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The first community voting app for the Steem blockchain is about to get started and many of you have asked for a clear explanation or even a video. After a lot of work from @flauwy, we present to you the first animated introduction video for 1UP with Steemy, the Steem puppet.


What is 1UP In A Nutshell?

1UP is a new open source communitiy upvoting app where user votes are equal. It daily upvotes the ten highest ranked posts in each community with a smart curation rewards system. We create the UP token based on Steem's upcoming Smart Media Token (SMT) and distribute it to Steemians and communities via various airdrops. UP holders will support community growth and enjoy higher than average returns through smart curation.

For more information please check out our @Fundition fundraiser below and earn 6 million UP tokens as a backer.

1UP FundraiserToken Distribution

Open Source Repository



DTube Video (Decentralized On IPFS)

The video has been animated with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Character Animator. It was voiced and animated by @flauwy and the IPFS video backed up on the @helpie community node. It tooks two full days to create this video for you. We hope you like it!

Please let us know any questions you still have and what you would like to see in a future video about 1UP. This was your most requested wish and we understand that 1UP, feature rich as it might be, is mot the easiest idea to digest. This video is aimed at people with little technical understanding, as 1UP will be mostly used by average Steemians.

▶️ DTube

YouTube Video

This is the same video on YouTube, in 1080p (full-HD) resolution.


This is a very fun video, which I enjoyed watching. It's not quite a blog post, but you probably know that.

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Yes, I agree. On the other hand, I think the idea of the blog category is to have a serious of quality information for the open source community. And the video was not really a tutorial video either so I think it fits well here after all. Your rating seems to approve of that. Thank you, once more.

It doesn't really fit the category as it is, but that's more of a problem with the category than with the post. We don't have a proper category for this type of content, so we don't really have metrics for it. But we should. And I suspect we will.

Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 19 contributions. Keep up the good work!

great video, love it. Have resteemed.

Thank you for the resteem!

OMG the accent, how cute is that ... flauwy LOL YAY!
Thank you for pointing this out to me and this will be great.
This looks better than UA ... looks similar. Is this like Whaleshares too?
What is a Winner post? What if the same people keep winning and not everyone gets a chance? Is there a favortism safeguard?

Whaleshares requires you to purchase and spend something, doesn't it? 1UP is not like that at all and always free.

A post that receives the most upvotes within a 2.4 hour timeframe is winning the blockchain upvotes from 1UP, when the entire community trail is being released on that post. Each post will have 24 hours to get enough 1UPs to win a round.

People cannot vote for the same person twice on the same day. But over time, I am sure that some people will stick out. It will be up to us to deal with that situation and improve the platform over time to our satisfaction. On the other hand I don't see a problem with that.

For example: The #indymedia tag will upvote 10 posts every day. Show me ten quality posts from that group on Steem right now. We will see the usual suspects there every day and it will be good for them and good for us. We incentivize people to hunt for undiscovered posts and 1UP them, so if new people will enter the field with good content they will be the first to get 1UPs from quality hunters.

when w/s first started out it was like this and we all won the tokens in contests. cheers to it all going as planned, exciting times.

Great video. As much as I've already been following the project, this filled in some gaps in my understanding. I'm liking this project more and more.

Glad you're using the UA scores to filter for real people vs spammers instead of amount of SP.

This is the first time I've actually understood it . creating a video was a really good idea. Love and appreciate all the work you are putting into this.

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This helps explain 1UP a lot. This video is clear and concise and I like the little cameo in the end ;-)
RESTEEMED for Goodness!

Thank you for the resteem!

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The video is cool but hard to understand the real goal of the project.

I think the goal is to create a supplemental rewards system for STEEM. Right now the system favors those with higher SP regardless of the quality of their content. This system will allow the extra rewarding of well-liked content in these primary categories (and others) to help support the success of those creating such content, and will do so in a manner where having less SP does not disadvantage you.

Thank you for the clarification.

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