ULOG #7: Adding Dynamic Interesting Uloggers to Ulogs.org

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Task Request


Pull Requests



1) Display accounts followed by uloggers as Interesting Uloggers

PR: https://github.com/surpassinggoogle/UlogsV2/pull/103

This initial PR swapped the InterestingPeople component that displays the static list of people from src\client\helpers\constants.js with the new component InterestingUloggersWithAPI.js.

Inside this new component, it calls the get_following SteemAPI to get the list of accounts @uloggers follow.

      .sendAsync('call', ['follow_api', 'get_following', ['uloggers', '', 'blog', 100]])

2) Shuffle interesting uloggers on page load

PR: https://github.com/surpassinggoogle/UlogsV2/pull/104

After merging the PR above, I asked for Terry's feedback for its functionality. And basically he wanted the same function as the previous one which shuffled the list of accounts.

To accomplish this, I used lodash's .shuffle to shuffle the array instead of them being alphabetically sorted.

3) Re-added refresh button to re-acquire interesting uloggers

PR: https://github.com/surpassinggoogle/UlogsV2/pull/105


This is a PR that built on top of the first PR. As also mentioned in the previous PR, Terry wanted the same functionality as before, including the refresh button.

This PR re-added the refresh button and called the component's getCertifiedUloggers() function when the user clicks the refresh button.

4) Added dynamic display of uloggers when user visits /discover route

PR: https://github.com/surpassinggoogle/UlogsV2/pull/108


This features required changes to Discover.js. I had to convert the constant Discover to a React class and create a new DiscoverUloggers component. Then inside Discover.js, I switched the DiscoverContent component with this new component.

DiscoverUloggers.js is basically an extracted InterestingUloggersWithAPI.js from the SidebarContentBlock container.

Features in Action

interesting uloggers.gif

Accounts followed by @uloggers: https://ulogs.org/@uloggers/followed

Lesson Learned

Getting immediate feedback is one of the things I appreciate in agile development. That's the reason for these multiple PRs instead of one PR with a bulk of commits. As soon as I complete a working tiny increment to the product, I ship (merge) this to develop for Terry's testing. Terry then just creates a new PR to merge develop to master so that the codes are automatically deployed to the main ulogs website.

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Thank you for your contribution. A very well written post, I really like the way you approach a task request, by creating meaningful pull requests. Code commenting can be improved wherever there is a complex code written.

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Thank you for the feedback codingdefined. Will add comments for complex codes on my next contributions.

Thank you for your review, @codingdefined!

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Amazing updates in @ulogs you guys are rocking.

Thank you.

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Wonderful it will help the community to interact more and connect more keep doing awesome work :D

Thank you. Yes, hopefully with this update, it will encourage fellow uloggers to connect with each other.