Task Request: Help Us Add A Badge & Delegate Button Underneath Posts (For "Certified Uloggers") On Ulogs.org

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Ulogs.org blockchain-based social network where everyone can create ULOGS, become "true celebrity" (ULOGGERS), have a community of  "true fans" and earn a variety of rewards and the currency called "steem". 
It is a fork of busy.org as well. Thus, being familiar with the busy.org helps.  


For today's task, you will doing the following:

  • Add "Certified Uloggers" badge also underneath each "certified Ulogger's" post
  • Add a "Delegate" button underneath each "certified Ulogger's" post, that links to a Steemconnect Delegation portal, allowing users to easily delegate vests or Steem power to "Certified Uloggers".
This is a feature/perk for only "certified Uloggers". 

We have tried to keep our tasks simple and following a hierarchy, to make it easy for participating contributors. 

For this task, some of what is needed to easily accomplish the it, already exists in the code, courtesy of previous contributions from EastMael.

It is recommended to visits these contributions from him:

You will notice, that "certified Uloggers" across ulogs.org already have a "certified badge" showing beside their profile, both for posts and comments as seen below:

"Certified Uloggers" are simply user-accounts that have been followed by @uloggers. The algorithm for this, is what has been used to develop the "Discover" page on ulogs.org i.e https://ulogs.org/discover

Now, if we take cognizance of all this, adding the "certified uloggers" badge to the bottom of posts (for certified Uloggers), may be as simple as replicating an existing portion of the code.

The only completely new addition thus, is the addition of the "Delegate" button along with its corresponding Steemconnect delegation portal.

See screenshots below to grasp:

When users click on the "Delegate" button underneath a certified Ulogger's post, it should lead to something a page like this:

Note that the Delegation portal can follow your own design and is allowed to be simplistic. The mock-up below is simply a guide:

When users eventually click on the "Delegate with SteemConnect" button, it should lead to a page like this:

Again note, that only "certified Uloggers" will have this feature. The code to determine "certified Uloggers" already exists with the code.  

Ulogs.org is dynamically built around "certified Uloggers"


You can visit these prior contributions from EastMael to get started:

What we are trying to accomplish is described in all the screenshots just above. A core part of this task, will involve replicating the portion of the code that contains the algorithm for determining certified Uloggers. This will allow you easily determine which user-profiles, should have the "certified Ulogger" badge and "Delegate" button along with each of their posts.

Once this is set, the rest of the task will involve creating a SteemConnect Delegate portal that is customized in relation to the @username of the "certified Ulogger" involved.

If you are a veteran coder and especially, versed with React JS and the busy.org framework, you can certainly carry out your own build. 

If you aren't very versed with coding and you want to attempt the task, we can always discuss possible solutions, logic etc We just may find answers!

Overall, carry out the task according to your preference and  expertise, submitting a pull request and thereafter a post following  Utopian's guidelines for Development (contributions).  


3 days   


You can contact me on:       

You can also indicate interest by leaving a comment underneath this post or on Github. 
It is recommended that we are able to discuss, for a better understanding of the task.



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Thanks for the task request, @surpassinggoogle! Seems like a relatively simple task for people who have worked with SteemConnect before. Good luck finding someone to solve the task!

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Thank you for your review, @amosbastian!

So far this week you've reviewed 7 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Hardly understand the specs as tech noob apart I see you build sth awesome for the community AGAIN - you rock @surpassinggoogle

Aww! How wonderful!


This is awesome Terry @surpassinggoogle <333 :) Much Love!


Things are slow but in beta it will get clearer.

and soon your own space and community with extra power however small.
e.g https://ulogs.org/created/ulog-snookmademedoit etc
If we take ownership of our cookies, the smaller things e.g even money will seek us out. I wish i wasn't ill.

There will also be a game and faucet. For now, it plays out simply with #ulog-contests e.g one you can take part in:


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You are amazing Terry <333 Sending you Love & Healing Energies Everyday <333 I will partake for sure :) Also, I don't think it's slow progress, your progress is warp speed compared to mine ;) Big Warm Hug!

You're so amazing,
Being a certified ulogger is so beautiful.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Its a awesome task request @surpassinggoogle terry sir. Hope its a create great moment for us terry sir,

Check my ulog.org post @surpssinggogle sir


This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Wow such an awesome information you have for us @surpassinggoogle. It was interesting task.

@surpassinggoogle, For sure this update is great Initiative for the Certified Uloggers and for sure it is effective because it will going to give the sense of belongingness due to that Badge.

And in my opinion these Badges are giving the attraction aspects for sure, and it will going to motivate others too to become the certified uloggers and Ulog Fans.

And for sure in becoming Certified Uloggers will be an great full essence and that is because #ulog is trend and everyone wants to join the journey of trend.

So keep up these awesome work and i want to wish great success ahead and want to see more amazing stuff ahead, and also hope and wish that more and more people will join the ULOG Economy.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

I'm excited with this new project you have :-)
I hope someone will do this project quickly :-)

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

It's a very cool job and very big my friend really did well
You are a successful person here

This is so great and wonderful sir,

utopian.io is the best platform had i ever seen

I must commend your dedication to develop a great Ulog platform for everyone.
May God continue to inspire and strengthen you to deliver this selfless service

doing good job,sharing is caring.

Que lindo debe ser "Certified Uloggers" @surpassinggoogle y disfrutar de todos los beneficios que podemos encontrar en Ulogs.org

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Qué maravilla! Adelante y que sigan los éxitos.

Hey, @surpassinggoogle!

Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next task request!

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