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RE: [Open Arcade] A Place for Game Developers

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This is really awesome. I've been wondering about sustainable game development through services like steem, it seems like your project can really fill that spot!

I've just gotten into steem very recently, so it'll take me some time to be comfortable with it, but I have joined the discord and if I can, I'll help in whatever way possible.

Thanks for putting something like this together, I'll definitely be watching & following. Good luck!


Thank you for the support @stuffbyspencer One of the issues I see with a good many indie developers is that games never get finished. Some of that is due to other motivation factors but some of it is development funding, so if we can find a good way to support these developer pre and post development that'd be awesome.

Absolutely, I also get the feeling that some of those "other motivation factors" may also be taken care of with this system.

Just seeing support [ event if it's just a small amount of money ] throughout the game's development could really help up & comers who don't have experience under their belt and aren't ready to handle the numerous bugs, delays, and other unexpected developments while making a game.

Seeing that a post got them even just $1 could keep them on track!