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2018-07-09 OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTORS Voted By @steemitstats

1@steemcafe68I Love What I Do.
2@adelsz38Who sells his conscience sold his country
3@tunvo43Inclusion of voice search and search region features to simple search
4@zularizal61Logo For Librery
5@sourovafrin62Dtube 0.07 - When a video is visited by surfing direct link, and if we visit any other page from that page, video page gets unaccessable when clicked on Back button
6@cloh7666SteemPH Bot [KuyaBot] Update 07.08.18 - Trivia, Mining, and a whole lot more
7@sharinglife36Tim Rocks Photos
8@superoo762[Documentation] Explanation on Add to Homescreen on FreeCodeCamp Repository
9@chairulsaleh036Kembali pada kita
11@drmaizo60[ENG][ESP] - Surgeon's Case: Ankle fracture. - Caso de Cirujano: Tobillo fracturado.
12@sjeezz48Poetry media
13@li-art56🎨 "SNEAKY LOVE " colorpencil painting
14@eroche67steemR is now steemRdata and has new features
15@beggars57Building A Location Aware Weather Application Using Aurelia and YQL (Yahoo Query Language)
16@adelsz38مقدمة تارخية لمعتز مطر
17@adelsz38معتز مطر
18@anarcist6948SteemNotify - A NodeJS package to send notifications of events on the Steem blockchain.
19@dapeng67[New Features on steemr] Functions for delegation report and CNer report!
20@jrswab64Archivatory Updates #004 - User profiles with photo, bio, and user selected playlist.
21@anixon37Romantic Novel: Love and Pain part 3:Lock up and pain
22@fabricus50Tezos Baking Income Scenarios
23@smhp201639 Develop a book reading practice
24@joserafaelhf52La marquesita (Cuento) Septima parte
25@sooflauschig56CONSUL - German Translation of admin.yml - 1236 words
26@trumpman66The Curious Expedition - Greek Translation Part. 1
27@adarshagni47Oakywood - Wood Wireless Charger
28@josephace13560busy.org 2.5.0 - Effective SP not shown doing a Power Down
29@holger8062update for beem - account snapshot added and fix for 0.19.5
30@mkt64Auto-Responder for (inappropriate) Cheetah Comments
31@trufflepig54I am a Bot using Artificial Intelligence to help the Steemit Community. Here is how I work and what I learned this week! (2018-27)
32@vera-maisyura41Di Kota Ini
33@viralasia34Not far away from Katwa, Pickford!!
34@foodlovers47Corti's Software - Software to Identify Cardiac Arrests!
35@luigi-tecnologo59📜🔗 EOSfilestore - Immutable, censorship resistant, cheap, file storage on the EOS blockchain
36@sharinglife36Beach House
37@haejinfans9Rebirth King - Epic Indian Heroes - Idle RPG Game
38@proba154Learn to Protect Yourself - Basic Offline Encryption Tool - Javascript Tutorial
39@phillips9345Un Cafe con algo de Arte
40@ray14788056Top 5 Underrated hunts in SteemHunt - 在SteemHunt頭5名被低估的產品 2018-07-09
41@adam-saudagar48Publish your software quickly without hiring a server using DriveSoftwarePublisher
42@a1001carv25Las 5 Mejores Motherboard 1/5
43@yalzeee52[Tutorial]: Development of an institutions data collection backend using python 3.6(Part 1)
44@driplo25Learn Ruby - Introduction - Part 1
45@zuur50Logo Design for: NavyPlayer
46@luciannagy53Firenze ... my visit to this wonderful city ... almost travelling back in my Renaissance Time
47@icaro55Dev Diaries #0 - A fresh start at Utopian.io
48@soufiani61My first steemit exhibition! Week No1
49@filippocrypto58Translation report part 11: Steem White Paper (Genesis)
50@luschn60[KnackSteem] - Mod Review and User Status
51@aligaby8944What a good place for a vacation
52@melaffection50Addition Of Sign Up Button,Voice,Press To Talk,Ability To Create Heros Features
53@fabiyamada63Frames for SteemShutter (iOS)
54@ceruleanblue49An Ethical Hackers Guide: Part 5 - Methodology and Tools
55@frankremmy53(About our Mod) Minecolonies: Resurrect, Build, Explore
56@steempytutorials57Part 1: Using Python To Make API Requests To EOS Public API Endpoints

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