Finally Network - Dashboard, Hashtag filtering, fixes & more

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Finally Network is a website builder platform on top of the Steem blockchain. The aim is to provide an easy to use interface for Steem users to turn their Steem blog into a website presence they're proud to share.

Repository -

Today brings the first update to the Finally platform. I've been working on a number of improvements over the past week along with planning what features to work on next.

Updates and features

Dashboard & Steemconnect Auth - finallynetwork/pull/2


Finally now supports authentication using Steemconnect. A user can login to control their website theme. There is now support to filter the website content based on a specific hashtag. By default all content is shown. For examples users may choose to show only #photofeed for the Lens theme or perhaps only #development for the hckr theme.

Finally Blog & Content - finallynetwork/pull/3


The landing page has been updated to show latest posts relating to Finally and it's development. The five most recent posts are pulled from the blockchain. Support for reading posts via /blog/:permlink/ to allow readers to stay on the finally site while using the blog directly (instead of linking to steemit/busy).

Disable Resteems - finallynetwork/pull/6

Resteems have been disabled for now as they were breaking the current theme implementations. The author of the post is currently treated as the site "owner" therefore resteems cause a discrepancy between the author/owner. It's clear some users create accounts that aggregates data using the re-steem functionality, a new implementation will be created in future.

Move unlock modal - finallynetwork/pull/9

In the previous implementation a modal could be loaded from the front end while testing sites. To minimise the moving parts and create a more seamless UX the unlock functionality has been moved to the dashboard with the other settings.

General improvements - finallynetwork/pull/5

Refactored logic out of routes into relevant controllers. Development is moving along at a steady pace.


Thanks for all of the support and ideas in the initial launch post last week. I appreciate any thoughts or feedback you might have. If you're interested in getting more involved please message. Github issues/feature-requests welcome.


Thanks for the contribution, @sambillingham! Those are definitely some cool new features you've added!

Will (is) it be possible to filter by multiple hashtags? Also sucks that you had to remove resteems because they were breaking things. I'm pretty sure some people will find them useful, so it's good you are looking to bring them back in the future.

A small thing I was wondering about your code: it seems you have different JavaScript files for each theme, but sometimes they share code. Maybe you could move that to a utilities file, or something like that, to make your code more DRY.

Great work, and I'm really looking forward to seeing where this goes - I think it could become really big!

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Thanks for the review Amos.

Will (is) it be possible to filter by multiple hashtags?

It's not possible right now. I plan on changing it to be an include & exclude list instead.

Also sucks that you had to remove resteems

Agreed. I should be able to bring them back it will just need some extra implementation. I didn't think about it before but on other platforms resteems only exist in the feed view and just point to the original content. I'm not sure sending to another 'website' is really what people would expect in the Finally scenario. I think I have a way to make it work.

Maybe you could move that to a utilities file, or something like that, to make your code more DRY.

Yeah thats the plan. It's certainly not that DRY right now. Cuplication that is clearly asking for issues later. I'm hoping to make most of the usual features (post loop, filters, displaying, prev/next etc) into utils that are re-used between all themes, makes sense right. Just wanted to kick start the project and not get too bogged down in optimisations out the gate.

Thanks for the continued support 🚀

Thank you for your review, @amosbastian!

So far this week you've reviewed 12 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Hey, @sambillingham!

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