(In Dire Need Of Help!!!) - Are You Ready To Make Your Picks? '1500 STEEM & 20,000 TEARDROPS' Shared Among A Collection Of Development-Tasks For 'Ulogs.org & Steemgigs.org'.

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Ulogs.org -  A blockchain-based social network where everyone can create ULOGS, become "true celebrity" (ULOGGERS), create a community of "true fans" and earn a variety of rewards, TEARDROPS and the currency called "steem".   

Steemgigs.org  -  A revolutionary steem-based freelance services marketplace & dream-building ecosystem, with its own knowledge-base, community and 'an untalented paradigm'.   


This task-request is a collection of development-tasks, spanning over 'steemgigs.org' and 'ulogs.org'. After this collection of tasks are completed, we would have attained a stable alpha-version for both platforms, after which we can proceed to 'building beta'.

We decided to split tasks once again with hopes that we can have many contributors. In this moment, time is of utmost important and we are looking to finish these tasks in less than 1 month (hopefully, we can reach great place before the end of May)

We have also allocated the bounty among all the tasks; a total additional bounty of '1,500 STEEM & 20,000 TEARDROPS'. (Read more about TEARDROPS)

In the later part of this post, we have compiled a total of '37 tasks' and their respective 'additional bounty'. We say "additional bounty" because 'where you are able to publish a development-update post discussing your contribution (in compliance with @utopian-io's guidelines) after your PR is merged, there is a likelihood of 'their curation support'

utopian.io has really helped me in building my projects and open-source projects in general.

Here Is A Compilation Of The Tasks

Note: You can visit all tasks directly on GitHub by clicking here & here. I need so so so much help and i implore you to join and help me.



I direly need help!!! Kindly help!!!


All social platforms built under the TEARDROPS ecosystem is built around a 'grey-list of certified users'.

As you carry on with the tasks, you will notice that many of the exclusive UI-perks & features available on both platforms are available to 'certified uloggers' only. This means that in many aspects of the site, we have made use of algorithms involving only 'certified users'. 

In several of tasks, you will be needing these algorithms but you can simply seek them out from the existing code and 'replicate'.

Ultimately, our grey-list of 'certified users' is; 'the followed' of the @uloggers account

If you are a veteran coder and especially, versed with simple UI-designs and UX, please feel free to apply your expertise. The mock-ups provided aren't professional and mostly constitute 'a guide'.

Where you get stuck, please let's discuss a work-around or discuss possible solutions. I have a group of steem devs that can always help.

If you aren't very versed with coding and you want to attempt a task, we can always discuss possible solutions, logic etc We just may find answers!

Overall, carry out the task according to your preference and expertise, submitting a pull request and thereafter a post, following Utopian's guidelines for Development (contributions).  

Special Note: Please do well to test your prospective contributions to make sure they render well on all browsers and mobile.


A total of 1500 STEEM & 20,000 TEARDROPS


I will be adding 'milestone' to each task directly on GitHub. We hope to complete all tasks within a period of '4 weeks'.


You can contact me on:       

You can also indicate interest by leaving a comment underneath this post or on Github. 
It is recommended that we are able to discuss, for a better understanding of the task.


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It's cool to see such a collection of tasks, and that you've created an issue for each of them on GitHub. I wish more people did this. Good luck with finding people and getting it finished in the next month!

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Thank you for your review, @amosbastian! Keep up the good work!

I've been through and assigned myself a few on GitHub, admittedly they're a few of the smaller ones, but while time is tight I will do these and the pick some of the bigger ones after :)

I took integration of keychain support for ulogs.

hahaha, im already make a gigs. if you are interested please visit and chat

It is a great news for people who are interested in get a new job..!!

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Again, no experienced/skilled coder will ever touch this for the money offered. Have you even bothered checking the $/h standards in the professional industry?

I know the rate and I wish I could up it. Devs can touch it for what it represents and there is evidence of that plus steem isn’t necessarily money. I am practically asking help. Money is smaller things. There are ton of other form of rewards and can come from this too. I have some history here and perhaps that can count for something. There is also the teardrops tokens and perhaps that can count for something. Tasks have been taken up and by several devs. On steem, devs aren’t conventional devs, they can help projects even for the sake of helping a brother build his dreams and again there is evidence of that. I do know the rate and this simply me asking help

btw you could had invested the promotion money in the bounty. It is sometimes just a matter of priorities.

One wouldn’t know the real details of payment till they embark on contributing. Not everything has to be known.

I understand that you have a dream project for steem. But like many others steemiams with dreams and projects, you cant just post to trending and beg for free dev work. What would the trending become if every-time someone wishes something had it posted?

I personally find disrespectful that you expect some professional to work for that conditions.

In any case, even if i do not like your post, I respect your right to express freely.

PD: lets all remember, "steem is not a milk-cow nor a charity"


Okay. There is forgiveness. There an entire board and more than the dot. Exercise some forgiveness in my case.

Resteemed :-)

So valued. Thank you a lot for the last resteem. The weight of the inspiration from this simple art is big.

Looking Forward on 3-4 Tasks :)

Greetings @surpassinggoogle I am glad that they promote jobs, we will have to learn new things to not be left out...

Thanks, im an antique collector and i see an opportunity in steemgigs, i going to join you, hope the team more success

@surpassinggoogle, This is great and huge opportunity. Hope that developers will going to grab this opportunity soon. Stay blessed and blessings of light is with you.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

So annoying and tiresome to see these competitions again and again. It would be much better if we just got honest Steemit.com with PROMISED feed consisting of what people ARE REALLY interested

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Dear #surpassinggoogle , The #UlogsGitHub issue has been seriously highlighted in your presentation. How many benefits have reached the doorstep I'll also bring it to the game. Commentators have not said anything about the beneficial. Increase the number of interested candidates to increase. Thanks so much for this.

Hoping you"ll find developers that will help build ulogs. I have resteemed it to spread it to my followers. Best wishes Terry.

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