Progenitors of Morgave Eight

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"We are the only who survived of Hinessa.
Amorphous bodies cradled near the star Morgave.
Once put the stones united and forever
to build the world ambitious and brave."


Progenitors was the most advanced species of Hinessa Universe. Their home world collapsed into a massive black hole through whom they reach our world and build something like an incubator around the star Morgave. Since the planet was created, they stayed inside of it behind the surface to protect theirs bodies from new unfamiliar environment. The only link with native world they have is sinking beam from dying star Hinessa, that is a wormhole backside which observed as a star.


"To cleanse the pure Hinessa's ray from other light projectors,
We build a giant well upon constructed world.
And sinking deep inside of stellar body
it splits against the inner crystal broad."


Morgave Eight as a planet has very strange orbit, since it must rotate around the sun and spin on an axis, which is always points towards Hinessa star. So the light from Hinessa can always travel through the hole in the planet's pole and reach the crystal that split the light into 88 beams.When all the beams are catched and reflected back to crystal , the system reaches the equilibrium with perfect conditions for the Inner World.


Each Progenitor carries the piece of matter from their homeworld, a stone which can grow under the beam from Hinessa, thereby giving control over the released substance which forms new bodies and new world.


The Planet consist of 90 concentric fragments. Top polar fragment has a giant well with a through hole, it passes and refines the upcoming stream. South pole fragment is uncontrollable and overgrown, the Tree of Life located there. The rest 88 are conducted by Progenitors, who try to balance all the system.


There were one hundred of beings from the beginning of the Great Journey. Ten of them sacrificed their souls and condensed to a crystal, the Hearth of Inner Sun. Also there was a Fallen One who become a Tree of Life and Enlightened One who stayed on the surface to protect the entrance to the Inner World.


Linking into one interrelated network, the Soul of Inner Sun, Progenitors forming a hive mind civilization in Hinessa-Morgave system. But the life in our Universe is not something simple to control. Some time after the creation, the surface of Morgave Eight begins to breathe with millions of new breeds. And until they not disturb the balance, the Progenitors will sleep...

"We will protect the uglier and poorest,
will fight for rights of every conscious liffe.
And also scream for silent-born or modest
and helping those who wondering and strive."