Finally Comments V0.3.0 - New UI Features & Embed Customisation Options

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Today I’ve merged and Launched an update for The aim of this project is to promote the Steem ecosystem by breaking the comments system out of the walls of Steem based apps replacing popular comments systems like Disqus & Facebook comments plugin.

What’s New Version 0.3.0

New User Interface Features to bring finally comments closer to feature parity with other steem comment threads while adding customisation for users to keep Finallycomments relevance broad.

Reputation alongside usernames

When accessing comments via the getState() function you also have access to all account information for posters. Using the steem.formatter.reputation() function We’re able to bring a recognisable value to the UI. In future this value can be used to hide low value users. [Github Commit]

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.36.49.png

Individual Vote Values for comments

Previously the UI only reflected the integer value of number of votes but now accessing individual comment data the Steem reward value is also displayed. [Github Commit]

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.37.07.png


Yes. The initial version did not include a logout feature, it’s been added now. Clicking the profile image of the loggedin user then clicking logout will both revoke the Steemconnect access token and destroy the Finallycomments session. [Github Commit]

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 10.50.05.png

Profile Overlay

The previous version of finally comments display only a profile image and username, it can ocasionally be difficult to know who you’re speaking to. The profile overlay loads on click to show extra information. Post count, follower count, following count, account value and the about section of the user profile. There’s opportunity here to expand this section, perhaps even have a sidebar or profile page that displays latest comments. [Github Commit]

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 10.49.51.png

Customisation of new features

All of the new options can be disabled. Off by default, newly generated embed code will enable them or the data attributes can be added manually.

Finally comments should not be locked into the Steem ecosystem. Attributes like reputations, vote values and account values are tied very closely to Steem. These features may not be necessary or appropriate for some users so they can be enabled/disabled form the embed code directly. For many people the $ values may be distracting or confusing so I believe it’s important to allow these to be optional. [Github Commit]

  <script src=""></script>


  • Add ‘’ app name in custom json when posting so comments from finally can be differentiated via the API. [Github Commit]
  • Updated generator code and landing page to show new customisation in embed code
  • renamed and updated repo to contain only the code for finallycomments and move the old steemcomments project to a separate repo.

Bug hunting

  • Fixed incorrect value that caused new comments to be listed with the parent author name rather than the current author. Thanks to @oups for point this one out. [Github Commit]
  • Fixed mal-formatted markdown footer on landing page

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.38.15.png

Development Report

Main PR -

Full Commit History -

A lot of new ideas and work going towards this project.


Welcomed and encouraged. If you’re interested in contributing let me know through the comments section here or through Github.

Suggestions 100% welcome, let me know why you would or wouldn’t use this.

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I'm gonna start to make these reports over Utopian :)

I found something odd, i don't know if it's me or for everybody.
When I log out, whole website also shows in that div instead of showing only comments section. Well here is a gif better than my english :)


Also I upvoted that post over finallycomments when it released , which was shown as upvoted at first. But after login-log outs, it's not showing as upvoted.


oops! Wasn't planning for finally comments inception! Thanks for the gif, should be a fairly simple fix to send back to the previous thread. Will get it online when back later tonight.

Thanks again for always finding and reporting bugs! 👊

The new version of comment system looks good to me @sambillingham because you brought lots of great improvement in it by adding new features but It takes time to replace the others comment systems like Disqus & Facebook comment plugins.

It'll be more amazing if it shows latest comments and the number of comments a user does on a daily basis.

Keep it up! keep developing.


Thanks. You're right there is still an incredible amount of work to bring it close to projects like Disqus & Facebook comment plugins, those have teams of people working on them every day.

I think there is something in more user comments stats like you mention 'number of comments a user does on a daily basis.' I will look at adding more on this in the future.


Yeah, exactly, Group of people working on Disqus & Facebook comment plugins, but the best part about your project is that you already took your first step towards your project.

You're right, It comes slightly in user comments stats, but It would be good if you add a feature of total number of comments a user do because It shows how engaging a user is within Steemit community.

As I got a new idea about any feature to add in the comment system, I'll share with you.


@sambillingham, Upvote is the only thing I can support you.


if you're trying to game the curation rewards by auto upvoting utopian posts (that's what it feels like). You're going about it the wrong way! These comments are spammy and devalue our platform. If you don't respond or do this again I will start downvoting.

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Haha I guess this is my punishment for making tutorials on how to write bots! 😂


Congratulations, you were selected for a LOL upvote.

Send 20 SBD to lol-bot to summon me.


haha I feel bad for the people who think a resteem from this account is going to do anything :(

I think, will reach in your goals. Just keep it up. I think a good response will be better for . So utilize your time in, You can win.


Thanks for the support. More updates soon.

Wow, you’re moving fast! Can’t wait to play around with the updates!

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

Hey @sambillingham I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • You have less than 500 followers. Just gave you a gift to help you succeed!
  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!

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Wow! This is pretty badass! This is definitely something I would have wanted for my last website.