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At swapsteem, we are building an open source peer to peer Steem/SBD to fiat exchange. It is somewhat similar to localbitcoins.com so you can call it a Steem version of localbitcoins.
This task request is to ask help from genius copywriters from the utopian communty for swapsteem. Swapsteem is moving to alpha very soon and we need our users to have clear understanding of the platform. This will not be possible without providing related information to the users. Having said that, We would like to invite contributions for informative content for our web application, Swapsteem. Detailed information can be found in section below.


We need content to be written for :

  • Frequently asked questions - (FAQ)
    As the name suggests, in this section, we want to provide answers to frequently asked questions about our platform. Contributors can go through #general channel in our CommunityServer and other reference material that will be provided after selecting the contributor.

  • Tutorials
    We need text and Video tutorials about how our platform works, how to trade on it, how to become a trader or escow agent etc. Detailed explanation will be shared with selected contributor.

  • Terms of Service (ToS)
    Before doing any activity on Swapsteem, we want our users to agree to our terms of service, which is an important feature for any application that deals with fiat. We want a strog ToS that enforces required rules set by us. More information about ToS will be provided to the contributor.


This task has to be completed within 3 days from posting of this task request. Multiple contributors can work on different modules mentioned above to make it possible to deliver it ASAP.


Interested contributors can join ourcommunity server ( Recommended ) or contact us in our discord channel. My username is - thanos[AneilPatel]#4929.



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Thank you for trusting in Utopian to assist you on your project. I hope your needs are covered inside the deadline. Please let me know if you extend it for any contributor as we need to know when reviewing their work in our system.

Good luck and you can count on us if further help is needed.

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Hello @jmromero, We have kept this TR for selected candidates only in order to be able to verify contributions quickly and move the content to website quickly. This will be opened for public editing once we have the project in beta.

Hey @swapsteem
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next task request!

Want to chat? Join us on Discord https://discord.gg/h52nFrV.

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Hi, I am interested in writing the ToS section, already dropped you the dm.


Hello @plokmi Thank you for showing interest in the TR. You can take the ToS section. The deadline for submission is Aug 9 11:59 UTC.

You can contact us on discord for more info.

Hello, I'm Harry, I'm a content creator. I can draft the FAQs document and every other document you might need. You can check my blog out.


Hello Harry!

You can take tutorials section and create tutorials for some major features on swapsteem. The FAQ and Toss section is already been handled by other contributors.

Hi @swapsteem. We spoke earlier on discord.
I'll work on the TR, with the FAQ precisely.


Hello @swapsteem. Thank you for showing interest in the TR. You can go ahead with the FAQ section. the deadline for the submission is Aug 9 11:59 UTC.

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Hello @swapsteem. I am a content creator and am interested in the tutorial for your team.


Hello, can you create a tutorial with steps to create an advertisement on swapsteem?


Hello @thanos

I'd like to handle some text tutorials for swapsteem...if it is still available.