Introducing Steemblr: a blockchain alternative for tumblr

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Steemblr is a microblogging platform written in javascript. It allows user to post and explore content which is smaller and more frivolous in its nature.
Currently app is in development stage and you can see every posts from steemit. In the future it will show posts relative to steemblr app.

Beneficiaries: To finance future development app will be collecting 15% of author rewards to @steemblr account. Quote posts are excluded and I will not collect rewards from them.




  • posting new content to steem blockchain,
  • 5 diffrent categories of post,
  • adding post beneficiaries to quote post category,
  • upvoting posts and comments(only top level comments),
  • following,
  • replying to posts,
  • changing vote power,
  • searching posts by tag,
  • showing your blog feed in home page,
  • showing new and trending posts in explore section,
  • steemconnect integration,
  • uploading images to firebase.

Technology Stack

  • Javascript,
  • React/Redux,
  • Styled-components,
  • Firebase.


  • Most important thing in my road map is my own api, it will allow to load content only relative to this app.,
  • finish front-end side of app, user profile pages, post pages, settings, adult content filters and ux/ui improvements,
  • github documentation, about page, terms of service.

How to contribute

If you want to contribute you can get in touch with me on steemblr discord channel
I need someone to make logo and rework ui/ux.

More about me here:

GitHub Account

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Tumblr just made a massive censorship drive around dubious "adult content", opportune moment to get people on board!


I highly doubt about that. I do not think people here will accept stuff like porn and hentai.


Oh you think the AI is only there to flag porn? Wishful thinking. Pumpkins, chairs, wrists, elbows, flowers, classical art, runway models, the staff post about the new rules (yep), everything and anything is getting flagged. Someone I followed got flagged for having the word "lover" in their tumblr description, cos you know people that love fashion are definitely posting porn.

I hope that „Steemblr" would not be so SJW and Offended by everything, like the Tumblr. Anyway, I wish all of you the best.


With successful app release there will be all kinds of people, but I feel they won't have an easy life if they gonna act like that. Thanks, I wish you all the best too! :)

Hi @snwolak, thanks for the contribution! I have never used Tumblr myself, but I asked someone who has and they said Steemblr is amazing!

I was curious about something, though: you mention you will take a 15% cut of author rewards when someone posts via Stumblr - why wouldn't someone post via Steemit instead?

Also a tiny bit of feedback: would be great if you could add some more comments to your code.

Keep up the good work!

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Hi @amosbastian, I appreciate your kind words.
Regarding 15% cut, posts made via steemit or any other front-end app won't be seen in steemblr. I would like steemblr to be separate place so user by posting here will gain extra visibility as a value.

I will start adding comments to the code if that helps, thanks for feedback.

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