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The mission behind Finally Comments is to create tools that allow the Steem blockchain and it’s functionality to live outside the small number of dApps. Today I’m releasing a new tool for website owner. The upvote button adds extra integration between external websites and the Steem blockchain. The upvote button can be used instead of or alongside existing Finally comments threads.

Finally Upvote Button

It's time to use your upvote button anywhere on the web!

The Finally upvote button can be linked to any existing content on the Steem blockchain and is embeddable with a single iframe with no need for an additional Javascript library. The Finally backend system deals with authentication(via SteemConnect) and voting. The upvote buttons doubles as a vote slider when clicked for authenticated users and show’s a popup for those not currently authenticated with Finally.

The button is intended to sit alongside (or replace) other social media buttons such as Facebook like, Twitter tweet, Pinterest pin etc.



See a button in action and give it a try here - https://finallycomments/finally-button

How To use the Upvote Button

To create your own Finally button access the Finally Dashboard (login with Steemconnect).

· Steem-posts - Create via your recent Steem posts. Login to Finally with the account you want to use and you will see a list of 10 most recent posts.

· Custom-threads - Create a custom Button - Login to Finally and head to 'custom threads', first name and create a new thread and then generate a button from there.

· Generator - Generate from any link - Find the relevant content on and use generator to create the button.


List of recent Steem Posts

One click embed code :)

How it Works/What's New

The button is a completely new feature and is not connected to the threads. Finally comments threads/buttons can be used together or independently without issue.

The button is part of Finally Comments backend and uses a similar system that the Finally Comments threads use. The button lives on a standalone page where url parameters following Steemits URL structure pass the necessary data to the route. An iframe is created that is the correct size to view both the initial upvote button and also the vote slider that appears.

The button acts as a sign-in button if the user is not already authenticated with Finally similar to how a Tweet button would. If the visitor is currently authenticated it checks for active votes on the respective content

finally-button.js deals with the front-end actions and passes requests back the the existing Finally backend.


I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to include value amounts or vote amounts on the button. These could be options if users would find it beneficial. The $amount might help add intrigue to websites/blogs around the internet.

I was unsure on if having a steem logo on the button helped. Having a logo and upvote icon unbalances the button a little, interested to hear others thoughts on this.

Let me know what you think of the Finally button.


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Ha! Can’t believe I check my feed mere moments after you post this... although given how often I check my feed, I guess it’s not a long shot! 😆

I was totally going to feature request something like this, given that in the type of layouts I’m using the vote button tied into the comment threads gets kind of lost. (I remember using a simple button code SteemConnect V1 supplied about a year and a half ago, but it died and yours is the first new replacement I’ve seen!)

I would like to see some kind of optional “powered by Steem” symbolism or branding, but it can also be left to the individual sites to layout the button next to or over representative graphics of their choice. Definite yes to optional vote counts & values... however...

On the topic of vote counts & values, I’ve always envisioned a system that enables votes to potentially auto route to a current (or newly created) votable target, rather than just to a static post that is most likely past payout. Fundition actually seems to do this already in a manner, with their side navigation on Project pages that informs users if there is an update post within the last 7 days and directs the vote accordingly. It seems like Finally could have great potential for such a system, particularly coupled with custom threads. I have no idea how difficult it would be to code, but I envision a button that creates “evergreen” voting opportunities on web content by routing votes on expired content to automated custom threads that serve simply to store the value of received votes.

Looking at the comments alone, they may look like spam/placeholder/vote targets... and they would be... but in a legit way.

Something like this could even be done manually now, by having all the embedded buttons linked to the same payable target post and switching the target code out daily or weekly. Or at least including a single website general “tip” button where such a system is maintained. But a backend solution with possible reporting would be great.

Amazing work! Keep it up!


Thanks for the ideas and great feedback. 👊

I like the idea of an optional 'powered by Steem'. Will work on adding extra customisation options like the counts/values too 👍

I’ve always envisioned a system that enables votes to potentially auto route to a current (or newly created) votable target, rather than just to a static post that is most likely past payout.

I have thought about this a lot too. I've always been hesitant because it has a lot of room for abuse. I often end up asking myself 'what if everyone used this?' and the answer for evergreen content is not a good one. The reward pool is finite so ever increasing numbers of votable evergreen content leads to decreasing values of new content and/or an even higher % of steem flowing to older account. That said I think there is a way to make it viable but it needs to be done in the right way.

Or at least including a single website general “tip” button where such a system is maintained. But a backend solution with possible reporting would be great.

Ace to hear we're on the same wavelength with these ideas, have thought about this too. As you mention above I worry a little how it might look on an interface like steem/busy where it may get wrapped un into a spam cleanup, I'm sure there are ways to make it work though.


Creating a post with the parent of null and with no data might be best.

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Cheers for reviewing the post 💯🙏

Both generators have a typo! They're linking to finallycommenes instead of finallycomments!

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 4.19.15 PM.png

I was able to get a button from the Dashboard "Steem Posts" tab working by editing that portion, but the generator is giving me a button undefined message, possibly from the same typo perhaps?

The links on this post to the sample button & info also aren’t working for me and need a .com edited in


I've deployed a fix for these! Not sure how I managed to get from 'i've finished and checked it' to 'everything is broken' but hey it was a quick fix. Thanks for checking it out and letting me know.


And here's an example of the button beneath a webcomic. Note, it's linked to a different post due to the bug mentioned above with the custom generator. I couldn't quite figure out the code to get it working quite yet... I'm sure it'll be fixed up soon!

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 4.25.21 PM.png


🙌😱 Ace to see this out in the wild!


Nice! Thanks for showing us a demo!

to use finally upvote in our App do we need to make an account using Steemconnect for our app?


No you just need a regular Steem account. You don't need to create an app on Steemconnect.

Can this be made into a wordpress plugin? It would be so much easier to add this to my site: