Fix and Optimize Existing Web Page

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Optimize code and cut the redundant parts of
Total rework is appreciated but not necessary. The main goal of optimization is to make index.html readable and editable, as the page is mutable at current stage. It would be very handy to get a comments on how to use further block constructor.

Current major issues:

  1. Sticky header not working in online version.
  2. h5 sub-header "research and development" in utopia2 content block displayed as oversized in online version.
  3. Image GAME_logo.png does not loading from server but work in offline mode for some unknown reason.
  4. Image world.png does not stretch from border to border in "morgave content-bock"
  5. Gif animation SIS.gif is not on top of world.png
  6. Gif animation HIS.gif is offset and needs to be stretched to fit the screen and be seamless with world.png
  7. Realize text wrapping around the gifs in "hinessa content-bock"
  8. Implement borderless video streaming from vimeo in video content-bock
  9. Flexible footer with right sized icons and the ability to add more icons in the row.






Discord channel:
Discord user: Prospector#3770



Attentive contributor, Assemble Utopia is looking for Front-End Developer. If you complete the task and want to join the team, you will be given a high priority Access Token - Stone of Progenitor


It's cool to see you are looking for contributors to your project! However, valid GitHub repositories contain the project’s source code, a README file with usage and installation instructions and an appropriate open source licence -- you seem to be missing a README file and also a licence. I'd also recommend using something like Vue.js or React, instead of just basic HTML and JavaScript, if you are looking to create a fully-fledged web application. Good luck.

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Thanks for comment! Added readme and license. However I am total noob in web development, it is highly appreciated to use more suitable framework instead of HTML and JS.

You should remove everything related to the task request from your project's README.

A typical readme file contains instructions on how to install the program, how to use the basic functions of the program, and what the program does. It may also include a list of recent updates made to the program. Sometimes the readme file will include warnings and other important notices regarding the operation of the program. -

For each issue listed above you could also create an issue on -- it helps with keeping track.

Thank you for advice! It is fixed and really looks organized now. Any more suggestions?

Thank you for your review, @amosbastian! Keep up the good work!

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