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RE: Translation for 'Thelia' [ENG to VN] (4447 words)

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Your contribution cannot be approved because it does not follow the Utopian Rules.

  • I have found your contribution to be very similar to the translation provided by google translate for the Vietnamese language. We discourage the use of translating machines. Also, this string is most probably incorrect:

2018-01-19 14_38_15-en_US.php - Thelia - Crowdin translation.png

  • Also, if we take a closer look at your journal entries, we can see that they have been done very fast, very unlikely:
    2018-01-19 14_40_45-.png
    2018-01-19 14_40_29-Thelia Vietnamese translation activity.png

  • Please be sure to read the rules and provide genuine, correct translations!
    You can contact us on Discord.