An In Depth Look At 38 075 Votes Since The Inception Of Utopian

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Utopian is a key platform in the STEEM ecosystem. Rewarding contributions to open source projects by utilising a decentralised vote-based reward system on top of the STEEM Blockchain. As the STEEM blockchain is decentralised and open to everyone every action performed by Utopian on the STEEM Blockchain can be seen by anyone. Analysing these actions allows for a better understanding in how successful Utopian has been in achieving its goals and what the reach of Utopian has been since its inception. Contributors and moderators are rewarded with upvotes on the STEEM Blockchain, this analysis will look deeper into all upvotes that have been performed by Utopian.


  • Scope of the analysis and tools
  • Votes over time and average weight
  • Total unique users and growth
  • Distribution of votes and weight per user
  • Weights and votes per category
  • Conclusion

Scope of the analysis and tools

This analysis is based on all the upvotes made by the utopian-io account between 2017-09-28 15:39:51 and 2018-07-16 14:99:09. A total of 38075 upvotes were retrieved from the STEEM Blockchain. Votes on the STEEM Blockchain have the following structure:

    "voter" : "utopian-io",
    "author" : "elear",
    "permlink" : "utopian-my-contribution-to-the-open-source-world",
    "weight" : 10000

Each vote was stored into a MySQL database with its timestamp. It is important to note that the weight does not give any information about the value of the actual vote. A 100% vote has a weight of 10000, not regarding the amount of STEEM POWER behind the vote. Also, this analysis only looks at the actual votes performed by Utopian-io, therefor excluding any rejected submissions. The data gathered and used for this analysis as well as the tools used to extract and analyse the data can be found here. The charts were plotted in Google Docs.

Votes over time and average weight

Screenshot 2018-07-19 16.18.41.png

After an intial phase with a low amount of votes but a high weight there is a second phase with a high amount votes and lower average weight per vote. Around this time the Utopian-io account has been getting considerable amount of STEEM POWER delegations. It seems that both the amount of votes and average weight per vote have stabilised around the end of March indicating a solid voting strategy had been formed.

Total unique users and growth

Screenshot 2018-07-19 01.16.27.png

This chart displays the amount of unique users that have received a vote from the Utopian-io account. Growth appeared to be stable from the start and started to slow down around March. This coincides with the overall downturn in the crypto market and the STEEM price. A new period of growth started on 2018-05-29 after Utopian released a statement increasing rewards for contributions and trailing @steemstem and @steemmakers.

Screenshot 2018-07-19 16.34.34.png

Distribution of votes and weight per user

For the following analyses votes over a period of 90 days have been analysed. To avoid outliers at the early stages of deployment and generating an up to date view of current voting.

Screenshot 2018-07-19 15.09.19.png

TagTotal weight%

Shown in the diagram and table above are the top 20 users with regard to the weight of the votes they are receiving. Excluding utopian-io the top user received 1.35% of all the weight. While all the other users outside the top 20 received 81.3% of the upvote weight.

Screenshot 2018-07-19 15.09.38.png

TagTotal votes%

The amount of votes each users has received appears to be more spread out, with the top user, excluding utopian-io, receiving 0.96%. All the users outside op the top 20 received 84.38% of the votes. Also, only 7 users appear in both top 20s.

Screenshot 2018-07-19 15.07.34.png

The pareto principle, which states that "roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes" appears to hold for the distribution of voting weight among the users. Which is normal and an indicator for a healthy system.

Weights and votes per category

There are 12 different categories for which contributions can be made. For each vote, if possible, the tags were extracted and referenced against these 12 categories. Categories with a higher relative weight vs votes appear to be the most rewarding. In order bug-hunting, development and graphics were the most popular and also paid out the most in total terms.

Screenshot 2018-07-19 14.59.30.png

TagAverage weight


  • The utopian project has rewarded over 3486 unique users over a time period of 290 days. During this time frame 38 075 votes were casted.
  • It has taken about 6 months for voting to stabilise
  • Continued innovation on Utopian's side has continued to attract more users.
  • The top user received 1.35% of the total voting weight
  • The top user received 0.96% of the total votes
  • There is only a 7/20 overlap between top 20 users based on voting weight and top 20 users based on votes. Suggesting that quality outperforms quantity.
  • The Pareto principle holds indicating a healthy system.
  • In order development, analysis and translations are the most rewarding categories
  • In order bug-hunting, development and graphics are the most popular categories.

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Hey @steempytutorials, great to have you contributing also to the analysis section, impressive work! :)
How long did it take to stream all blocks since Sept 2017? That must have been days?? I think you could have achieved the same by just querying the @utopian-io account history. Did you consider beem? The Post() calls (which is Comment()in beem) are typically much faster there when using a websocket node.

For the votes, I think it would make sense to distinguish between votes on root posts and comments as well as treating the moderator payments separately. Moderation tips and mod rewards certainly make up a good fraction in both vote numbers and weights. I'd expect to see a lot more non-moderator/CM accounts in the list of vote receivers for votes only on actual contributions.

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Hi @crokkon, thanks for your feedback!

It took about halve a day with 16 threads to process all the blocks. I have not considered beem, and not heard of it. Will look into it, thanks! I agree that querying the account history of @utopian-io would be a lot more efficient. This was mostly a test case for me as I am looking to perform more advanced analyses.

About distinguishing moderator payments and votes on posts/comments I agree. This is something I have overlooked. I got a list of all the moderators and am looking to analyse the distribution between the costs of running Utopian, i.e. payments to moderators, and payouts to contributors.

Thanks for the solid feedback, much appreciated.


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