There is elaboration in the rules on the the utopian website. Basically, you need to show engagement percentages, not only views.

translations will never reach a quality of excellence until there are moderators who completely master the translated language and are good translators ... each language must have a proofreader / moderator trained in that same language, to do its review.

Submissions to the Visibility category must now include proof of engagement as per metric set in the rules. These metrics may change in future rule updates.

This is for visibility category I guess. I am not clear about what it means to contributors.

I recommend you read the rules in full - the engagement metrics are there. Any marketer knows views only mean something in video ads. So we now request proof of engagement on campaigns to ensure they are effective and not randomly executed by amateurs unfamiliar with online advertising strategies.

My understanding is that you would have to use analytics tools to show the exact impact of your visibility efforts. Most social media channels have their own analytics tools and digital marketers use these as a proof of success for the campaigns. I wonder if someone has developed a steemit.tool to get that data?