Refactoring and Cleaning the Utopian API [Part 2]

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I've been doing a ton of work cleaning up the repository for the Utopian API. Unused routes and dead code have been removed as a result. The repository root is now a lot tidier. All of the scripts used are now located under the src folder.

The Mongoose models are now strictly typed thanks to Typescript. This means refactoring any of the DB functionality will be much easier since you will see a compilation error. The project in its entirety is now ready for strict typing.

MONGO_HOST is no longer hardcoded in the NPM scripts. It must now be specified in the environment variables.

All project dependencies have been updated. Babel has been dropped entirely in favor of Typescript. This means that all the unit tests have been converted to Typescript as well.

Logging has been improved. The output formatting of express logs have been changed. There is no more JSON output. If there's an error in a request it will be logged accordingly and is now easy to get to. No longer is it a monster to go through the logs to see where things can go wrong. The unnecessary Morgan logger has been removed. Winston is the only primary logging system now used.

View all the commits at once:

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I've been doing a ton of work

It's good to receive an update; and, I'm very glad to know work was being done on the platform.

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to log in for a few days.

A little robot acknowledging down for maintenance would be a welcome 'friend'.

Again, thanks for the update. I will give it a look soon.


Hello @spiritualmatter how comes you cannot login?

cannot login

@SteemConnect does a perpetual loop; and doesn't open the landing page.

Thanks for your reply.


mmmhhh this is very strange. Have you tried to logout from ? @spiritualmatters

Yes, for several days now @elear.

I have just tried it again with the same perpetual looping.

It would be great to receive feedback from fellow Steemians experiencing this glitch; but, I'm pretty sure it isn't widespread; as more people would be acknowledging concerns.

I'm glad to know you are aware, in the event it is something that needs to be worked out on a larger scale.

Many thanks.


@fabien what do u think?

@fabien what do u think?

@elear I think you accidentally sent this to @spiritualmatters instead of @fabien.


Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

I hope this improves greatly now


I have no idea about all this jazz...

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