Iconic and Fundamental geometric shapes Logo Design for Fast-Replay

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This Task Request was open by @roxane :


Fast-Reply is a project which helps the Community Leaders, Influencers, and all the others Steemians with an every day great amount of comments to reply faster than ever. The tool looks like an inbox wich helps to be more focused when replying to comments from the community.

Fast-Reply has a nice feature that displays the results of comments that can be directly reply quickly without having to see a lot of comments scrool on posts. In addition, Fast-Reply also provides upvote feature on the comment.

If you want to know more about the project, please read the announcement post.

Here is my logo design for Fast-Reply.

  • Logo Idea

This logo is imagined from minimalist style, or more precisely with custom font style. this style is a combination of visuals.

This visual, I took the idea of Fast, Reply And Buble Chat.


  • Logo Process

This logo is custom font. Here is the process and contruction to making logo.

  • Logo Result

LogoMark and Logotype Primary Version ( horyzontal )

LogoMark and Logotype Secondary Version ( Vertical )

LogoMark, Logotype and Tagline Primary Version ( Horyzontal )

LogoMark, Logotype and Tagline Secondary Version ( Vertical )

Icons (logomark)

Logo with BETA word Versions.

  • Font Used in logo : ROBOTO

  • Color Used in logo :


Benefits / Improvements
For the benefit of this logo are:

Logo visual with Fast, Reply And Buble Chat. With this visual. This logo also minimalis design, modern and simple logo designs. This logo can be adopted as always to ICON, LOGOMARK, WORDMARK and also to FAVICON.

  • Example icon as the app icon in SteemConnect login page.

  • Example logo on the app's navbar and website

Proof of authorship.


I created the Steeditor Logo using CDRx8. And I provide a vector file ( SVG and PDF ) for flexibility and scalability, as well as .PNG file format for immediate use of the designs.

Original files.

Image unplas

Font Roboto

Logo Design


Lisensi Creative Commons
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Proof of work done.


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Thank you for your contribution and the time you have taken to create this beautiful logo. Unfortunately, we have choosen another one. Making the choice wasn't easy as we have received a lot of great contribution.

Please note that we have another TR open for the logo of our Steem educational website. Have a look if you want to join !

Thanks again and we wish you a lot of success in the futur.


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Wes. Sad story hah. 😁.

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Di fot dulu lah

Beautiful Presentation and creation as usual. When you have time If you can prepare a tutorial about presentation it would be very helpful for padawans like me 😇


Hehe. I really want to show. But, i cant understand yet about how to use OBS and how to use Dlive.


Hımm. Ok then I will prepare a lesson for how to use OBS and Dlive for you 😇


HAHA. sound good.. let prepare one. and dont forget to mentions. :D

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in my opinion.postingan you are very cool and good, in addition tu useful for me and for all colleagues steemit.dan hopefully your post will be better again amiin thanks for the postingannya.