Analyze marketing prospects for steem blockchain !

in utopian-io •  11 months ago

I need the above analysis for my project steemblog.

Check out the readme for what we want to accomplish!

The Job:

I want you to dig into following questions:

  • I want you to find how many hits gets from google. Get the trend. Get the most popular keywords which get these hits.

  • The I want to find out how many posts on can be categorized as advertising.

  • What are the popular businesses which actively use or have tried using steem blockchain for advertising. Also find the popular genres associated with each business.

  • Is there active affiliate advertising community on steem blockchain? If yes, what are they advertising. Where do their links lead to ?

  • Are there communities around these marketing movements on steem?

  • What are various factors that persuade or dissuade marketers on steemblockchain ? This question may not be very obvious. But try to get what are the red flags? Where do they immediately flock? What are various keywords that relate to that activity ?

5 SBD bounty for the best research !!

These kinds of analysis will not only benefit my project but will also clear up some questions in the mind of many people and take this blockchain forward!!

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I have not received sufficient reply for this and I am closing this one.

Your contribution cannot be approved because it does not follow the Utopian Rules.

You are requesting an analysis regarding Steem blockchain and Steemit platform in general. These are not directly related to your project even though you are looking for the advertisement or particular accounts and groups.

Task requests are not meant for brainstorming. They should be used if you want to improve your existing projects. There may be exceptions but I do not see this request as one of them.

You can contact us on Discord.


This task will improve my project which is at ideation stage. I wish you understood how important this analysis is for the whole steem platform. If it cannot be on utopian, no problem, I’ll fund the analysis myself.