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New improvements for the Steemmakers website and the project are worked on and we have had our first voicemeeting. We came up with some new important and needed improvements for the Steemmakers website.

With the new trail vote for Steemmakers by Utopian (read more about that here) we are expecting that contributing posts to Steemmakers will become much more popular. Most things were already in place for the Steemmakers community on Steem, such as:

  • The frontend, where all approved post are displayed
  • An upvote bot which upvotes the approved maker content
  • a growing community of very engaged makers

The thing missing was some SP in the SteemMakers upvote bot or some way to reward the approved Steemmakers posts. Now this wish is fulfilled in a unexpected and very welcome way by the trail vote from Utopian.

Now that good maker content can really be rewared some things need to be further polished and prepared and worked on to garantee the quality of the contributions made by the users, and to make sure things will be rated and rewarded fairly.


Stimulating quality maker content, on the Steem Blockchain


In the recently held voice meeting with @frankremmy @makerhacks and @pbock, @drmake and @techtek and the initator and creator, @jefpatat we decided to come up with the following new improvements to work on, and release soon!

The intention of the new improvements is to further ensure the quality of the content, and to motivate the users to contribute even better maker content to the Steem blockchain with their next posts.



Planned improvements for the Steemmakers project


  • A newly contributed maker post will be able to earn a Medal, the Medal will correlate to a certain upvote percentage from Steemmakers and possibly Utopian.

  • Posts that earn the highest Medals will be featured in a prominent way on the Steemmakers website.

  • Posts that earn the highest medal will be automaticly featured in an weekly Steemmakers post, to highlight and promote the best content.

  • Guidelines are being made to provide the user with an indication on how the highest medals could be scored.

  • A post template will ensure content will be formatted consistently.

  • A quality metric is in the making to detect abusers from copying content, and to check the efforts that were made.

  • For the moderators of the post a questionnaire is made to make a approval or disapproval as fair and consistent as possible.

  • Bad contributions will be inspired and motivated to improve their work. With feedback that will point to the guidelines.

Do you have suggestion, ideas, or question regarding the above improvements? Don't hesitate and get in touch in the Steemmakers discord channel or leave us a comment so we can improve and adjust where suitable and make the best possible maker platform on Steem.

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Hello, these look like great improvements. Though, the medal system appears not to be suitable for every Steemmakers user since you mention votes from Steemmakers and Utopian. As it was discussed recently, your project aims are broader than Utopian's so that means not every person voted by Steemmakers can be voted by Utopian as well.

Your post has been evaluated according to Utopian policies and guidelines, as well as a predefined set of questions pertaining to the category.

To view those questions and the relevant answers related to your post, click here.

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I think you misinterpreted it.

A newly contributed maker post will be able to earn a Medal, the Medal will correlate to a certain upvote percentage from Steemmakers and possibly Utopian.

We had it on our mind for a while but now everything is getting on the fast track. Currently we have no quality metric and the steemmakers community account votes at 100% every time. That's no big issue as there wasn't too much SP and content. This is the temporary implementation. We have been thinking of a system to categorize content by quality for a while but didn't prioritize it. The issue is that there is no metric for anyone (including Utopian) to follow the trail according to a quality measure. With the vast Utopian vote it would be no more than fair to prioritize this. The medal system would be a steemmakers only feature for all steemmakers content. Behind the scenes it would be a 1-100% score. Utopian can then still choose to (not) vote on certain articles based on the AI and use our metric as an indication for the % of the vote or not. That's up to you guys, but at least you'll have the extra metric, and we need it anyway.

(Just a sidenote: this meeting happened before the AI news.)

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