Creation of User Guide: How to Post a Trade for SwapSteem

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SwapSteem is an uniquely-designed peer-to-peer platform which the service is provided to expedite the conversion of STEEM or SBD to different fiat currencies or vice versa. The platform boasts to cater the increasing strong needs of peer-to-peer transactions due to the increment of users partaking in the content creations on STEEM blockchain. SwapSteem is quick to identify the gap and thus, develops an useful and efficient platform to provide the secure escrow transactions in moderation of selected influential STEEM escrow agents for their respective country, or currency.

Previously, I have completed the 'ToS' for this particular task-request and the contribution could be checked here. The remaining task requests were left unfilled, therefore, I contacted the Project Owner ("PO") to request for permission to continue contribute in the aforementioned project. The whole process took about a few weeks because several amendments were needed in order to keep the text relevant in accordance to the updates of SwapSteem web app. Throughout the process, PO is extremely helpful and quick to reply to any of my doubts. A Pull Request ("PR") is made and merged to the main repository of the project, check here

Actual content

The document has around 1100 words, the relevant file could be found in the main repository, here.

A total of 6 required steps were explained in great details in order to make the whole process easy and user-friendly.

The steps include:

  • Login to the platform.
  • Login details.
  • Further clarification on login process.
  • Navigating the user interface.
  • Filling in the necessary details, with explanations.
  • Publishing advertisements.
  • Checking the listings.

Additional information

Several screenshots and references were added to avoid any possible confusions of the users during the process. The task allocated for this creation of user guide has been fully completed.

GitHub Account

My github account.


Thank you for your contribution. You did a good job. Please take a little more care with the tense you use on some phrases like "To get started, you would have to first login to our platform."

Where is this guide going to be displayed?

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Thank you for your review, @jmromero!

So far this week you've reviewed 4 contributions. Keep up the good work!

@jmromero sorry for the delayed response.
Normal visitors could visit the platform and look at all the current offers just that they would not be able to perform any action unless they are logged into the platform. Hence, I have used that statement.

As for the display location for this guide, I was not informed about it.

Very very nice. I like your writing. I want to read more from you.

Very very nice.
I like your writing. I want
To read more from you.

                 - sheikhshahin

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

However, you should take more time to proofread the work.
Lovely work.

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