SteemPress 1.4: Update on new features, current collaborations, voting and new Discord moderators

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In today's post, we'll be giving an update on new features that have been added over the last 3 weeks, as well as explaining a change we have made to how @steempress-io votes by trailing different community accounts. Finally, we will also introduce 4 new moderators who we are happy to be adding to our ranks as our user base and community continues to grow. We are currently at 1865 users and quickly approaching a total of 200 000 posts made with SteemPress!

SteemPress 1.4 Update.png
SteemPress 1.4 is here together with different changes made to our voting bot!

Updates (version 1.4) :

  • Fixed the bug where some characters were converted in the title ("<" was converted in "<" for instance)

  • Option to have the featured image of your post automatically added to the of your post on Steem.

    ​ For some posts, automatically adding the featured image to the top of the post on Steem makes it look a lot better, while for some users it could result in posting the image twice. This change will allow the user to choose the setting best suited to their posts.

  • Customized filters for which categories SteemPress will or will not publish to Steem.

    ​ Some users have expressed that they only want to cross-post certain topics that they write about to the Steem blockchain, whilst not posting other categories. This option allows the user to save which tags will not get cross-posted by SteemPress, as can be seen below:

SteemPress now provides a category filter for what topics SteemPress will ignore

  • Customizable footers allowing you to easily add your own personal signature at the end of your Steem posts with a link back to your blog.

    ​ Previously, all SteemPress posts containing a link back to the original article in the footer of the post on Steem included the default text "Posted from my blog with SteemPress". With many users requesting the ability to make their own customized footers, SteemPress now offers this option:

  • Some ground work to allow us to more easily debug formatting issues, don't hesitate to send us links to post and explain us what's the problem.

  • Voting bot changes to allow having more "voting rounds" with a flexible voting distribution to avoid overspending voting power on trails and tips.

    ​ Previously, our voting bot would trail different accounts with a set voting percentage. While this meant that the different communities could know what vote @steempress-io would trail their votes with, it also meant that when multiple votes were cast at the same time it would drain our voting power and result in other users having a far lower chance to receive a tip. To solve this, our trailing and tip votes are now dynamic and set to only use a given percentage of our voting power in each round. This should result in a higher chance for other writers to receive a tip whilst still allowing us to give out sizable trailing votes.

Update on collaborations

Over the past month, we've been contacted by countless communities, projects and individuals wanting to collaborate with us in one form or another. As one of our objectives is to help connect WordPress bloggers with Steem communities and contribute to new business development around the Steem blockchain, we are always eager to see how we can work with different Steem communities, curation projects, dApps and other Steem-based projects. In this post, we will give a short summary of the current communities we trail and also some projects we have supported.

Current trails on Steem communities and curation projects

With an increasing number of users asking us how they can obtain a higher vote from @steempress-io than what they are currently receiving, we would like to inform you which accounts we currently trail and also give an update on how we base our voting percentage.

Steem accounts we currently trail includes:

As stated in our announcement post, SteemPress aims to curate content partially through trailing the votes of qualified curation projects with a solid record of finding quality posts while making sure to avoid voting on plagiarist content or spam. We are still looking to add more Steem community accounts, curation projects, or active curators dedicated to discovering quality or undervalued content to the list of users that we trail. If you run such a project then do feel free to join our Discord server here and DM @fredrikaa or send an email to fredrik@steempress-io.

Hosting projects added to our Discord

As most of our Discord members will have noticed, we have added chat rooms dedicated to non-SteemPress projects including @vornix, and @xopus. After our announcement post, one of the most frequent question we received from steemians were how they could set up a WordPress website with the right hosting to be able to install and use SteemPress. Following that demand, we've seen at least three new community lead hosting services take form focusing on providing hosting for SteemPress blogs in particular.

@Vornix, and @Xopus are independent hosting services complementing SteemPress, for more information you can contact them on our Discord server

We are happy to offer a platform and initial support to any projects we see as complementary to SteemPress and which offers added value to our users. We also hope that many sub-communities can succeed around the use and integration of SteemPress and benefit from us growing our user base and onboarding new people to the Steem blockchain.

New Discord moderators

Finally, we are extremely happy to see the continued growth of our Discord server which now has more than 1100 members. With the increased activity in many of our language sub-groups, and with many new SteemPress users writing content in other languages than English, we see a continued need to add new moderators covering different languages.

Please welcome our new set of moderators to the team:

With our Spanish community growing very fast and attracting a lot of diverse content creators, we decided on having two moderators speaking that language. This to ensure that there is a proper representation of the Spanish speaking community, that there is a consistent presence of a Spanish speaking moderator and to assist our curators in evaluating new Spanish writers.

That's it for this update! Again, a big thank you to everyone who continues to support SteemPress and to our users who provide ideas, suggestions, feedback and reports of bugs or abuse.

And as always, SteemPress on!
@fredrikaa and @howo

To use SteemPress, you can download it from the WordPress plug-in store here:

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great updates guys, really enjoying seeing Steempress grow and grow!

Myself and @thewritersblock are over the moon with SteemPress and we are excited for its future direction.

I still need to set mine up, I’ll get it done this week 😎


Looking forward too seeing your site!!!

Found you guys and never looked back :) So easy and accessible from my blog.

So thank you!

You guys are adding great value to the platform and helping out lots of genuine content creators. Hats off to all your efforts. Thanks for your awesome work.

Appreciate all your hard work on this project. It's breathed new life into my WordPress blogs since I discovered it and now I use it regularly for my content.

Love the project and the bright future ahead for Steempress!

Thanks for the interesting updates, Steempress team. You've been doing a great job so far and glad to see more and more users are posting via steempress. You guys Rock!

All this content is interesting, because of its informative nature, which allows us to keep up to date with updates.

I'm very happy to see @flaws and @elocuenciadsnuda as moderators of the channel in Spanish, Latino or Hispanic, because I know they're going to do it very well. Congratulations to them and likewise to the other two moderators.

Greetings and successes to all....

@steempress-io @fredrikaa @howo thanks for the support! and consider this as the beginning of something interesting! regards

Congratulations to the Spanish moderators, and thanks a lot @fredrikaa and @howo for allow us improving as bloggers :)

Thank you for the amazing job you're doing.

Amazing updates guys!! Looking forward to help grow the bloggers community with you all

Thank you for all your hard work, and everything you do for the Steemit community. While it's a teensy tiny drop compared to all the upvotes you've given out, I'd still like to send you a - tip!

one of rapid progress and exciting developments. hopefully is more successful

Terima kasih atas pembaruan yang menarik, tim Steempress. Semoga kedepannya khusus orang baru atau yang sudah lama bergabung dapat menerima kurasi vote dari

Hi friend @steempress-io, We wish from you to create a special application for steempress like wordpress for smartphones

We are very grateful to @steempress-io : @fredrika and @howo. We really find the spirit here. We are very happy to be a big family SteemPress.

Thanks for the update. SteemPress is very transparent.

Congratulations on the presence of a new moderator for the countries mentioned above.
Hopefully it will be more Steemian which uses SteemPress.


Luar biasa pembaharuan yg di lakukan @steempress-io, ini adalah kabar baik untuk kita semua...

Nice information, thanks for steempress. Good luck for you.

Thanks for Having me <3

Great update. And hope someday you can upgrade about the comment that will be integrated to WordPress too.

Good luck for y'all

A very interesting development and of course will motivate all of content-creators here. Thank you very much to both of you, @fredrikaa, @howo for this great work.

I suggest @acehpungo as a moderator of steempress Indonesia.

I greatly appreciate the support you give to the community. I am very happy to start the publication process. I am very happy that you are working with several communities and there is no centralization. Congratulations, excellent work.

Really great to see the progress in your business - now with even more international moderators and thanks for sharing the web hosting links...

It's Really great Update @steempress-io, and more spirit to create quality content using steempress Plugin.

Keep rocking!

thanks for the filter function, save it in the edit page middle right

Well done folks. Keep up the good works. Really love the positivity and growth.

it looks really good with its new improvements and I congratulate for such an excellent project that I hope it will continue forward, grow in that way and provide improvements every day in its interface

You guys are doing a fantastic job @steempress-io and so far it has helped so many Steemians. Thanks for that. If I recall your objective correctly it was to bring more WP users onto Steemit rather than Stemit users opening a new a WP blog. Not sure how that is going at the moment but hopefully you and Steemit will achieve that objective. March on!!!

Excelente! me enteré de steempress por un amigo..! ahora puedo alimentar mi blog de steemit a traves de mi wordpress... simplemente genial!

I'm glad to collaborate with this project! Thanks for the opportunity ^^

Hi @steempress-io! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @traciyork!

@tipU voting service | For investors.

Option to have the featured image of your post automatically added to the of your post on Steem.

​ This! I love this update lol The only thing I need is the justification that works for steemit and the blog.

The changes sometimes are necessary to improve the procedures.
I am glad that you are aware of being able to keep everything in order and that the platform improves.

its very good update for all, very happy if i could help something on it.

We are currently at 1865 users and quickly approaching a total of 200 000 posts made with SteemPress!

Wow! Superb!!! Steempress is awesome! Thanks for the great update, Fred, Howo!

To the new moderators, welcome! 😊

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Hi @steempress-io
Relatively I have little time in steemit, and I am still learning to use my blog. At this moment I am doing an investigation of this work tool (SteemPress), and I gather data to understand and use it correctly. I would like to have your consent to be able to use some of your most relevant data in the publication of my article in steemit. I am looking forward to your response. Thank you!

These are very exciting updates! Thank you for creating such a fantastic resource SteemPress Team :)

How can we join steempress? thank you

discord link is expired plz update

Excelente todas las novedades anunciadas. Exitos!, mis estimados muchachos, esperemos que aumente la cantidad de usuarios y usuarias jóvenes, quienes tienen el ímpetu propio de la juventud, pues con ello también se apuesta a tener una generación que domine más el no tan fácil arte de escribir.
Y a los que somos pasaditos de los 50 años, nos permite expresarnos de temas que probablemente sean de interes común.

Los felicito y me siento contento de integrarme a esta comunidad.
Acertado y celebro el nombramiento de Moderadores para nuestro idioma y aprovecho para felicitar a @flaws y @elocuenciadsnuda por su elección.
Gracias @fredrikaa @howo y @steempress, por facilitarnos y ampliar el espacio

Thank you @steempress-io success for All.

I was not aware of steempress. Now I will check whether it may be of my use or not. I am following you.

Hello, thanks for the updated and enhanced version of the footer html code.
This footer html code is great for English url but it is really ugly for a Chinese original post url which looks like this

Original post :

I have attempted to modify the footer html to create an "anchor text" that read Original Post which once it is clicked, link to the post url

Unfortunately, I failed to do it. Perhaps you may help

p.s. I think I have found a solution to the html code

Felicidades a los nuevos moderadores @Flaws
@Elocuenciadsnuda y a @fredrikaa y @howo mucho exito de seguro haran un trabajo extraordinario.

Thanks for all the support and good work.

so basically we have to be apart of one of the communities that Steempress trails otherwise we won't receive an upvote?

could you possibly tell us which communities these are?

Personally i think that method leaves out many authors that create quality content but arent followed by the select few..

Hey @steempress-io!
I just created a new Wordpress blog and installed your plugin. How do I get my previous Steemit Blog posts in my blog?
Thanks for your help!

I love watching the development of this project. I'm having so much fun with the steempress plugin. Thanks for all your hard work!

My witness vote is yours

I has send email to I also try to contact via discord but discord invitation is due. I want to apply for a curation trail. Details is in the mail. I will be waiting for your reply.


I also would like to be a moderator in discord channel for myanmar language.

I've recently downloaded steempress for use with my website. Is there any where to go for questions? I tried to go to the discord link but I guess you need a direct invite?


Try this link instead, it may have been changed since the article was written:


still not working :(

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