1UP-Date: Language Communities, TribeVibes And Conjurer Mushroom

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1UP is coming around and more and more communities are entering the airdrop season for the UP Smart Media Token. Behind the scenes a massive networking is necessary to create the planned communities and fill them with moderators and create specialized airdrops for them. Today we are announcing ten more communities who will receive a handsome stake for their community accounts as well as users: The top non-English languages on the Steem blockchain.


What is 1UP In A Nutshell?

1UP is a new open source communitiy upvoting app where user votes are equal. It daily upvotes the ten highest ranked posts in each community with a smart curation system. We create the UP token based on Steem's upcoming Smart Media Token (SMT) and distribute it to Steemians and communities via various airdrops. UP holders will support community growth and enjoy higher than average returns through smart curation.

For more information please check out our @Fundition fundraiser below. We give away 6 million UP tokens to our backers.

1UP FundraiserToken Distribution

Open Source Repository



New Featured Starting Community: #tribevibes

With our new moderator @elamental we have created an exciting replacement community for the discontinued @dlive support. With #tribevibes we continue the tradition of @tribesteemup, @earthtribe and @freedomtribe and open the consciousness community to all of Steem and create an ongoing support to authors who write about topics that open other peoples eyes.

While the #esoteric community on one hand is about mystery teachings and spirituality,
#tribevibes on the other hand is all about connecting people who see behind the veil of perceiption and unite, heal and mutually empower themselves with love, respect and support. One could say that #tribevibes is the worldly counterpart to the spiritual #esoteric.

For more information see the announcment post from @elamental:


Language Community Airdrops


While we are still steadily working towards the airdrops for our ten starting communities, we decided to also create ten new language communities for the most represented languages on Steem. Many people cannot speak or write English and they are expressing themselves in their mother tongue or other languages. Here on the Steem blockchain we are finding a great diversity and 1UP is helping to bring voting power to them.

By distributing UP tokens to special language community accounts and set them to trail their own communities, we achieve an ongoing support for content creators within the supported languages. Here are the initial 1UP language communities and their special airdrops:

LanguageCommunity Account AirdropAuthors Airdrop
Korean500,000 UP Tokens500,000 UP Tokens Over Ten Weeks
Mandarin500,000 UP Tokens500,000 UP Tokens Over Ten Weeks
Spanish500,000 UP Tokens500,000 UP Tokens Over Ten Weeks
Hindi500,000 UP Tokens500,000 UP Tokens Over Ten Weeks
Portugese500,000 UP Tokens500,000 UP Tokens Over Ten Weeks
Indonesian500,000 UP Tokens500,000 UP Tokens Over Ten Weeks
French500,000 UP Tokens500,000 UP Tokens Over Ten Weeks
Japanese500,000 UP Tokens500,000 UP Tokens Over Ten Weeks
German500,000 UP Tokens500,000 UP Tokens Over Ten Weeks
Italian500,000 UP Tokens500,000 UP Tokens Over Ten Weeks

We are now building the communities and try to find moderators for these languages. If you are an author in any of these and interested to support 1UP, please contact us on our Discord channel. Moderators are rewarded with a special 1UP distribution.


New Mushroom Monster: The Conjurer

We have a new illustration from @kayrex for the mushroom mascots of the 1UP project. With so many projects it makes sense to create specific mascots for each community. The latest addition to the family is the Mushroom Conjurer that can be the mascot for the #esoteric community:




Fundition Campaign Ongoing - We Still Need Your Help!

Our Fundition fundraiser has collected 431 Steem and ~30 SBD and another 133 Steem are coming author rewards. This is a fantastic success and we are ecited to see so much love and support from the Steemians, Steem platforms like @fundition and @utopian-io as well as communities like @tribesteemup.

However, this doesn't even cover the next milestone of the development costs so we like to remind you that all our backers will share a 6 million UP token airdrop, out of the 280 million tokens total distribution. The tokens will be distributed proportionally to the Fundition donations. If you are interested to support us please visit our fundraiser:


Out Top Ten Donaters And Token Holders

Here are our top Fundition backers and token holders. The value is depending partly on market prices and can be volatile in comparison if you have paid with other cryptos than Steem.

1@blanchy65.164 Steem
2@tribesteemup50.000 Steem
3@niallon1132.074 Steem
4@cryptoitaly31.634 Steem
5@eftnow31.607 Steem
6@onetin8429.380 Steem
7@eaglespirit20.663 Steem
8@didic18.799 Steem
9@tdre17.313 Steem
10@d-pend14.105 Steem

Top Community Airdrop Token Holders

Our first weekly airdrop has already conlcuded for the Steem Monster community and we have our first two UP token holders from the community distribution:

1@onetin8450,000 UP TokensSteem Monsters - Week 1
1@kayrex50,000 UP TokensSteem Monsters - Week 1



1UP Homepage

Series Backlinks


This is another nice update from you. Although much of it is content that has already been discussed, the language based airdrops and the new logo represent new content, to a degree that I found sufficient.

As to the difference between the two newest communities, I would say that #esoteric is about interests, whereas #tribevibes is about identity. Would you agree with that?

Were there minor issues of style and grammar? There were. Am I offering to give examples in a follow-up post? You betcha.

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Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 12 contributions. Keep up the good work!

A good description of esoteric vs tribevibes!! @naturalmedicine is certainly up for the tribevibes love.. so much goodness coming out of all of this!!! Exciting times.

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Epic update - Great work with the language communities and #tribevibes and I love our new mushroom conjuror mascot for the #esoteric community.

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This sounds like an awesome project can't wait to see it fly into effect :)

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i like this topic very much

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