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2018-06-18 OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTORS Voted By @steemitstats

1@hatsekidee57All In One Stone (#148)
2@intrepidphotos64Winter Peace
3@intrepidphotos64Grizzly at the shore
4@florian-glechner55Animalphotography - Birds in Austria
5@meno65I will be traveling tomorrow
6@yandot66How machine learning can help us in medicine
7@rabihfarhat52STEEM ON # 57
8@miorrizzuan56My Landscape Photography- The houseboat
9@recenzent48[Книга] @notannov, рецензия на книгу Уильяма Пола Янга Хижина Ответы (2007)
10@onealfa67Andreas M.Antonopoulos - Decentralisation Of Globalisation
11@chronocrypto68My Current Fifa Cup Score.
12@hsynterkr61KnackSteem API Updates
13@adip55some sketches by rapid in my sketchbook -portrait by lines
14@jemmanuel55Steemia v0.0.4 - Chat button not working
15@arithmatic36Your work to get the desired visitor to the blog (mega tune)
16@chronocrypto68Wordpress on Digital Ocean for Steempress-io plugin
17@clayjohn56Godot Viewport Documentation
18@zaid2248Bug in Openkeychain : application stops unexpectedly while doing an search 'keysearch' and exits
19@moenawar59COINGUIDE LOGO PROPOSAL [Task Request]
20@jemmanuel55Steemia v0.0.4 - You can still edit post / upload photos in preview mode - editing should be disabled in preview mode
21@rexona48“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton
22@beladro53COINGUIDE LOGO
23@flaws45Conociendo a: Utopian! Recompensando a los contribuidores de los proyectos Open Source(Código abierto)! - Guía acerca de la comunidad - Traducción(Parte 1)
24@sebbbl53Logo design for steemg.org
26@adip55drawing a girl by pencils on my sketchbook 🎨
27@mylifeisnotbad40Our Chef is a Pro 👌
28@adelsz35Egyptians angry reactions of Sisi to raise the price of gasoline
29@adelsz35Oriental dance
30@adelsz35Chamomile treatment of some of the most serious diseases of cancer
31@adelsz35Moataz Matar returns with the strongest analysis of fire to increase fuel prices
32@lapilipinas66Arduino Blog no.12 How to make a progress bar using Oled Display and Rotary encoder
33@tobah41#Ulog(7): ♨️The Easiest 💯% Way To Add Smileys/Emoji To Your Steemit Posts♨️
34@sjeezz47a little crazy me ....! what if I can award, I do not know .. a clear promo and promo ..😉😂
35@shaphir57My suggestion: adding feature (Sub-Category and Home) in a steemhunt web
36@joserafaelhf51Puedo vivir (Poema)
37@utopian-io68People of Utopian #5 - @rosatravels
38@sourovafrin61Bug: Search feature is not working on Post Writing page
39@adelsz35Strong cheers against Sisi over the October Bridge
40@adelsz35Demonstrations today in the street pyramid and the intervention of the army and police 2018
41@tobaloidee61My logo response contribution for COINGUIDE
42@li-art55my original Digital painting Lion 🎨
43@sk-russell52History Of German Football
44@proba143Insteemr - First Post
45@eleonardo54Construcción de un equipo de Agitación Magnética con materiales reciclados, para mezclar las soluciones que se preparan en casa. -Área: Tecnología e Ingeniería -
46@jrswab64Archivatory.com - An easy way to upload your content to IPFS!
47@iqbalhood60Logo Design Proposal for JsonToKotlinClass
48@anonymee49Adding joined tournaments to the list featured tournament.
49@phillips9344Un Cafe con arte de tiempo
50@javisem52Natalie Portman! Freed Drawing.
51@aneilpatel54PostgREST - serve a fully RESTful API from any existing PostgreSQL data
52@zaid2248Bug in eSteem app : Broadcast Error on eSteem App
53@techslut66SteemPlus Bug: Wrong Vote Value Displayed When Using Slider
54@doodleman65Tiny Scanner - Scan PDF using your smartphone
55@tukimins34Illumy - The smart sleep mask
56@ggcarlosr56My Contribution to Coinguide Logo Design
57@mightypanda54[busy.org] When trying to vote with 1%, system shows unknown error has occured
58@sweettais48Portrait for sport person @nanzo-scoop

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