Finally Network Development - New Theme // Hashtag Nav // core-theme-functions

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Finally Network is a website builder platform on top of the Steem blockchain. The aim is to provide an easy to use interface for Steem users to turn their Steem blog into a website presence they're proud to share.


Github PR - finallynetwork/pull/19

New Theme 'Make'


This update introduces a new theme. 'Make' theme was created for @dayleeo who was the first user to support Finally. One of the ideas I have with Finally is creating theme for specific users which can then be shared with the community. @dayleeo mentioned she was planning to discontinue her website and move it entirely to the Steem blockchain. After reading this I thought Finally could be a potential alternative.

Finally aims to be a simple site builder first and offer advanced customisations secondary. I created a stripped down version of the original site ontop of the Finally platform.

One issue I have noticed is using data stored in account settings. As the number of apps built on-top of the blockchain increases the account settings data may not be as relevant. The about blurb, display photo and cover photo may work better in different sizes across different sites. Finally 'make' theme uses the cover photo as a full screen background image where as on Steemit it is a thin wide banner. It looks like many of these settings may need to be stored separately as custom json operations.

Hashtag Navigation

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 16.31.32.png

With 'Make' theme comes the ability to add a list of hashtags that can be used as Navigation. The dashboard has been updated. While this navigation is a simple start it should allow a user to make a simple site that can focus on more than a single type of content.

Core Theme Functions

As Amos mentioned in the previous post many of the current 'themes' have a heavy amount of duplicate code. I made these themes using previous code from a number of projects. Lens was from, Campfire was from Themeforest (an adaption of a theme I sell) and hckr was quickly put together from scratch. With this in mind and the aim to get the platform of the ground as quickly as possible I had left all of the code in separate files make-theme.js . All of these themes integrate with the blockchain in the same way and much of the code can be combined.

With this update I created a core-functions module and used that for the new theme. I also adapted hckr to use the same core functions. I opted for passing template files into the functions that pull data from the blockchain. I'm not sure if this is the best way. The alternative is to create a wrapper around the most commonly used functions.

Looking at a theme file e.g js/make-theme.js you'll now see it is primarly just template files where /js/modules/finally-core.js interacts with the blockchain directly.


Thanks for all of the support and ideas in the previous posts. I appreciate any thoughts or feedback you might have. If you're interested in getting more involved please message. Github issues/feature-requests welcome.

GitHub Account


Great updates, as usual, Sam.

I like the clean design templates offered so far. It kinda reminds me a on STEEM blockchain :) Looking forward seeing your future updates already.

Looking at "make" theme's source, quick notes about $profile.about, and $profile.profile_image. They are not mandatory.
You can use<username>/avatar to get a default avatar if it doesn't exist. For the about section, it might be good to check it's existence because I see "undefined" if the user didn't set it.

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Thank you for your review, @emrebeyler!

So far this week you've reviewed 1 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Hey, realised I never replied and said thanks for this. Appreciate you looking over the project. I didn't know you could use<username>/avatar it's pretty useful, thanks for the tip. I still need to add the checks for undefined profile data 🤦‍♂️. Been a busy week but hoping to crank out some more updates going forward.

Super proud to be the first to support this project if I do say so myself ;) In the beginning I just thought I'd be cross posting for posterity and to get me away from wordpress in whatever shape that took, but I'm so proud to have this theme now!

game changer in terms of onboarding bloggers to the steem blockchain! Well done @sambillingham!

Thanks again for the support @dayleeo.

Game changer in terms of onboarding bloggers to the steem blockchain!

I really hope so. Long way to go yet.

Just what I was looking for Sam. Thanks for this, now I need to get busy with it.

Ace! Let me know if you need any help, have questions or would like some specific features. I'm continuing to work on this so expect more features soon.

Just been playing with it and first impressions? Love it 100% this is going to be very welcome by so many steemians as we can see every blog post we created in the last year in an easy to navigate webpage.

NB. Would be even better if all past posts could be accessed.
What is the scope of the date parameters of the API?

I'll keep experimenting with the UI and write a first impressions blog.
Great work Sam. People will love this.

If you can keep improving the features for this, I may stop using Blogspot for my full time blog site and use this instead.

Wow that is incredible to hear. Still early days yet and I'm aware everything on Finally is very basic right now. I'm continuing to work on this each day so expect new features soon. What would be the top priority feature to have your main site use Finally?

Well, I write about movies and also design t-shirts related to movies so a blog with features that showcase those things would be great. Maybe something that is easy to embed widgets.

Hi @sambillingham, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @dayleoo doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @dayleeo ?

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Wowza a bot that is actually kinda useful.

haha thanks @checky bot! <3 that is really cool!

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dont stop.

may I please ask though. it doesnt appear to work. it keeps saying error 542

Hey, apologies for the super slow reply. Had the message unposted left in the comment box from last week 🤦‍♂️.

" Thanks for the support. Looks like I pushed a bad patch late last night, lots of updates rolling through at the moment. Fixed. Will do my best to make sure that doesn't happen. "

It's been a busy week here but doing my best to carve time to work on this more going forward.

My site uses your "Finally Comments"

Hi, I'm launching a new website soon. It uses Finally Comments.

SteemEHQ - Steem Entertainment Headquarters

A gaming and anime guild & curation

It's pretty much done except for the new domain and getting some more authors onboard. Please check out my steemit post and the website itself:

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