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2018-06-22 OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTORS Voted By @steemitstats

1@surfermarly72Sun, Beach, Waves, Party! Having A Blast With Italo Ferreira & Friends [The Finals Video ▶️]
2@kingscrown776000 Broke Down
3@creatrixity57Part 7: Build a CSS-in-JS React App with Styled Components and Priceline Design System
4@tobias-g62[SteemPlus - [2.17.5] - boost pop up covered by post overlay on busy.org

5|@samuellmiller|58|[Translation][Spanish] OroCRM (1099 words) (Part 1)
6|@susanli3769|65|Chinese translation of Byteball Wiki- 1,471 words(3)
7|@markup|52|Statistics of 'utopian-io' tag 2018-06-21
8|@mightypanda|55|[busy.org] Fixed copy button on invite page.
9|@kit.andres|62|Copropiedad Integral - Parking module administration
10|@zaid22|49|Bug esteem :can not cancel vote on page profile, and redirects to homepage
11|@reiber18|42|Venezuela opens its doors to cryptomoney
12|@technerve|37|UTM.io - Build Trackable Links
13|@achiron|60|Steemit.com - Outgoing link icon missing when viewing single comment thread, but will appear in comments to the main comment displayed
14|@gabrum|55|Redirecting Messaged and Admin Functionality in Badgeyay
15|@adelsz|36|Amazing Wood Products and Woodworking Projects
16|@keugalak|43|Drink to strengthen the knee (ie ngon peukoung tu out)
17|@utopian-io|68|Utopian.io Weekly - Translations are Going Great, Scoring Optimized, Exciting Collaborations & More [June 22nd 2018]
18|@ahyar92|57|New Logo For SteemAX (Task Request)
19|@keugalak|43|Unintentional portrait
20|@shikamaru|49|Zabivaka: the Russian mascot 2018
21|@ggabogarcia|58|New logo to UDATA
22|@andreina89|45|La Rica Cena Fitnes de hoy
23|@mracalf|50|Utopian Concepto Logo
24|@sweettais|50|"Crown of a peasant"
25|@elenasteem|65|Graphic drawing Witchcraft melt
26|@samtos|25|Steem Pay Update - Creating the First REAL ECONOMY on the Steem Blockchain!!!!
27|@dontador|42|Adobe spark post - Graphic Design made easy for Smartphones
28|@sharinglife|33|Textured Sand
29|@itsravi|51|[steemhunt.com] - Editing the product name does not appear in url link
30|@josephace135|60|Bug in eSteem Mobile App (iOS version 1.6.0): Stuck In The Text Editor After Commenting
31|@emrebeyler|67|Beem Tutorials #1 - Introduction to Beem and creating a post with it
32|@tinymischiefs|44|Chapter Five. The tale of a tired princess
33|@arslanshn|54|New Logo Streamers
34|@daniellozada|55|! De la cascara de una naranja obtuve el mejor sabor para mis chocolates!
35|@silvacarlos|42|HOW MUCH ENERGY, HOW MUCH WORK!
36|@adelsz|36|How to Make F1 Electric Car
37|@baroen96|57|Bug price: after you change the server, still red marks do not work the application properly
38|@bensimblog|49|The 3 Things I Would Tell My 23 Year Old Self
39|@jbeguna04|60|New Logo for Wendigo(Accepted and Merged)
40|@midun|58|Logo Design For PLock
41|@daqb|25|La evolución de mi logo - The evolution of my logo
42|@surpassinggoogle|70|Let's Hasten The Development Of Ulogs.org!!! Help Us Tend To Micro-Tasks (Issues On Github) For Steem Or SBD. Open To All Programmers.
43|@markgreek|38|Car red vote vote ..... beutiful😂
44|@joserafaelhf|51|Mi locura (Poema)
45|@faisalamin|58|eSteem should add these four suggested features
46|@filippocrypto|48|Translation report: Steem White Paper (Genesis)
47|@technerve|37|Picpipe - Application for bloggers and tutorial writers
48|@li-art|55|Australian parakeets ( with steps)
49|@phillips93|44|Un Cafe con Arte y Nivel
50|@tompeter|36|Power of technology not book 📚

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