[php-graphene-node-client] Tests and Changes for Golos 0.18HF

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My contribution to the development of the Php Graphene Node Client:

My pull request contains:

  • add PHPUnit Tests for testing commands in Golos and Steem Blockchains
  • changes in commands structure for Golos 0.18HF


Any developing project needs tests. In addition to this, Golos Hardforks is scheduled every 2-3 months. And Hardfork at Steem is approaching.
So I decided to add tests to the project.
To run the tests, you must have PHPUnit installed on your system. More information about the installation can be read here

Launching tests:

cd Tests
phpunit CommandsTest.php
phpunit CommandsTest.php --filter = testGetBlock // test only one command

Currently, testing covers functions:

  • get_block()
  • get_account_history()
  • get_accounts()
  • get_account_count()
  • get_account_votes()
  • get_active_witnesses()
  • get_content()
  • get_block_header()
  • get_content_replies()
  • get_current_median_history_price()
  • get_discussions_by_author_before_date()
  • get_discussions_by_blog()
  • get_discussions_by_created()
  • get_discussions_by_feed()
  • get_discussions_by_trending()
  • get_ops_in_block()
  • get_trending_tags()
  • get_witnesses_by_vote()
  • get_followers()

Changes for Golos 0.18HF:

  • Added new apiName: tags
  • All commands get_discussions_by_* moved to new tags
  • Added new apiName: witness_api
  • Commands: get_active_witnesses, get_current_median_history_price, get_witnesses_by_vote moved to new witness_api

Link to my pull request:


My Github account:


Php Graphene Node Client account:


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Thanks for the contribution, @semasping! It's great you are adding tests to your project! Is there a reason you didn't add them earlier?

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