Logo Proposal for Mecene

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I talked to Project Owner, I found out he has no logo, so I made some suggestions. Throughout the creative process I always communicated with the project owner, and he gave me directions and made me understand what he wanted for his project.


Benefits / Improvements

Since the project does not have a logo, the main benefit is that the logo was created at the maturity of the project, at a time when the project owner knew exactly what he wanted.



GitHub Issue


Throughout the creative process I used Adobe Illustrator. This results in exported files being completely editable and scalable.

At the first concept I used the standard forms, over which I used different tools in the program, but for the 2nd concept, in order to meet the requirements of the project owner I had to rely for most of the time on Pen Tool to create the form you needed to complete your logo.


Original files

Below I will attach multiple versions of color and size, as well as the font and download link to editable files.





This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Owner here. It was awesome to work with @radudangratian. I didn't have a precise idea of what I wanted until I saw the first attempts. I then realized I wanted something very simple and the shape he gave was a very nice touch. All in all, I am really happy about this logo. I already used in the repo and on posts on steem.

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