Task Request : Comprendre-Steem needs a logo !

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comprendre steem fr.jpg

Task Request : Comprendre-Steem needs a logo !




Comprendre-Steem is soon turning it's one year old ! Time to offer it a proper logo !

Comprendre-Steem.fr is a project of @roxane and @oroger. It is a platform that aims to index a set of resources (text, videos, tutorials, etc.) to better understand the Steem blockchain in order to use it to its full potential. The platform is in french only and has been created almost a year ago to onboard the french newcomers on Steem.

In French, Comprendre-Steem means "Understanding Steem".

If you want to know more about the project, please read the announcement post. Unfortunately, the announcement is in french only.


This task request is specifically for the logo of Comprendre-Steem.

We don't have a specific idea about the logo, feel free to unleash your creativity. You can be inspired by these two logos we tried to create ourself. We love the idea of the brain. We also love the idea of the bulb.



We don't have at the moment any color scheme for Comprendre-Steem. Feel free to suggest one. But note that we like the idea of the blue of the Steem logo. Please try to integrate the Steem logo in your logo.

We like this kind of idea (you even can try to reproduce this one and improve it):


  • Send us 2 logos.

    • One with just the logo
    • One with the logo and the text "Comprendre Steem"
  • The logo should be provided in .SVG and .PNG format as well as a downloadable and editable .AI or .PSD file.

  • Sizes needed :

For the online format, the size should be small (100KB-200KB max).

  • For the favicons:
    • 192 px x 192 px

Please, send us an horizontal and a vertical version of the logo

  • For horizontal Layout (L x H) :

    • 250 px x 150 px
    • 400 px x 100 px
  • For square layout :

    • 400 px x 400 px
  • All texts should be legible with high enough contrast.

  • Make sure your design will work well in both light and dark theme (night mode).

  • Making multiple variations and different designs will greatly improve your chance to be selected as winner. Also, please make sure your post (formating, process, construction) is well presented.

  • Create a graphic chart with all the detail of the colors/ fonts / etc used.

  • Try to create something minimalistic, classy and modern.

By participating in this task request you allow us to edit and make changes on your logo later on.

Please, follow the Utopian Rules to be eligible.


The deadline for this task request is: 12th June 2018 midnight (UTC).

All the entries will be evaluate and we will select one of them. The selection will be annouced by 15th June 2018 if we find something that really fits for the logo of Comprendre-Steem.


Don't hesitate to contact me on Discord if you have any questions (even before starting to work) : Roxane#6172.

Please send me some of your previous work so I can see your graphic design style and it may help to define the idea of the logo.





Thanks a lot for your time and your creativity


Thanks a lot for your time and your creativity

Hello @roxane, this is my logo proposal for Comprendre-Steem. I make two logo:


Thanks a lot for your time and your creativity :)

Hello there,

Not sure if you missed it but feel free to check my work at :

Have a great day !

Thanks a lot for your time and your creativity @besigner

Hello @jaldesign, Thank you very much for your time and creativity !

Hello @munadikiehl

Thanks a lot for your time and your creativity

Hi, here is my logo proposal for Comprendre-Steem Link



Thanks a lot for your time and your creativity

Hello. here is my contribution, I hope you like it.


Hello @rizwankhan

Thanks a lot for your time and your creativity

Hi @roxane, how are you?
I present my proposal.


Best regards.

Hello! @mendezand
Thank you for the logo !

Below are my entris.

Logo with text :
sc (1).png

Color and Text sizes:


Theme :
I have used a Drop pin symbol to denote "This is the right place to get understand STEEM" And also means "The streemians stop"




Please let me know if you have any specific colour code.

Hello Thank you very much for your time and creativity !


Hello @ivannewgate89
Thank you very much for your time and creativity !

Hello Thank you very much for your time and creativity !


hello @roxane,, here my contribution for this project
i hope u like it,, and i'm open for more suggestion thank you
here the full presentation

Hello, @telurpuyuh !
Thank you for this logo

Hello @orcheva,
Thank for the logo :)

you're welcome...please tell me if you need something else 😊

Hello... @roxane
Here is my contribution...







You can give your feedback... :)

Hello @chimzycash
Thank you for the logo, time and creativity!

Hello @roxane and @oroger, this is my logo proposal for your project, I think the concept is very clear: Ideas and knowledge in the same place. I used the colors of the French flag to give it its identity.

I will await your comments.

comprendre steem-01.jpg

This is the best design by far! Congratulations!

Amazing! It is very very simple but with a deep concept.

Amazing! It is
Very very simple but
With a deep concept.

                 - rogmy

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I like this, it's simple but direct. good job

Hello @camiloferrua
Thank you for this great idea !
Unfortunately I haven't still found the perfect logo, but I like the fact you create something else than the brain and the bulb ;-)

I'm sorry I couldn't be of any help. Maybe if you contact me by discord we can talk and then we can get to the logo you're looking for.

The problem is that I don't have any idea about the perfect logo @camiloferrua :-/

@roxana I must say from my experience in the graphic design area that when a client does not know what is what he or she is looking for, they can't get it.

My suggestion is to follow the advice of those who work in the field. Maybe we can work together on another proposal, but I am really convinced that my design fits your project very well and fulfills all the technical and conceptual needs of a professional logo for you. I don't know if you work with a team, maybe you can put it to a vote.

If you want to talk more about it, contact me trough discord.

You are right @camiloferrua,
we can discuss about it on Discord - I have sent you a DM... Thanks !

Hi @roxane, saw your request yesterday. I just got introduced to Utopian and thought to put in something, see if you'll like it.

comprende-two22 re.png

comprende-two2 re.png

These are just drafts and I dont know if it's clear enough but that's the icon of someone excited because they finally understood a topic/subject.

You're welcome :) (I noticed an error in the spelling, I guess I was overconfident in my spelling of french words, sorry about that.)

This task request is now open. But wait with submitions.

Deadline: Only submitions posted between 9th June 00:00 UTC and 12th June 23:59 UTC can be reviewed. Please dont post sooner.

Hello Mrs. Roxane, I would like to contribute wit your TR. This is entry
Comprendre Steem Logo 1.png.

I'm open for suggestion.
Best regards, Moenawar.

My second entry
Comprendre Steem Logo 2.png

Ok thanks, let's talk in DM on Discord for suggestions @moenawar

Sympa cette task request !
Faudrait que je devienne designer un de ces jours ;-) !

Héhéhé @zonguin, c'est pas si simple comme job :D Mais tu pourrais t'entrainer ^^

Si seulement j'avais le temps :-)!

@zonguin 😅 Un gros problème pour bcp de gens 😅

Hello @roxane

this will be my design for the project


Hello @loydjayme25, thanks for showing me the logo. I like the idea, but I am not convinced.
We can discuss about it in DM on Discord.

My new design for the project @roxane


Hello @loydjayme25, thank you !
Let's continue to talk on Discord :)

Hi @roxane Here is my logo proposal for Comprendre-Steem notify me if you want to see something more than the simple light bulb.

Alright @ggcarlosr ! Thank you !
We can discuss on discord if you need more info :)

Hi @roxane Here I have a second proposal I want to try to keep the letter "C" of Comprendre and not to put aside the bulb or the shape of the brain.

Hello! @ggcarlosr
Thank for this second proposal :)

Greetings @roxane, this is some of the designs for your project. Suggestions is always accepted. Thank you!

Hello @jbeguna04, thanks for showing me the logo. I like the idea, but I am not convinced.
We can discuss about it in DM on Discord.

Hello @jbeguna04, thanks for your entry, let's continue to talk on private message :)

Hey, @jbeguna04
Thank you for your design !

Hey Roxane! This is my contribution ^^
Mini presentation.png

Hello @miguelale, as discussed on Discord, it's not exactly what I am looking for.

Ohhhh, well! I going to make a third idea and I will send you when it's finished ^^

Hello. here is my contribution, I hope you like it.



Thanks @ziq !
Do'nt hesitate to contacte me in Direct message throught Discord :)

hy @roxane. here is my logo. what do u think. thanks.


Thank you @bazla, Let's talk in DM on Discord.

Hello Mrs. Roxane, these are my another design for your TR :)
Compresendre Steem Logo_different.png

Hi @roxane, this is my logo design/concept for Comprendre Steem, please give me some input to make it better...

Comprendre Preview.jpg

Hello @beladro, thank you !
Don't hesitate to contact me on Discord :)

Hello Thank you very much for your time and creativity !


This is my another design

Comprendre 02 Preview.jpg

Hello @beladro
Thank you for this logo

Hello @roxane
this will be my design for the project/ If I can get a feedback It would be useful.

Logo Preview-02.png

Logo Preview-03.png

Hello @zoltarian thank you, but I don't understand the logo ^^ Sorry ...

😅 Its Simplistic brain and bulb combination with data connection actually.

Looks like combination of python logo 😅


view 2.jpg

view 1.jpg

Hey Developers @roxane :)
This is my entry logo
I hope you like it

Hello @ariefmunanzar, as I told you in DM on Discord, this look like a scientific / science logo ;-)

My Contribution I show you my contribution in the link you can see more details of it, if you want any change do not hesitate to decirli, thank you very much.

presentacion para github.png

Hello @richardbmx, thanks for your time, creativity and logo :)

Hey @roxane
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next task request!

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Great idea
Will create one soon

OK @yesiruolaide, let me know when it's done.