Introducing a One-stop Portal for All Steemit Events, Meetups and Contests

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"What gets scheduled gets done."
― Michael Hyatt, Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want

This quote very well justifies the need for a schedule in order to make our life easy and organized.
What if we could have a tool to keep all Steemit events/contests well organized in one place and that keeps us conveniently on schedule for Steemit events. And we get a reminder for events of our interest or those happening in our location.

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Welcome to - a one-stop application to create, manage and subscribe to Steemit events and contests.
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We built out of our own frustration to keep track of Steemit events and contests. Below are the high level features that are part of the application currently:

  • All Steemit events (Contests, Meetups etc.) in one place, sorted by dates
  • Add Steemit events and contests in the calendar
  • Filter events with categories and tags of your interest
  • Subscribe to This enables you to sync the calendar to your favorite calendar like Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar etc. and get a reminder
  • Helps organizers/hosts in promoting their event and reaching a larger audience

Features on

  • Calendar with various view options of Day, Week, Month, Agenda, Posterboard, Stream. Currently default is Month but our personal favorite is: Posterboard! Once you’ve had a look at the calendar application, do let us know which one you like?


Different View options on

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Different Calendar views on

  • Category and Tag based filtering: Very useful if you are looking for a specific category of event/contest as per your interest


    Few Categories shown in the filter drop-down

  • Subscribe to add to your favorite calendar: So you never miss any important event or contest ever!


    Subscribe option in the bottom right corner of the calendar

  • Add Event: Add Steemit contests or meetups to appear in the calendar. Event information can be provided by anyone, not just by the organizers. Just fill up the form and you are all set!
    *Form Link: *
    add event.png
    Add/Submit Event Form

  • Login securely using SteemConnect or Facebook Login. Currently login is required only for adding events.


  • Wiki: As the name suggests, that’s a collection of and info on all events on You’ll also be able to comment from Wiki page, which if found useful can be added to Wiki. Quite handy!

Team is conceptualized by @girlinchief and developed/managed by @kwlvarun

@girlinchief is active on Steemit and regularly posts about her travel adventures across the world. She loves participating in contests on Steemit but found it difficult to keep track of the various contests. That’s what led to

@kwlvarun is a techie and a crypto enthusiast. After the recent crypto crash, he started meditating and building apps useful for Steemit. He loves following @girlinchief on her adventures across the world! :)

Collaborate with us

If you like idea and want us to actively develop it further, please do upvote, resteem, comment with your feedback and follow @steemitevents!

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Hi. Your post can't be approved because the linked repository Wordpress, and the Steemit Events open source repository is not available on Github.

You can contact us on Discord.

Thanks @kit.andres for letting us know! The project is Wordpress based but it has got few licensed plugins as not sure if upload on github is a right thing to do in this case...I will look into the approach we can undertake to keep the project open for all to contribute.


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Welcome to Steemit @steemitevents!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Thanks for all your good wishes @introbot!

And so we have an issue. A classic impasse. Management wants process. Developers want to build something that works. Designers want to spend time thinking about use cases. What do we do?
Great Post!

Thanks @soteyapanbot. If we have an issue then we work on resolving the issue. That's what we all do...isn't it!! :)

Great to see a new development tool to enhance the Steemit experience and well done to @girlinchief for thinking and ACTING on the idea. Kudos to you 😉
And we cannot forget @kwlvarun for creating developing/managing the website/tool. We'll be looking into using it in the future 😊


Thanks @travelling-two for your appreciation! Hope our initiative becomes useful to you and whole Steemit community!

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