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2018-07-08 OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTORS Voted By @steemitstats

1@chbartist71Thoughts on new beginnings
2@felander64I found out whats happened to the BULLS
3@steemuper49What is Open Source and why is it so important?
4@adelsz38قصة الإعجاز في الحنظل
5@michaelizer61New logo for Kumo
6@mendezand64Logo Design - React Native Calendar
7@jancharlest50eSteem v1.6.0 app: Can not upvote a post in profile and it will go to home instead of post upvoted.
8@anixon37Romantic Novel: Love and Pain part 3: AIDS: The best gift
9@anixon37Honey(novel chapter:1)
10@sadiajahan2240To reduce the acidity you can try four foods !!
11@sharinglife36Shore Walk
12@zpzn59Quotes.. Trees.. 🍃
13@sjeezz48only stories and reflections
14@touseefk30What is a 'Wrongful Termination Claim'?
16@adelsz38معتز مطر
18@adelsz38باسم يوسف 2018
19@buckydurddle66Utopian Open Source Radio - Episode 6 - Full Show Recording
20@mahdiyari63DBlog.io - Decentralized Blogging Platform - Backend improvement
21@rachiid46My Operating System (MyOS)
22@umutadali47Sms Backup and Restore Open Source Android Project
23@sabbir121352Dtube 0.7 - Dtube search bar's search icon is not clickable
24@tompeter37Technology isn’t until you go to school it’s gifted
25@adelsz38مفاجأه باسم يوسف 2018 يعلق علي عده خطابات السيسي
26@dimitrisp62Steem White Paper Greek Translation (1180 Words)
27@sincensura25Quieres ganar dinero real
29@sharinglife36Two Birds With Family
30@issavets53Métodos de Preparación de Tierra para Sembrar !!!
31@adelsz38احد عمالقة الزمن الجميل
32@samuellmiller59[Translation][Spanish] BibleBot (1350 words) (Part 1)
33@shaphir58Steemhunt.com - The amount of followers is not displayed when I change the mobile view to the desktop site/desktop version
34@adelsz38الرئيس الراحل صدام حسين
35@ihtiht60Design Contribution for LANChat
36@adelsz38اجرأ الكلام .. طوني خليفه
38@andreina8945La Rica Comida De Hoy
39@punqtured49Byteball invites contributors to join the community
40@davinci.witness57Davinci Translation Reports: Week 2
41@dapeng67[Tutorial for steemr] Retrieving and Analyzing the delegation Data
42@pinkwonder49CadEditor. Support levels with mixed screens
43@tobah44Chances Are Cryptocurrencies Are The Future Financial Haven For Humanity.
44@dee-y57Logo Design For Movie Tracking [merged and used]
45@analealsuarez50Matrices. Suma de matrices y multiplicación por un escalar
46@cemilekrgln43Bixby - samsung new assistant

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