that just happens naturally for the committed ulogger?

Sending lots of love from your true fan - and a round of applause for the amazing developments so far.

Eveningart x

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

i am still very mute but i believe you may already be. There used to be an entire curriculum involved. You are very bright on my mind. "Everyone" will eventually be certified and verified

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Thank you Terry. You're on my mind and in my heart too. ❤

Wow! I've never used ulogs.org but from what I'm seeing, I'll definitely start using it.
Great work @surpassinggoogle aka Terry

wow this is awesome sir! I just recently posted about ease of using ulogs.org on my 9th ulog before i read this post! and its just so cool that there even new features. I'm praying for a Ulog mobile app soon... :)

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

I do use ulogs.org whenever I curate and comment on posts. I like the slide button on upvoting.

Sometimes though, it is quite difficult to click on a particular button since it points to the button below what I wanted to click on. You know what I mean?

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

My utak is a bit lost. I will try to comprehend. On fone is quite hard, so i usually have to zoom out the screen. Thank you for loving and using it. it is giant to me

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

That taglish made me smile sir Terry. Didn't know you know some Tagalog words. Yes, I am using smartphone, google Chrome browser. But with Firefox browser, it is all fine. Thanks. Your words meant a lot.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Wow!! Terry sir, this is a great and wonderful development on ulog. I'm sure it will increasingly improve and motivate people's dedication and commitment towards their works. This is really amazing, thanks for having good deed in mind for human kind and thank you for sharing

Thank you

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

You're welcome sir. Looking forward to more advancement on ulog

I didn't realise that ulogs was a fork of @busy.org @surpassinggoogle. That's interesting.

I've posted my ulogs via busy or steemit so I'll need to go and see what's going on on the ulogs site itself. Sounds like you're making some interesting developments. 😊

Yes. So yes
Thank you. I see you enjoying ulogging. Real thanks.

You are so welcome @surpassinggoogle. 😁

Thays what im talking about every day has always a good day. @surpassinggoogle you are a very creative and very unique person. Like I said when I see my feed I always read a unique post like sir terry he always have a good day..thats why every day I always salute and amaze you...good luck for your new projects. Updated #ulog on busy.org.

The ulogs I love, although I have not yet participated, I think it's a good initiative to participate in motivating what we do every day in our lives.
Successes @surpassinggoogle

ulog is getting better and better... there are new features that can cater ulloger. The support we receive from you Terry is highly appreciated. Hoping for the continuous success in future years..

Happy to give you one of my witness votes. I just found you and the various sites/projects connected today, and look forward to digging deeper. Will definitely spread the word to a new group of bloggers I'm introducing to Steemit doing what I call "living memoirs" which I think are a very similar idea to ulog in terms of subject matter. I think we make a big difference in the world when we simply learn each other's stories as they are lived. It also helps the writer see their own life with greater perspective.

@surpassinggoogle, This Developments update post is really appreciable for sure and that is because we can get familiar with all the changes and also we can closely watch the updates and changes and in that way users can Explore the site with more effective way as new changes brings that refreshing essence.

And literally speaking Developments and Upgradation is not an easy job because it requires, expertise, workforce, efforts, resources and timely allocation of funds, then also in some cases we see ineffective results. But good to hear that you've breakdown the tasks into Micro-Tasks, and this reflects that, small steps to achieve the ultimate goal.

And what i really liked is, how you changing overall mechanism in all aspects, particularly regarding New ULOG posts instead of Trending and next point is Reputation Filter in comment section that also really effective in my opinion. So great to watch all these redesigned browsing experience.

And yes, we are moving towards the biggest celebrity hoods and in my opinion in couple of years, ULOG will be highlight and initial Uloggers will going to shine for sure.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Hey Terry! :) looks very cool! I will use this site from now on when posting my ulogs. awesome! and some good improvements u already did there. yay!

Hey @surpassinggoogle i was not aware of ulog.org till now i thought it was just a hashtag. Reading so many posts i never understood it. And posted my first ulog yesterday via esteemapp...seems there are so much misynderstanding.....i would suggest to add some footer or something to make usee understand that the ulog content wqs posred from ulog.org

There is going to be style-guide all across ulogs.org when it is ready to go.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

So currently all ulog posts are getting posted by other steem platform.i dint get any response in my first ulog so wondering where things went wrong

But this problem is really disappoint me!!!


This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Terry you have really amaze me, you are one of those visionaries that i look up to as i journey through life. Your work or let me say the latest development on ulog will go a long way to enable the ulog platform interract efficiently with users, most especially new users.
Thanks for sharing @surpassinggoogle more grace to your hard work

Ulog is very great platedorm to describe our self.
surpassinggoogle baba nla, this is absolutely incredible, i knew some thing great will come out of #ulog's project movement baba you nail down all other platforms

Stop it. you are bigger than this

Agreed sir.

You have made me a true celebrity,thank you so much terryboy may god bless you.

The website is getting interesting as days pass by. I think we might need more updates for it in the future but for now, it's more than enough. I wish the community for Ulog would not change it terms of motivation and inspiration!

@surpassinggoogle i always like ulog.org
Development of this ulog.org have been amazing and i always like this ulog very much.
I vote for witness to you also.

@surpassinggoogle excellent post, the ulogs seems a super idea to me.

@supassinggole thakns brother contributing on utopian

I need some suggestion on steeming I talk to you if you want 😞 then it could be possible☺

Hello sir nice to meet you,i want to take part with you,following you.

Ulogs are best part in my life you are a person with great character,thank you so much sir,looking forward for your blog posts.

OMG EXCELLENT POST !!35473015_1537944989662137_3036430737403281408_n.jpg

You're a fast reader... I'm not even finish reading.. 🤣

what if I read it and I liked it !!.

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